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   Chapter 38 Epilogue

That Summer I met HIm By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 5164

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I look down at the chicken I prepared. I just followed the stuffs that was in the cookbook and sigh when the outcome wasn't like it was on the picture. I slapped my hand on the book and it fell down on the floor. I did not dare to pick it up for I'm so annoyed right now.

It's been almost a year after that very mind blowing prank--and surprise at the same time--Cade and Caine with the guys, have given me.

It really surprises me when the guys told me that it was their entire plan including that of Cade and Caine fighting. Caiden thought it was all true but by the time he went to the airport, the twins followed him and told him about all this.

I cannot forget those memories we've had back on that island. The way we walk around the streets of London, have gone to the city of love and the ancient architectures at Italy, it's all perfect. I would like to repeat that all over again.

"Hey, sweet cheeks" Someone kissed me from behind and I turn around to see no other than Caiden.

"Can you please stop calling me that or else I'll call you mignon poupee!" I said trying not to laugh. He looks at me with that suspicious look as he starts to point his finger.

"Hmm, you really are using those French names at me again, I better use something at you too" he said smiling down at me. My lips curled and turn into a smile.

He hugged me and put his arms on my waist. It felt so natural that I can see myself smiling widely."Sweet cheeks, do you still remember that night at the beach?" I look at him question

d that I won't be a good mother material. I can't even cook a freaking fried chicken and I'm even afraid to handle a toddler, much for a baby! I will not be the good and perfect mother, Cade..." A tear fall from my eyes but he kissed it away.

"Shhh...shush it down. Don't worry, I'll be here. Alex, I will always be with you every step of the way. No matter what happen, even if you cannot cook a fried chicken, remember we can always order one." I slap him again but he just chuckled. "We can even enroll you to those classes that taught about things on how to take care a baby. I can even learn with you."

He tightened his hold around me and held on him tighter. I just look at those midnight orbs and let them comfort me. He is my strength as I face this new chapter. It made me happy that I got to be the luckiest woman to have this jerk as his husband.

I gave him another cheeky grin as I stood up. I gave him a very painful pinch at his cheeks and ran, laughing as I went in, screaming "You're IT!!!"

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