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   Chapter 17 Parent Meeting!

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Updated: 2019-01-06 20:01

Caroline's POV

"Soo.. what do you actually do Daniel? I only know that you're my daughter's boyfriend" My mom asked Daniel.

"Mamma? What's with all these questions?!" It's been like this since the past hour.

"Oh dear I'm just asking. He would be in trouble if it was your father inquiring him" she said.

Daniel and Dylan have been looking at Mom then right back at me. Dylan's used to it but Daniel? Obviously he has never seen us bickering!

"I think it's alright! I can answer-" I cut him off.

"Daniel! I didn't ask you to speak did I?" I ask him angrily. I always hated when my dad used to stop me and Mom from fighting and now Daniel.

"Why are you screaming at him?!" My mom asked seriously annoyed with me. I shot her a glare asking her to keep quiet so that we could have dinner silently.

After dinner, Daniel and I quickly said our byes to Mom and my brother. I think he likes Daniel. They were acting like long time best buddies!

When I was going into my room Daniel asked "where do you think you're going?"

"Sleep?" I said unsure of what he wanted now.

"You sleep here!" He ordered and reminded me pointing at his room.

"I know... but I- okay!" I said and went inside his room.

I felt him behind me and soon he wrapped his arms around my waist hugging me, and biting my neck.

"Daniel..... stop marking me! It's so difficult to hide those marks with long sleeved shirts or pants. Thanks to the person who made concealer!" I said.

"Will you just keep quiet Cara!" He said while chuckling and continued what he was doing.

"Daniel I'm tired.." I said.

"I know babe. You don't have to come to work tomorrow." He turned me around and continued "I'd love to see you in long sleeved shirts and pants cause I can't handle myself when you are in skirts. I just feel like pushing them up and having my way with you!" He said and I'm sure my face would've been the color of a tomato right now.

I know he saw my bright red face even in the dark.

"Enough of laughing" I said lightly hitting and pushing at his shoulder.

"Yes! And let me continue!" he said. And so continued our passionate night!


I woke up with a happy smile on my face. I looked to my right. No Daniel! I then looked to my left. There he is!

He's wearing his tie..... I check the time on my cell and it's already 10.

"It's ok, if you want to stay home." He said in a serious tone.

"No, just wait for me. Even I'll come with you. Ok?" I asked and tried to moved out of bed o

n eyed Daniel.

I hugged him by side and rested my head on his shoulder trying to shove off all the ladies away from.

He understood the meaning of my gesture and whispered in my ears "Babe, don't worry. None of them interest me. I'm all yours. You should know that" he said chuckling.

"Shut up!" I said to him trying to hide my face from him.

"Ok you wait here. I have to buy something. I'll be back soon" he said kissing my temple and went back somewhere behind me.

"Aawww your such a pretty girl" said a women. She was a pretty lady as well.

"Thank you. That's actually really sweet of YOU." I said smiling at her.

"Oh no dear. I wish my little boy had a girlfriend like you." She had a sad dreamy look on her face.

"Sowiiieee...... but I already have a boyfriend. But don't worry! Your boy will get a pretty girl too" I said and we laughed and then I heard Daniel's voice from behind.

"Oh yes! She's already taken by ME" I turned my face to look at him screaming happily. I smiled at him and turned towards him. He stopped walking out of... SHOCK?

Daniel's POV

I came back here to find.... something.... I'm sure Cara wouldn't come here with me.

I was going back to Cara when I heard someone saying to her "Oh no dear. I wish my little boy had a girlfriend like you."

I saw Cara's back not her face..... but I knew it was her. And I heard she said "Sowiiieee...... but I already have a boyfriend. But don't worry! Your boy will get a pretty girl too" she said and then I heard their laughs.

I joined them too saying "Oh yes! She's taken by ME" Cara looked at me from behind her shoulder and turned towards giving a view of who..........


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