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   Chapter 37 Her, him, as Them

That Summer I met HIm By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 15179

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Chapter Thirty- Six


I wanted to ask him for answers. Different questions swarm my mind like annoying flies as we drove away to the outskirts of the city. We entered a familiar road and my familiar hometown of Manhattan.

I look at him and mumbled, 'why' against the masking tape on my mouth but he just smiled at me as he drove down. He paused for another second again as he covered my eyes. We continue our slow pace down the road and finally stopped.

Hands gathered me on their warmth as spring was about to bloom. I can hear people whispering and I was curious as hell, trying to pry the blindfold but I couldn't. I was trying to hear their conversation but someone put a wireless earphone on my ear. 'Blurred lines' blared and I almost cringe in discomfort, except I feel like my body was swaying with the beat.

'Where am I?' I tried to pull my arms just so I can remove the blindfold, earphones, masking tape and their hands but their grip is strong. The hands lead me into a room--I don't know where--their bodies ushering me in as we proceed.

I gasped as a pair of hands pulled me off of my shirt and another pair was pulling at my jeans. The other pair removed my sneakers and I can feel the other pair trying to struggle with my trashing form.

'What are they doing?!' I tried to call Cade but it's no use. Did he bring me to this place just so they could rape me? That monster. If I could just—uurrgh!

I was panicking right now but I cannot do anything but scream internally!

Someone carried my petite figure and I can feel the silk slip perfectly on my skin. The fiber felt like a second layer on me, like it was a part of my flesh. I can feel their forms hovering with their voices muffled because I can't really hear through this song I was listening. What is this? Is he getting me dressed before he sacrifices me into a fiery pit?

Someone pulled me out of that room--I think so--and into another one. I can feel the grass at my toes, so it's really not a room. I felt bare as the wind touch my skin and I can imagine goose bumps appearing on top of it.

The hands drag me on and on then decided to leave me all of a sudden, standing while not seeing anything. What the fudging crispy balls? How am I going to find my way if the blindfold was tied tightly with a pattern? Not to mention that it was layered, too. All I can do is remove the earphones and the masking tape which made me scream like bloody hell.

I turn my head at the sound of feet and voices which made me scream in frustration because I can't see them and ran with my bare feet.

I don't care if my feet is dirty and the gown—well, I assume that it's a gown considering that it's long and is made of silk—I'm thankful that it clings perfectly around me. Though I run fast, I stumbled for a multiple times because I cannot see a thing.

I ran, and ran around trying to remove the blindfold. I was about to completely remove the remains of it at my face when I bumped into someone. That one alone made me pull the thick cloth off my eyes and stare at those familiar blue orbs that gleam at these early hours of September.

He gave me one of his smiles as someone pulled me again. I look at my side to see Kathy and on my other side was no other than her twin, Keith. They gave me a sly grin and I watch in amusement as I found myself back at the park, the trees lit up with those glow in the dark stars and the whole place look a lot like a galaxy. They handed me a bouquet of white roses gleaming with those small stars. I look down and realize that the gown was actually a wedding gown.

Wow. I am getting married. Or am I?

They pulled me back as a red carpet was rolled by no other than Kobe and the boys. I stared at the front to see Cade and, Caine? Both of them are smiling as they transfer their gaze at me. Nate and Jake are beside Kathy and Keith, with little Tommy and a little girl.

Music played in the background and I watch in fascination as people start to make their way through their seats; each of them walking gracefully as the ceremony start. Tommy walks down with the little girl throwing stars and glitter which glow on the ground as they touch them. The dimmed lights shone perfectly casting a 5'o clock shadow at Cade's face.

I don't know what is happening but I was now the only one left in the aisle. I look around the garden and was surprise when mom and dad pop out of nowhere. They walk me down the aisle and I watch with amusement as dad handed my hand to Cade.

"Take care of my little pum

ead me out of the door. "Honey moon? Paris?"

"Yeah, we book that flight for a month now and hey don't forget to bring us a souvenir, huh, you know what I mean" Kathy gave me that mischievous grin as she hand my luggage unto Cade.

Nate led us unto a blue lambo and gave us one of his smirks. He pulled Caiden into a manly hug and whispered something to him. I silently open the passenger seat and climb in. Soon enough Caiden drove us back to the city and to his private jet.

He pulled me out of the car and carried me, bridal style to our plane. I smacked him off his head but he just push my hand away as the rays of the sun shone his hair and the slight wind made me shiver.

I cannot help but think about this day. How fast things had happened in the blink of an eye. I can't even believe that I will be married right at this moment, right at the very first day of September. I thought yesterday will be one of those ordinary days except that I'm going to sell my paintings and entertain people. I do not expect to see Cade at the park, again, after three years and to be married to him 5 hours after.

It happens all too soon but I'm happy to be finally with him and stop complicating things. I'm even thankful for the sudden loss of Dwayne, my dad's deal and those stuffs that occupied me three years ago. Those fun things we did and the different confessions. I'm even grateful to have him back, to make him fall for me, to shatter that cold barricade around his heart.

I thought that boy I have met at the park when I was six years old will be the one I'm going to marry. My very first best friend and the one who gave me that necklace will be the one I'll spend my life with, forever.

But I guess I'm wrong.

Fates have a funny way of dealing with people's life. Making two opposites attract as they fall in love. They make us stumble at each other, and as we fall, like literally and at the same time is not, our hearts burst with emotions and our brains cannot think straight. They led us into a very complicated thing and as the contract made us hate each other, fate won't let that happen and bring us closer than we could think of.

And now, here I am, staring at him as he slept like an angel. I drape the blanket at his sleeping form and put my hand on his cheek, caressing it. I do not expect that this day would come. That I'm going to be sitting here, right next to him--Staring at him as he sleep and make these funny sounds.

I do not regret losing that Dwayne I've loved, and meeting his look alike seven years after only to find out that it was really him whom I've fell for.. This monkey I have fell in love with and will love forever is the one I'm talking about. It is him that I met at the park and I won't trade any chance to change all this.

I will be glad to repeat everything, those pillow fights, star gazing on his yacht and even those simple fights, but most likely our first encounter...

That moment I met him is the highlight in my story...

The End.

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