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   Chapter 32 His Faults

That Summer I met HIm By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 6632

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Chapter Thirty One


I arrived at the airport at exactly two in the morning. I asked Caine if he could track his twin and here I am entering a bar. There's smoke everywhere, bodies swaying with the music and couples grinding at each other.

I spotted them in the far end corner of the room, that familiar bronze haired Adonis with a blonde bimbo on his lap. I stared at the two of them making out.

Oh, how could they do this to me? How could he do this to me?

I push my way through the crowd and put my hand in front of his face. He looked up at me and I can see his eyes turn into a darker shade of blue. The emotion reflected unto them were anger, longing and something I can't decipher. Was it, betrayal?

Our little trance was broken when I was pulled back by no other than Tiffany. She slapped me and that made me snap. I pulled her hair and punched her. I slapped her face, while she clawed on my skin. Every inch of my skin was burning but I won't stop.

"Raaaa!" I screamed while launching at her back and together we fall off the floor. I pulled her hair and attempted to drag her face down but then she clawed my feet which burned like hell.

How dare she do that to me? Why does she keep on ruining my life? She threw another slap across my face and that made my blood boil even more. I was so angry that I haven't notice an arm pulling me. I looked up to see Caiden scowling down at me. On his left was that Tiffany bitch I hated so much.

He pulled the two of us out of the bar and into the parking lot. My heart was burning with jealousy when he pulled Tiffany on his arms and after leaning in to kiss her, he opened the back door and pushed her in. He gave me a glare as he pushes me down on the passenger seat. I was about to snapped at him when he wretched the driver's door open and got in. The car swerved unto the curb and there we went.

The trees passed by around us in a blur. I looked at the back and saw Tiffany bitch glaring at me. I fro

oing? I asked myself as I let go of her hair. I wasn't supposed to be here no, let me rephrase that. I shouldn't be here in the first place, I should be gone.

I should go away from her, and from everybody because it is my fault. I should go because she does not love me. I promised myself that I'll forget her. All of the things we've done that summer. Her face, the beach, All. I looked down and regretted it.

She was fighting for her life. She was in the verge of dying because of me. As every second passed, her eyes twitched and a small groan escaped her dried lips. Blood was gushing on her forehead and as I gazed down I can see the bruise that was slowly forming on her right cheek.

I swallowed again and made my decision. I've done it before so I can do it again. I look down for the last time and transferred my gaze unto the mirror.

"Stop" I said and opened the back door as the ambulance halted.

"Sir, your wound needs some medication and how about the girl? The blonde one was dead and this one is critical. Sir we needed your-"

"I don't care. I don't care about her or that blonde! I'll go now…" I got out of the ambulance and watch it go.

The only thing running in my mind is her face and as I walked down the road, I know that I would never, ever see her again....


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