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   Chapter 36 Her Choice

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Chapter Thirty- Five


I sat there, trying to wrap my head around on what had just happen. I thought everything would go smoothly, that nothing in my past will bother me anymore.

My exhibit has gone well, actually all of my paintings were sold out, the boys visit wasn't expected but I'm happy to have them. The one I do not expect is my encounter with Caiden. He has change, physically. His boy looks matured into that a man. His tousled brown hair was cropped short. His blue eyes were the same but it shone darkly every time his gaze transferred to me.

His presence surprises me.

Though as the exhibit finally finishes and we were only the people in the room, I remain there, standing, looking at him. He was also looking at me, a million words threatening to spill out of him but he was so proud to say it to me. I stood there, heart on my throat as I let my feelings rule me, "I've missed you. Where have you been? I am so worried that I—"

"You've missed me?" His confusion and unbelief wins over his pride. He wanted to say more than that but he just stood there, still staring.

"So much. I can't even say how much. Why did you suddenly leave, Caiden? Why did you just go without a goodbye? I've waited so long. I've loved you and nothing will change that."

"Is it—does your feeling—do your really love me?" He looks so lost that all I can do is watch him be confused. He has to be the one to go to me. He has to at least be brave to claim me.

He was about to make his way towards me when suddenly, I felt Caine beside me. Caiden's eyes turned into a darker shade as he glared at Caine's arm currently draped on my shoulders, "Hey Bro."

Caiden's stature changed. He shifted and plastered a poker face. "What made you call me here?" Caiden spat as he adjusted his suit jacket.

"Well, just to say 'hi'." Caine smirked at Caiden before he suddenly lean in and kiss the side of my lips. Right before I could push Caine away from me, he was snatch away by Caiden.

He pushed Caine down on the floor and throw punch after punch on his face. Soon though, he lost some of the strength that Caine was the one who is now on top, punching Caiden. Caiden, not accepting the fact that he was losing tackled his twin and soon their position was again, reversed. I was screaming at them to stop, the boys come to my aid and Kobe manage to pull Caiden away from Caine. Caine stood and wipe the side of his lip, smirking, "I see. Nothing has changed with your feelings no matter how hard you try to deny it, Cade."

Caiden made a move towards Caine but he was held off by Kobe and Nate. The other guys made a barrier between them both. Caiden is still struggling as Caine spoke once again. "Come on brother. No hard feelings. I am only showing you what you have lost when you walked out of the hospital three years ago. I gave you your chance now and still you refuse. But when I step in, you suddenly act like you care? Grow up, brother."

Caiden remain like that; still glaring, blood flowing down his nose. His suit torn, missing some of his buttons, his hair matted to his forehead with sweat. He looked almost pathetic that I felt sympathy towards him. Finally, Kobe decided to treat him at the other room so I won't see him.

I want to go to him but my anger towards Caine is almost unbearable. How could he do that to me after I had trusted him with my life for the last three years? I cannot believe him that he did such a thing. That he plotted this encounter just so he can beat up his own brother in front of me.

I yanked Caine by his tie and made him look at me,


"Yeah, I am." he crouched down at me and smiled. "I thought you aren't going to go back here. I thought you choose to rip the ticket off and go on. I thought you are--"

He keeps on talking, so I kissed him. I pulled away to gaze at his flabbergasted form but he recovered. He pulled me back for another kiss which made me smile.

"Alex, "

"Hmm, " I look at his closed eyes and notice the dark circles around them.

"I never thought we're going to be this close. Never in a hundred or million years." He gave me a smile and pulled me closer. "I can imagine those times we fought over simple things. The way we cannot stand at each other's presence. We can't even stay together in the same room." I watch him as he chuckle, his voice rumbling at his chest.

He pulled away to stand and look at me. "And now, here we are. After three years, we still felt the same to each other. You know, like a love-hate romance." His shoulders shook as he chuckled. "I didn't know what you're answer would be but if I ever ask you a favor, are you going to accept it?"

I look at him as he put his other hand in his pocket nervously. "Yes, I will! Even if it requires me to eat 200 tubs of ice cream, or run around the New York city, naked. Even if you demand me to kneel and follow you around like a do; Even if you throw all those rotten tomatoes at me and make me live at the jungle for a decade. Even if you made another contract just to make me yours, I would accept it and do everything as long as I'm with you."

Before I even take a second to breath, he pulled me into his arms and kiss me, again. "Okay then. Let me do another proposal which reminds me, " He pulled something out of his pocket and got into his knees "Will you, Alexandra Anderson, be willing to be my bride and marry me?"

Marry me?


Him, marry, me?!

"Yes! yesyesyesyesyesyesssss, YESSSS!" I drag it on and on as he spin me around. I can hear the crowd cheering around us as he pulled me into another kiss.

I was about to stop when he pulled away instantly. My knees felt like Jell-o but he dragged me off unto the parking lot and strapped me in the passenger seat.

I looked at him confused but he just smiled at me and pulled something out of the back seat. He covered my mouth with the masking tape and smirked.

"Don't ask, " he drove down the road leaving me confused



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