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   Chapter 20 Realization, Pleading, Truth!

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 11249

Updated: 2019-01-06 20:34

Caroline's POV

I ran and ran and ran. I was almost out of the gate when Sam pulled me and turned me towards him.

He was saying something. And I couldn't make out what he said. I didn't want to hear anything from anyone right now.

So I said "take me home". He just nodded to it and pulled my hand with him.

We stopped in front of a car and he opened the door for the backseat. I didn't know I was actually crying so bad until the tears fell on my hand drop by drop.

And I just realized one thing that I love him. People say no one gets their first love. I didn't cry as much when my boyfriend left me cause I wasn't enough for him. But when he said I'm nothing. I felt like I was dead.

I felt as though my heart was a soft chocolate bar and he was enjoying piercing and stabbing it with a knife.

Sam opened my door and I realized we are already at the penthouse.

I will never ever fall for his games!

I go to my room and sit on my bed thinking about what all has happened just within three months after my Dad died. Of course, I will not leave the job! Cause I'm not some weak girl. I know if I try to leave he'll definitely blackmail me with contract. I've signed the contract and I'm gonna follow it's rules or conditions or whatever he calls that. I've been hurt enough.

Tomorrow starts my actual day for work. I set my alarm for 5 am and obviously cried myself to sleep. I don't think there'll be anything left of me if he hurts me again. 'So I'm not gonna be the person he can easily hurt' I thought and went to sleep, having left no strength to argue with myself or my fate.


Don't you sometimes think that the alarm is ringing too soon than the actual time you've set? And don't you think it's damn annoying?!

But I can't help it. I have to wake up. I was so determined yesterday I can't loose all that in a single night right?

I took a quick shower and applied some make up. Not too much. Nor is it too less. Actually too much! I want to look all pretty and confident today! I wore a tight grey pencil skirt that was hugging my ass. I know I have a fat ass but what to do? Men love it! And today I'm gonna use it to my advantage. I wear a light creme color sleeveless blouse that shows a bit of my cleavage.

So by the time I was completely ready it was exactly 5:54 am. He needs his coffee at 6 right? Alright then. I prepare a cup of hot coffee for Daniel and knock at his room door. No reply! Maybe he's still at the bitch's house. I try to open it and thankfully the door wasn't locked.

I open and see that his room was completely messed up. Shoes and socks thrown on the floor and his shirt on the sofa. I keep his coffee on the table next to bed. I try to wake him up. At first, he pushes my hands away then I shook his shoulder hardly and he opens his eyes with annoyance. But then he looks at me and smiles and sits up straight.

"Cara...... I tried to open your do-" I cut him off purposely.

"Good morning Mr.Rochester here's your coffee" I give a fake smile pointing at the coffee and move out of the room! Damn it was soo suffocating standing in that room with him after all the things we've done there.

Finally at almost 9 he comes out of his room while I was still waiting for him in the kitchen. I had made breakfast for him like a perfect maid! He said I'll be his secretary and here I'm being hi

f the window.

"Why did you fire Ashlynn? I mean nothing to you right? Anything she said about me shouldn't matter to you....." she said waiting for my answer.

I hold her hand and pull her a towards me so that now she is next to me, "I didn't mean the words I said yesterday Cara.... please please please try to understand me. I know what I'm saying is not a valid explanation. But I didn't mean anything I said. Forgive me?" I asked pleading her.

Her eyes softened but she didn't say anything. She only nodded towards me and turned back to look out of the window. It's gonna be a hard time convincing her.

"Hellooooo" Cara's Mom came smiling towards us.

"I was so happy when Carol called me to say you both are coming.." she said and hugged both of us.

As soon as we entered she served us dinner saying it'll get cold if we wait. Cara and Dylan were both watching tv after we finished dinner.

But Cara's Mom Sophia pulled me into a room with a scared look.

"Sophia? What happened?" I asked.

"Daniel.... for me, you already are like my son. But I have to tell you few things.... I know something's not right between you two. It isn't hard to figure out. I need to tell you something about Carol. I know she has already closed that chapter of her life and she'll never tell you this. It isn't my secret to tell you. But I think you should have an idea who you're dealing with" she said chuckling at the last part "Carol..... she was the perfect daddy's girl. But then..... she fell in love with some guy who her father hated. But she didn't agree with any of us and was ready to support him. It was then she realized that that guy was using her. She understood that after he brutally abused her. That was a nightmare in our lives to see our daughter like that. She says your taking her somewhere for a small holiday. I trust you completely! But please take care of my child! When she loves, she's ready to loose anything for them. Understand her. Sometimes she's a psycho, sometimes a child, we can't predict her. So just be with her. I really like you for my daughter. I know she loves you and you her." she said smiling and left......

And I was still standing there in guilt... shock... abusive relationship?........

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