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   Chapter 35 His Risk

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Chapter Thirty-Four


3 years after

"Signor, "


"Signor!" I was startled out of my trance by no other than Lilia.

"S-si?" I look at her questioningly and watch her pass the phone, "It's Signor Jake. He's been meaning to talk to you, signor" She walks off hiding her smile to herself.

I glared at the phone and answered it, "Hey bro, " he giggled like a school girl and I can imagine my own eyes bulging out of their socket.

Hmmm… there's something weird going on here. I've never heard him sound so ridiculous like he is right now. I look up to see Lilia looking at me behind the cupboards.

I shook my head and made my way out to the patio. I listen to Jake babbling about me not spending time with them and so on. I never bothered to speak and interrupt. I just lay down here, relaxing on the wooden benches as the wind blew. The wide vineyard I have acquired 2 years ago was now fully operational. In a few months time, I could easily create a new concoction. I waited for my chance to speak and blew a breath of relief for my ear was hot when Jake finally made a pause.

"Listen bro, I'm happy here in Malibu....I don't wanna go to Italy again just to visit you. If you want to, I can schedule a flight for you and Nate?"

I sigh saying, "No thanks. I have to finish my study for my proposal. Jake I'm close to finishing, I don't want to extend any longer and besides, there's not much to see there."

"Seriously, it's been 3 years and two months Cade!"

"Are you counting tabs on it? What are you-A girl waiting for your favorite boy band to come in your country?" I say, trying to distract him as I laugh at my silly joke.

"What? No, stupid." He pauses before finally saying the reason why he called. "Look, well Alex—She's been dear to us and you two were perfect. If you would only listen to us for one last time, Cade, then we could fix this. We will help you. Please, I'm telling y-"

"Shut up, Jake. Is she telling you to do this? This is crazy!" I stand up and pace around the wooden platform, transfering the phone from my left to my right ear, "Why can't you just leave me alone and move on, huh? "

There's a deafening silence on the other line, I heard him took a shaky breath and sigh, "Bro, we're just s

e this? Why do I need to return just to be hurt all over again?

I bang my head down and groaned as the pain in my head return making my vision doubled

No, I need to settle this, right now. I shouldn't postpone it or else things will end up in a wild mess and I'll found myself all broken and lost again; which is a very tough task to handle when you have fifty restaurants to manage all over Europe.

I should return back again to settle things up, do a closure and bam! I'm finally free. All of this is my past-A happening that should've been done three years ago. Nothing can change it and only I can end it. I know that it still made me confuse on what I truly feel, that sometimes it made me think. Why do I need to fall in love with a wrong person? Why does it have to be like this? And the main question is-do I still love her?

A million questions run inside my head a thousand miles per hour. It felt so right, yet it was so wrong; Feeling happy and contented, though I know that it isn't enough. I'm not the HIM. I'm not the one she wanted, but him, my twin brother.

She loves him, she hates me. She's fond of him, she despise me. She miss him she would never care if I'm lost. I know that she loves my brother but the thing is that my brother told me that she chose me over him.

Now I will take a risk. I just need to know why I was needed all of a sudden.

With that thought in my mind. I prepared my things and got ready for my flight which is five hours from now.


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