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   Chapter 15 The Cure Is YOU!

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 6611

Updated: 2019-01-06 19:40

Daniel's POV

She's fine. She's fine?! That's what the doctor said. Then why the hell would she faint?! That's what I asked him.

"There's nothing to worry about. She's really fine. She just fainted because of stress, weakness. Just see to it she eats a lot and on time. She should be able to wake up any time now and then you can take her home. I'll just write a prescription for her." I nodded and turned towards her.

I sat on the bed towards her right. What could have stressed her so much? Was it me? Obviously it's me! I've been torturing her since I brought her to stay with me. I don't even remember her having breakfast!

I hear some shuffling and see that Cara is waking up. "Hey! Are you fine?" I asked her in a whisper voice.

"Yeah... what happened?" She asked.

"You fainted. And the doctor said you were stressed and you need to eat" I said with worry.

"OH!" She said as if something clicked in.

"Cara! Did you have breakfast?" I asked with hidden anger. I don't want to scare her in the state she already is in.

"No.... I mean so much happened yesterday so I didn't have time to. And then by the time we came back to your cabin.. lunchtime was over." She said.

"I was actually asking about today's breakfast. Anyways, thanks for informing. If you hadn't had breakfast and lunch yesterday. I'm sure you wouldn't have had dinner as well?" I ask when I already know the answer.

"Yeah...." she says sheepishly.

As soon as we collected her prescription I took her to my hotel.

"Where are we going" she asks.

"To the hotel, to feed you!" I say with anger clear in my voice. She should have told me. She didn't eat cause of me. She fainted cause of me. Now I will take care of her!

Caroline's POV

"Are you angry with me" I asked him.

"No" he said not even looking at me.

"I know you're angry with me. But why...?" I asked pulling his hand in my lap.

"Why? Why?! Your asking me why Caroline. What if something would've happe

h. I'm sure he could give me an orgasm just by looking at me.

His mouth then traveled to my clit. It was so warm and moved so faster my legs were wrapped around his head while my hands were fisting the bed sheets and his hair. I soon came all over his face and he just smiled out of appreciation.

I pulled on his hair so that he could kiss me. He didn't! But got off all his clothes and came back with a silver foil packet in his hand.

He jumped on the bed upon me but not crushing me. He kissed and bit on my lips. He wore the condom and held both my hands above my head. I could feel his tip at my clit.

And he entered me! It didn't pain as much as last time. But it still hurt. Come on! It's just my second time.

At first he was slow and then he was too fast and rough and soo hard. He kept biting on my lips, my jaw, my neck, my breasts, my stomach... oooh what not!

"Daniel! Daniel.... I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come!" I said and came while screaming his name all along. And soon I felt the condom fill, I know he came too. He hugged my body trying not to crush me. He was still inside me and I felt him harden. AGAIN!

"Already?" I asked and laughed.

"Can't help while your being so irresistible" he said and continued kissing me.

And then we went on and on about it the entire night...

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