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   Chapter 14 Busy Dizzy Day

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 7321

Updated: 2019-01-06 19:30

Daniel's POV

I just finished my lunch meeting and I'm now going back to my office only to see Cara and Sandra entering my office after finally roaming the entire building. And.....

And all the other men are staring at MY Cara!

I fasten my foot steps and reach them. I dismiss Sandra with a hand signal and pull Cara into my office by wrapping my hand around her waist.

She seems shocked! Not exactly shocked but she stiffened.

"Cara...." I say but she just replies with a hmm.

"What has gotten into you? Why are you so silent today huh?" I ask but I know the answer.

"No I'm not. Anyways I have to say, your building is so beautiful as well as the people here. I met Nick and your other friend Alex as well. They were a nice company" she said with a smile not reaching her eyes.

"You met Nick and Alex?" I question and push her away.

I could see the hurt on her face but she quickly masked it. Going back to her old self again.

Well, I don't care!

My secretary, Sandra rushes into my office. "Sir! You have a meeting in half an hour. I'm sorry but Ashlynn just informed me." She said.

"It's ok. I'll handle. You may leave." She nodded and left soon.

"Listen! Sit here in my office. Dare you take a step outside! I'll be back soon. I don't think this meeting will take that long. So stay here don't move and then we can leave together." I said to Cara in my stern voice. She lowered her head and just nodded.

I know it has not been that good of a day for her. But I just couldn't control myself when I saw her blushing at Nick's comment today morning. And now my entire staff is openly ogling at her! Well I'm definitely not the type to apologize.

I looked at Cara for the last time and left my office room before I could get late.


I finally get up from the table. The only part I liked was the dinner cause every man around the table just didn't have any particular valid reason to cancel the deal. Obviously they agreed to my terms at the end.

I go up to my office, Ashlynn is doing whatever crap she wants to do on her cell. I ask her to leave. I see the time is almost half past ten. I open my door....

the table and looked at his face. He held a guilty expression. He wanted to to say something.

"You want anything else?" I asked.

"Uhhh... nooo" he said.

I muttered an "ok" and was about to leave cause I definitely can't stay in room with his brooding self.

Everything blurred. I could only see dark pink or purple and blue. I felt like I was flying or.... falling! I felt two hands catch me and that's all I remember!

Daniel's POV

Who was she speaking with?! I love you? I need to find out. She didn't even tell me who. None of my business? I'll find out anyway.

I said her to keep all her things on the table and bring me coffee.

I took that time to check her bag for her phone. Yep! I got it!

I opened her call log and the only call was from her Mom. Others were all messages. And it's the exact time.

Oh shit! I scolded her for no reason.

Yeah... people do say I love you to their parents.

She came back with my coffee. I wanted to say sorry. But that's something that I never do. She even asked me if I wanted something. She knew I wanted to say something.

She muttered an 'ok' and was about to leave. But the way she moved.. I ran to catch her but she balanced herself and then I saw her holding her head and I knew something was wrong. When I move forward she falls back into my arms, fitting perfectly. She just fainted in my arms!

I pick her up and rush to the hospital

But what's wrong with my Cara.......

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