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   Chapter 34 His Plea

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Chapter Thirty Three


I was driving past the speed limit but I couldn't care less. I just wanted to see her. I look at my brother to see him asleep with his right hand nursing his left arm. A bruise was slowly developing on his right cheek and blood was gushing out of his busted lip.

Well, he deserves that for what he has done to Alex.

We reach the hospital and I quickly asked the nurse on what room she is currently situated in. She gave me the number of the room and I quickly rush towards the elevator, not waiting for my brother to catch up.

I guess his lucky stars are with him for he was fast enough to board inside the elevator, quite unbelievable for he has a broken knee. We reached the fifth floor and the door of the elevator slide open. nThe nurses are curiously giving me a look as they gaze at me and my twin. One of them even asked him if he was okay but he just pushed them off and limped faster.

He really is my brother...

I arrived at the farther side of the wing only to be met by Andre and Kobe. Shit, were they really here?

"Kobe?" I asked him but I was caught up by another hug. "Dwayne!" Rico exclaimed while tugging at my shirt. I shook him off and turned to my right to see Damien.

"Guys!" I exclaimed as I caught all of them into a group hug. After a while we were interrupted by a cough. I look at my back to see my twin leaning unto the wall.

"I just knew it" Kobe pointed an accusing finger at my twin and transferred his gaze at me. "You are not him and he's not you! Where have you been, Dwayne? You know that we've been-"

"Enough of this" Caiden interrupted and limped his way between us. He glared at Kobe while he dragged me down the hall.

"Why did you bring me here, Caine?" He whispered in that threatening voice of his while leaning down on my ear. "I didn't bring you here. You're the one who tag along!" I answered back.

"Stop kidding me, Caine! I know that there is a reason why you brought me here." He sneered. His eyes darkened making me nervous.

I've never seen him this mad before. Ever. Though we have fought as kids way back then though this one, it's different. He really is angry. I frowned down and tried to reason with him.

"I've brought you with me to ask you, why?" I gave him a glare but he just gave me a confuse frown.

"WHY?" He looks at me and groaned, "It all happened. I know you blame me because of that freaking accident which ends her up in a coma, but believe me, I blame myself more!"

"No, not that!" I pulled my hair in frustration. "Why? Why did you hurt her in the first place if you, "

"If I, what?"

"If you love her." I whispered in a low voice.

"What? What are you saying?" He glared at me and pulled at his hair. "Are you crazy? You're the one who loved her! Ever since that summer, I know you do" He looked down and sat on the chair.

"Yes I do, I loved her." I sighed and look at his face. "I love her as a close friend. I've done all of this because I wanted you to prove yourself. She's like a sister to me. I never wanted to hurt her but I needed to, because I wanted to see that you will protect her; that you deserve her."

"Deserve her? How can I deserve her if she can't see the true m

new memories." I gripped his shirt and pushed him unto the wall in front of us. The impact made him groaned but I needed to knock some sense unto him. "You can do it Cade. Memories are snatched away from you but you have gained it all back and now, don't let her go because she's all yours. I'm happy to know that you deserve her." He shook his head and frowned down at his shoes.

He started to remove his mask and then his hospital gown. His face was emotionless, his eyes were glassy. He handed me the mask and the gown. He looked up at my face and I can see it contorted into that poker's face I have always known when he is talking about business.

He was making his way through the door when I realized what he was really doing. No. He won't. I won't let him. I grip his shirt and drag him back, "Don't do this Cade, don't." He just stared at me with his emotionless eyes. They are so cold that I felt shivering under his gaze.

"Please Cade, stay for her. Don't leave her like what I've done seven years ago. She's already broken because of me. I do not know if she'll ever be the girl we met if you leave her now, " I look at the broken girl on the bed and back to my twin. "Please Cade, she was already shattered into million pieces" He look at me once again and grab my hand on his shoulder. He gave it a tight squeeze and shrug. "Cade, if you go now, you won't ever have the chance to go back. Please, just stay. I will help you. I promise." I hold unto him, desperately.

I cannot let this happen.

They were perfect; A perfect match. I cannot just let these two souls be ruined. Two souls broken were too much for me. My guilt is choking me that I have to grab my twin. It's been too hard to watch a soul acting dead, what would it be to watch two of them?

It will just make me crazy and completely insane. I don't even know how to solve a puzzle what more for a broken soul?

He gave me a broken smile and a barely audible "Goodbye..." before turning the knob.

"No Cade, NOOO!" but it's all too late for as soon as he closed the door behind him, a loud continuous beep filled the room ending it with a point.

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