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   Chapter 21 Under the Sky

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 7873

Updated: 2019-01-06 22:09

Daniel's POV

We soon left saying we have to wake up early to pack things. Actually we had to be somewhere Cara does'n' know. But the truth was that, I was actually terrified about everything she said. One, I'm gonna find that bastard who abused my Cara. And two....... does she really love me? Do I really love her? I know she's different. I mean good different. No other girl made me feel like her, except one. But I don't believe in love anymore..

Cara has been looking at me the entire time, and I was wondering like a fool in my own world. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.. I held her waist suddenly making her jump and then pulled her on my lap. At first she was glaring at me but then she pointed at my driver. I pressed the button for private screen.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"See by yourself" I said and smashed my lip onto hers. She first kept her mouth shut but I kept biting on her lip making her open them bit by bit. And then we were on full force. I pushed her on the car seat without breaking our kiss. I pushed up her skirt and she gasped when I removed her panties. Soon my fingers entered her. "You're so wet baby" I mumbled between our kiss.

But then Cara pushed.. "oooh... god... mmm...." she moaned pulling at my hair and her legs around my waist. Our favorite position.

"God? Say my name baby" I said smirking to myself. I then put two fingers into her. Her moans increased and by this time I was hard too. I moved my fingers faster knowing that she was close to her climax. And she did by screaming my name.

I licked my fingers and straightened her skirt and pulled her on my lap with her head on my chest. Soon we were there!

"Can you walk baby?" I asked Cara. She nodded but I know she felt kind of disappointed. So instead I carried her bridal style with a heavy bag in my hand. I walked for another fifteen minutes making Cara even more curious.

"Where are we going Daniel?" She asked and I just smiled and I then pointed making Cara's eyes widen with excitement and ran out of my hands. For a moment I thought I made her fall.

"This is so beautiful" Cara said coming back and hugging me "and cold" she added. I chuckled and removed my suit jacket for her. "How do you know this place? You don't seem like the romantic one!" She pointed out.

"Oh then you don't know me well sweethe

at me the same."

By the time I was finished his eyes were blazing with anger. I tried to move out of his hands as he was hugging me. His eyes softened seeing the fear in my eyes. "Gaawwd Cara! I'd never hurt you. You don't have to be scared of me. And please.. please please please just listen to me completely with all your concentration without interrupting. Will you?" He asked and continued when I nodded with tears spilling from my eyes. "We were never in a relationship. It was just physical. For her as well as me. We had both agreed to it."

I was burning with anger and he raised his eyes questioning my anger "Why the fuck would you want to sleep with her after she cheated on you. You prick!" I scolded him.

"I.... I don't know. I think now I know after you pointed out" he said sheepishly. "But you should know she's just a fling. That's what I was gonna say. On and off fling but you interrupted" he said with an expression that said he was disappointed with me. "Now do you forgive me? Now that all your questions are answered? Will you speak to me properly now?" He asked.

How could I say no to such a cute face. This handsome man won my heart. Of course I will. "You're forgiven!" I said smiling. But.... Forgiven.. not forgotten! I thought to myself.

"Thank you" he said claiming my lips with his. It was a dream come true moment. Kissing.... under the sky.... with stars.... So romantic. Oh I just can't think straight. His kisses make me dizzy.......

That's how my upsetting horrible day turned into a romantic one. All because of him!

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