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   Chapter 22 The Past in Jet and the First Time!

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 14956

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Caroline's POV

Yesterday night was awesome, I mean obviously we didn't have..... we didn't do it. But it was just so romantic, cuddling with each other. Him kissing my temple, forehead, eyes and biting on my ears. I kissed him on the nose cause I love it. So sharp and straight. I even bit it once but Daniel didn't let me again. Wink wink! And he was blushing so hard when I did that. So when we woke up today morning, the driver had parked the car on the roadside. And Daniel himself drove us to the penthouse. Don't laugh.... but I didn't know he could drive.

So as soon as we came, we packed our clothes and other necessities for almost a month, though Daniel said there's no need to pack so much. He said he'd buy me new things. Typical Daniel!

So here we are sitting inside his private jet going to.... I don't know where. He says it's a surprise. And he said his parents have already left so it's just us alone in the jet. I'm gonna love it though.

I have to say it's such a spacious and luxurious jet. Large seats! You can actually sleep there. And don't even ask me about the room. Large, round, white fluffy bed. Well Daniel got me to tour the entire jet. And then came the air hostess drooling and flirting with my Daniel with a seductive smile. Bitch! That's the only word I can think about for her. Oh god! I hate this. You know what her name was? Guess guess.... Ashley!

Oh god! Why me? One Ashlynn left my life. And here enters another Ashley! I don't know how I'll handle if there's two Natasha's!

The plane was about to take off and Daniel was still talking to her which I didn't give any attention to. Because I was seriously pissed. I slowly pulled my hand out of his and went back to my seat and tightened the seat belt around my waist. Daniel came back with a knowing smile on his face. I turned my head towards the window, a bit angry with him for giving her so much attention rather than me. He didn't even notice when I slipped out of his hand. He chose to sit next to me but kept quiet without saying anything. The plane was almost about to take off and I tightened my grip on the armrest. Not that I'm scared! But I feel so excited, that's why I chose the window seat. I've always loved flying. Except that Dad never allowed us into the jet. Now that I think about it. I don't think we'd ever get a chance to sit in his jet.

"What happened? Why such sudden mood change?" He asked worried, noticing the sadness on my face. I was debating with myself that if I could tell him or not. Would he make fun of me if I told him about Dad? Last time I cried on his shoulder, I made a laughing stock of myself. I don't know what he thought.

"You know you can tell me anything right?" When I didn't reply to it. He held both my hands in his and waited until I looked up at him.

"We promised each other yesterday. You were gonna give me a chance. And you have to trust me and open up for that. Ask me anything you desire, anything you want! I'll make sure it'll be in front of you the next moment itself!" He said making my heart flutter.

"You can't get me what I want Daniel... I've already lost him" I said.

"Tell me what it is" he said and then seemed confused and angry "him?" He asked.

I quickly gave my answers not ready to see his anger "Yes. My Dad. I miss him. I was always a disappointment to him. I tried. I really tried to be his perfect daughter. But I failed every time!" I said as tears filled my eyes. But I was trying to blink them away. I don't want to get embarrassed in front of him again.

His face seemed to relax a bit and it was my chance to seem confused.

"Why were you angry a moment ago?" I asked seriously.

"Aaaahh....." he said and I raised my eyebrows asking him to continue with the truth. "You said him" he said emphasizing on 'him'.

"What?!" I asked not understanding anything.

"You said I lost him" he said. Yes, I did say that. I remember.

"So?" I asked completely confused.

"I thought you were thinking about your psychotic, abusive, ex-boyfriend...." he trailed off.

"That's such a ludicrous thought!" O.M.G! "Wait! How the fu*k do you even know about him?" I asked practically screaming at him.

"Don't get angry at me. But your mother told me last night-" he said but I cut him off in between.

"You have no right to interfere in my personal matters. I mean... I should've told you about all that. It should've been my decision to let you know or not. Oh god! What do I d

e end. "Now what are you waiting for?! GET OUT!" I screamed again and she scurried out of the room!

"Babe!" I turned back to look at Daniel clutching his stomach and laughing.

"You didn't have to do that! She was so scared!" He said still laughing. And this angered me even more!

"Oh! So now you're feeling bad for her? Why are you even standing here then?" I asked as he stopped laughing and looked at me confused.

"I'm not stopping you from anything Daniel. You can happily go run behind her and do whatever the 'heck' you both want to do. Or do you want me to say 'fuck'?" I said angrily and turned away from him moving towards the bed.

"What?! Wait!" He said pulling my hand but I didn't turn my face to him.

"Cara...... look at me" he said in a tone not to be argued. And I did turn to him. "I didn't mean to say that. What I meant was looking at her face with that scared expression because of you was hilarious! Never did I think that you'd have it in you! I really loved your little speech. But more than that..... I loved the way you got so easily jealous!" He said with a mischievous grin.

And that's how I realized that he was here the entire time to witness my jealous act! Oh god! This is so really embarrassing. I blushed until my face turned red. But before I could pull away from him. He pulled me into his chest and then......

We made sweet sweet love all night!

In a jet! Well....... we both had our first in the jet!


It was 8 in the morning. And guess what where we were?

Greece!! Oh I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs with happiness. But the worst part. Jet lag! I still kind of felt sleepy! Cause Daniel didn't allow me to sleep at all! Maybe just for 2 hours! I switch on my cell which was still showing 2 am which meant Greece is 6 hours ahead of New York?!

I really am in need of long deep sleep!

I was sleeping all the way to the hotel but Daniel felt like it would be fun to piss me off by waking me up before we reached and my head was now aching as he woke me in between a good sleep. The car stopped due to red light and I turned my head to my left away from Daniel. And who I saw was someone familiar. And when the person turned his face......

He was like.... like.. Uncle Anthony.....

No! He was not like him. He was him! Before I could react or do something our car jerked forward and Uncle Anthony took a left.

"Cara....." Daniel's soothing voice actually startled me.

"What happened? Are you fine? You seemed deep in thought....?" I smiled and nodded at him assuring him that I was fine. He didn't believe me but anyways let it go.

"I know as soon as we go my family will bombard you. So that's why we'll stay at the hotel for a day and then we can meet up with them after we're relaxed! Alright?" He asked and I nodded with all my anger completely gone.

But the curiosity was killing me! What was Uncle Anthony doing here?! I thought............

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