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   Chapter 31 His Memories unveiled

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Chapter Thirty


I stared at Alex and to that unfamiliar man. I figured that it was him, it was Dwayne. They look so peaceful and so happy with each other. I watch as the man put his arms on her back and began speaking. I couldn't hear much so I went closer to them.

"—was the main reason of their fight. I am the reason why we can't be a happy family. I am their burden." I listen more, intrigued. What does he mean of being a burden? What story is he trying to engrave on Alex's mind.

"—visit to the hospital came after…Mom was crying so hard, begging him not to do it. As a seven year old, I just watch them with curious eyes. Dad took me—He talked to people I do not really know. Then, the result was revealed. I was shocked—I was not his son."

What? Shizballs this is crazy. This man is really crazy.

I inch closer so I could hear him clearer, "He became distant after that. He rarely comes home which made my mom cry all the time. Then suddenly, all of that changed" I couldn't help it. My head suddenly hurt and I was drifting, drifting to the past.


I can see it clearly. I can remember it as though it had happened yesterday. I was listening to him as well as reliving my past.

It was Thursday, the second day of winter break. I was surprised when mom and dad told me that I will be expecting a visitor.

"Who is it? Is Uncle Victor going to visit with Nathan? I hope I can play cars—"

"It's not your Uncle Victor who would pay you a visit"

"Then who?" Mom just shook her head at me and brought out a short, a jacket and a shoe from my closet. "Do I really need to wear that to meet the visitor? Is he really that special?" Mom touched my hair before asking me to go to the bathroom.

I was changing my clothes when I heard Dad's car pulled over the driveway. Because I am so excited, I did not fix my hair, I just leave it as it is, like I have just rolled up from the bed. I quickly wore my shoes, put the ribbon on my neck and fastened the two buttons of my jacket. I ran down the stairs, my hand on my pocket as a sign of excitement.

I jumped on each stop and stopped short as I stared at the kid who was sitting next to my mom. He was wearing the same outfit as me; same jacket, same pants and even the same shoes. But what really shocks me the most is not the resemblance of our outfit but the fact that we have the same face.

I do not know how to process these kinds of things. He was even wearing the same expression plastered on mine.

I was confused. I didn't know that twins exist, and we are an example. We scream and chase at each other in pure confusion.

"You ghost! Return my face, return my body, return my everything!" we screamed and Iwas surpri

t rejoices me too. Ryle took me under his wing and raises me as his son. He told me about my twin surviving the accident and that everyone I know thought of me as dead. Caiden return to his old life with no memory of me or you and everything that happened from his childhood. Ryle married Cedric's wife which is Diane. It hurts me to distance myself away from you and tell you that I am still alive but what can I do? A dead man can't show his face when everyone thought of me as dead right?" Alex just looked at Dwayne, her eyes welling up with tears.

I was shaking so hard. I can't bear this anymore. So it is their fault that I have lost my memory? It was their plan all along to make me this miserable.

"The show must go on. We have to devise a plan so no one would think that there has been a foul play. Diane raised me to be one of the best. I got the same training as Caiden did with Paul's supervision. They made me specialize in technology in Japan and transferred to Russia to study weapons. I choose to appear later than expected to claim what should have been really mine." He touches her cheek once again and this time I slowly inch back, drawing away from them. She held his hand and look on his eyes. "Do you think, I have the chance if ever I got to you first and told you how I felt before?"

And that made me ran away. Hearing him say that to her only proves that he really loves her and I know that she loves him too.

I watch him as he cup her face with both of his hands and whispered something to her ear. Not wanting to hear their conversation, I stand off to the side of the road and hailed a taxi. I can hear her cursing as she turn. She pulled my twin's hand, and started running towards the direction of my cab.

Fuck her. Fuck them for playing with my feelings.

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