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   Chapter 19 Hurt!

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 6577

Updated: 2019-01-06 20:25

Caroline's POV

"Yes Natasha" Daniel replied to something she said while pulling out of the hug.

"I didn't know you knew about her. I'm so sorry I wanted to tell you but then I forgot about it" Darcy said beside me.

"It's alright. You don't have to be sorry." I said.

"She's William's best friend's daughter. And Daniel's ex-best friend, ex-girlfriend and ex-fiancee. William had to invite them. That insensitive man! I'll go greet them dear before they create a big drama cause of it." Darcy said and left to greet them.

'But ex-fiancee?' Howw??? Maybe SHE was his bad past.

Oh my God! I have to speak with Daniel. I'm can't be the second women in his life. And it's 'Natasha?' That girl.... who spoiled my first..... night!

I go behind Daniel and pat on his shoulder so that I get to have at least a pinch of his attention, now that the bimbo has taken all of him from me. I know it's jealousy that I'm feeling but..... I just wanna ignore it for now. I'll deal with my feelings later.

"Daniel.." I say and he looks back at me.

"Who is SHE?" that bimbo asked him as though she's so disgusted with me and as if I'm a stinking trash can.

Thank god! Daniel comes to my rescue. "Caroline meet Natasha and Natasha she's.... -" Daniel thinks about I don't know what but this bimbo cuts him off soon.

"Oh I know! I'm sure she's the new girl you work with" she said.

"Yes. She's the new girl at my office. Umm.... can we leave. I think dinner's all ready" he said and pulled Natasha's hand with him.

Rescue?! I thought he came to my rescue! That asshole just pushed me into the pit. Cheater!

What the F*ck? He came here with me. He's supposed to escort ME! I know I'm jealous but don't you think I have every right to?

First I was Cara and then at the supermarket I became his girlfriend. Then I'm again back to 'Caroline' and now? 'I'm the girl who he works with or a new girl at his office'!

I escort myself to the dining table. I

mber what all friends say when their friend falls in love 'you're so whipped', that line is just made for you Daniel" and they laugh again.

'In love? With whom? Natasha?' I thought to myself though that thought is soooo hurtful.

"So what are your plans? Why are you both staying together? A mistress or are you going to marry her? Don't hurt her bro! She's like my sister now" Alex says.

Oh so they are talking about me. He lives with me. 'But does he really love me?' Is the real question here.

"Haha. Yeah, by the looks of it you will very soon" Nick said.

"Huh! Dream on guys. We met in a club! She's nothing to me. I can't even tag her as a fling. A relationship? Girlfriend? Or wife? We're far from it. We are only physical partners when the need calls for it." He laughs but Nick is shocked and Alex is... angry.

"What? Why are you both looking at me like that? She knows okay.. I'm never gonna marry her. She's not my type at all" he says so disgusted thinking about me when the wine glass slips through my hand, or more like when my hand looses all its strength and the glass shatters on the ground.

They all turn to look back at my pale face but I take a step back when Daniel tries to come forward and then I run out of the house. Away from them all! Away from my life's chaos....

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