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   Chapter 30 His Untold Story

That Summer I met HIm By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 11570

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Chapter Twenty Nine


It was hard to claw my way back from the past, but it's harder to talk about the present especially when it is very much connected to the past. I took a deep breath before I continued, my eyes still focused on her.

"Do you remember that day at the park when I was crying because dad left?" Alex nodded her head, eagerly listening. "It all started then… when I was crying at the park and you saw me struggling, trying to catch up with my father who is blowing off steam by escaping his problems, specifically me." I feel my Adam's apple bobbed as I gulped. "I was the main reason of their fight. I am the reason why we can't be a happy family. I am their burden."

And so I'm drifting back to the past as I retold her about everything.

"The visit to the hospital came after a week long without my dad. Mom was crying so hard, begging him not to do it. As a seven year old, I just watch them with curious eyes. Dad took me to the hospital without caring at all about my mom. He talked to people I do not really know. Then, the result was revealed. I was shocked when Dad told me I was not his son."

My eyes was glazed over as I reminisce about it. "He became distant after that. He rarely comes home which made my mom cry all the time. Then suddenly, all of that changed." I couldn't help myself as I look in front of me, remembering what had happened.


It was Wednesday, just after the last school day, the start of winter break. I was surprised when I arrive home from school. The house is silent as I go through the opened front door.

"Momma? Daddy?" I called out but nobody answered me.

And so, I went back through the patio, removed my polo shirt and plopped myself on the porch steps. After a while, I got sleepy and then I felt myself being carried, I opened my eyes and I panicked, it is not my dad! I do not know the man who is carrying me that's why I tried to squirm on his arms but he is stronger than me. My seven year old self can't out power a grown man.

After a while, I got drained and soon I hear an engine veered into life. The vehicle move as I slipped into unconsciousness. Soon I felt lightheaded. I woke up only to find myself inside a plane, we are flying. The mysterious man just smiled at me before once again, I fell asleep.

It felt so natural to be with that man, unlike my father. I can't believe that I was so comfortable to be with that unfamiliar man. I was even surprise of myself as I settled to sleep, not even looking for my dad.It had gone like that, like some sort of pattern, right until I was sucked from my dreamland and to reality. It was like a snap that brought me back to my conscious self.

Where are we?

I opened my eyes to a warm yellow light, taking in my surroundings, I noticed a man who is peering down at me from the driver seat. "I see, you are awake now, son." He smiled at me before he proceed to open his door and then before I could even register what he just told me, I watch as he open the door for me.

For a moment, I stay seated on the back seat, the weird man holding the door as to remind me that I should go out of the car. And so I did, I took cautious steps out of the car, my shoes squeaking making me realize that this weird man had changed not only my shoes but also my pants and I am now wearing a jacket. I put my hand inside my pocket, a nervous act I have adapted ever since I started attending school. I look around the wide

apons. I contacted Caiden after realizing that his family was planning for you to marry him. I thought that when I show up, everything will go back to normal. That you will choose me over him but he is still the winner. Ever since then, he was the one who made you fall. He is still the winner just because I am a coward. Just because I choose to appeatr later than expected to claim what should have been really mine." I touch her cheek once again and this time she did not flich, she held my hand and look to my eyes. "Do you think, I have the chance if ever I got to you first and told you how I felt before?"

She shook her head no and let a tear fall before saying, "We don't really know. I guess, there are things that are already destined just like how he found me once again." I let out a chuckle and raise both of my hands and said, "I give up. He has surely won. I guess I have to start finding my own destiny too.

I cup her face with both of my hands and whispered to her ear, " I never really wanted to ruin the day of your wedding. I just wanted to confirm that he really love you and won't leave you." I was now looking not at her but to Caiden whose face appeared really hurt.

"Though you hurt him by stealing his BRIDE, " She said as a matter of fact. I bit my lip and look down at her. " I know that he is hurt for I have seen him a while"

"A while? What do you mean—"

I nodded and heard her curse out load as she turned and saw Caiden riding a taxi, probably heading to the airport. "Shit, he must have misunderstood us. Why didn't you tell me?" She pulled at my hand and tried to run after him but the taxi was fast and soon we lost track of Caiden. "Shit, you better help me make it up to him. We have to explain." She stopped running and pull my head down, " You will help me get back to New York as soon as possible, do you understand?

I just smiled at her before pulling her back to the direction of the beach house, "Come, let's get your luggage. I've already booked you a ticket." I sigh before tucking a lose strand of her hair, staring at her I said, "It would be so dramatic if I accompany your back. Plus, I do not want my nose getting dislocated for I have to attend an interview on Friday." I wink at her before I put her up on my shoulder and ran.

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