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   Chapter 18 The Unnecessary Argument!

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 8907

Updated: 2019-01-06 20:11

Daniel's POV

"Daniel? What happened? Are you fine baby?" Caroline asked bringing me out of my trance.

"Yeah babe. I'm fine.... aaaahh.. ummm.. Cara.." I was stuttering.

"Will you even say something after aaah and umm?" She asked me and then turned towards Cara, smiling at her "so I think my wish came true... you really are my son's girlfriend" she said.

It was Cara this time to have a shock.

Caroline's POV

"Will you even say something after aaah and umm?" The women asked Daniel and then turned towards me, with a huge smile "so I think my wish came true... you really are my son's girlfriend" she said.

I looked back at him accusingly. Oh god! This is how I met the mother of the man I lost my virginity to. Yuck! What did I just think? Weird and confusing!

"Aaah... yaa.... Cara meet my mother Darcy and Mom she's Caroline." He said awkwardly. It was really awkward.

"Oh I'm so happy. I know you never had a girlfriend before her. And all the girls you brought home were dripping with their bitchiness! Oh I'm so happy Daniel" she said and hugged me suddenly, choking me.

"Mom! Mom.. what are you doing?" Daniel came to save me. Thank God! But I really have to say she is one cheerful women.

"Oh I'm so sorry dear. I just couldn't control my excitement" she said and winked at me.

"Oh no no... it's alright. It's very nice meeting you Mrs...... ??" I said giving her a smile but stopped cause.... 'Why do I always forget his surname?' I scold myself!

"Rochester" Daniel reminded me.

"Aahh yes-" I was cut of by Mrs. Rochester.

"Oh no dear. I want you to call me Darcy. Mrs. Rochester is too old for me. Makes me feel old. You'll understand when you become one and people call you that" she said trying to hold her laugh. Making me and Daniel choke on our saliva.

"That's it Mom. We have to leave." he said dismissing his Mom.

"No no wait!" She said holding on to my hand too tightly. "You never visit me Daniel..." she said making a sad face to which no one can say a no to.

And I was standing in between them moving my face from left to right, left to right.

"I will.. I've just been...... busy." He said.

She held a disappointed look at him and then turned to me. "Caroline...... we have a small dinner tonight. My son hardly visits me. I don't think he even remembers that he has a mother. I want you both to come for dinner tonight. And it's your responsibility to bring yourself and Daniel there. Alright!" She said sweetly with a glint of sadness in her voice. And Daniel just kept telling 'Mom! Mom! Mom!" While she was trying to convince me.

"MOM! That's a complete NO!" He said.

"Daniel! You

ger was looking at her crush.

He came near and was about to kiss me but thanks to the elevator doors! They close and open at the right time.

'Really? Thanks? You would've enjoyed it anyways' my subconscious mocked at me. But I quickly got out.

1 hour journey? But this mansion was worth it. It was so pretty. So huge!

Daniel's mother was obviously being sweet. I didn't bother looking at Daniel.

Darcy introduced me to her husband. He looked just like Daniel. Even from outside. That scary... intimidating look. But I soon got to know that he's a sweetheart from inside.

Darcy pulled me out to have a small talk and that "get to know each other" thing.

But one thing that caught my attention was when she said "I know that something happened between you and Daniel. I'm sure he would've said something very hurtful. He just doesn't think before speaking. But just know one thing dear. He doesn't mean them, he gets really blinded by his anger. He never brought a girl home. Just two of them. Three including you. But I was most shocked when he accepted that you're his in the market, that your taken by him. He never even accepts anyone as his girlfriend. Except you. If he could even call you his girlfriend, then I think you should know it's like a big success. Just stay with him. He had a bad past-"

I was about to ask what 'bad past'? But we heard a commotion outside and soon went out to see.

There I saw... Daniel! Completely crushed to that.. that...

Darcy looked at me but didn't think I'd have any idea about that.... But looking at my expression she got to know. She looked at me with guilt and sympathy! "I'm sorry dear. I didn't know..... I wanted to tell you but.."

I felt like my body was knocked out of breath...... why oh why?!

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