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   Chapter 33 His Wake up call

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Chapter Thirty Two


I stared down at my shattered phone on the floor all because of my twin brother.

That ignorant piece of shiz got them on an accident. Now Alex was on the hospital. One of the nurses informed me that Alex was in a critical condition. Dang it. I should have accompanied her. Nothing like these would have happened if I go with her. Shit.

I have a flight due two hours later this afternoon. I was trying to call my twin but he's nowhere to be found. Absolutely nowhere.

That piece of shit would really get it if I get a hold of him.

As I pick up my other phone, a letter fell down from the table. I picked it up to see the contract. The contract we made back when we were eight years old. The one that made me yearned for her.

The one that made me crazy over her that I have tried to go back even though I know that it is risky.

As I hold the paper on one hand, the memory flashes itself on my mind and I found myself going back unto that moment


'Dwayne, I miss you' I heard her voice cracking because of her strong emotion. A tear rolled down her cheeks. I look closer at her face and frowned.

"I've wanted to ask you this for a long time. I'm too chicken because I'm afraid you would just turn in front of me and scare the sh*t out of me" she laughed and wiped her tears.

'Dwayne, why did you leave me? Why did you not return? You promise me right? Why!?' A few minutes passed and I stood up from where I am and whispered on her ear.

"I needed to" I whispered on her ear and ran faster. I do not want to scare her, she's not yet ready.

'Is that you Dwayne? Dwayne, Are you talking to me?' I watch closely as a smile lit up her face.

"Yes I am" I whispered again and found my own lips curling into a smile.

'Why did you leave me? You know I don't want you to! I'm so scared, alone, pissed and disappointed! How could you do this to me?' She stomp her foot and I watch as she hug herself closer.

"Shhh, stop it now" I tried to convince her but I was back to my hiding place; so afraid that she will see me. 'You're so unfair! You leave me here alone, you leave me to fend for myself. You know that I need you. You're my rock, my savior but you don't even care!' Fat tears are falling down her face, framing them like waterfalls. I heard a very faint whimper from her as I leaned in closer.

Silence followed after her outburst. I did not answer anymore for she had fina

un was high up on the sky, New York city is now wide awake. Cars blaring, people shouting, an ordinary day for a busy city. I finally reached my floor and as I collapsed down on the couch, only the face of hers lingers on my head.



"Now, where are we?" I asked the taxi driver as I went down to it. I didn't wait for a reply but instead I followed my twin back to his penthouse. He didn't notice my presence as I creep into his room like a shadow would be. I watch him collapse on the floor and after a few minutes of waiting for him to notice me; I made my way to him and grip his shirt.

I gave him a blow on the stomach and that made him double in pain. He tried to punch me but he's too weak to fight. I gave him another punch and kick on the stomach. I don't know why I am doing this to him. Maybe I'm just pissed because he doesn't take his responsibility.

He always runs in times of difficulty

I was about to give him another kick on his face but then a call interrupted us. I let go of him and pulled the phone beside the table.

'Cade! What have you done to my cousin? Haven't I told you before that you should take-'

"Andre? Is that you?" I asked him.

'Dwayne? Wha--how?'

"I'll just explain it all to you later. Would you mind giving me the address of the hospital where Alex is?"

'Oh okay'

He gave me the address of the hospital as I pulled my brother out of his penthouse. I got his key in my left hand and at the same time his phone. The elevator pinged as we went down unto the ground floor and I found a blue lambo waiting for us to board in.



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