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   Chapter 29 Her Dwayne

That Summer I met HIm By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 5193

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Chapter Twenty- Eight


I didn't ask Caiden about what I have seen yesterday and it seems like he don't know too. I was still confuse, if he really was not Caiden, then who is he? Could he be my Dwayne--my real Dwayne?He was caring and kind like my Dwayne. And I had to admit that he had a bad temper too like him. As I stare up on the sky last night I saw him, through my balcony, up on the roof watching it with me.

Is he really Dwayne? But why did he kidnap me? Why did he snatch me away from my fiancé? Didn't he know that I love that man? It's true that we've been friends but as I spend each day with Caiden, I realize that my love for Dwayne is like a friendly love, a love for a family not like that of Caiden.

It was different.

I'm ready to confront him now at breakfast and as I look at him across the table a sudden feeling made me cower back into my shell. He was the first to break the silence as he cleared his throat. I look at him, cowering slightly.

"Alex, we need to talk."

I look at him and down at my food. I gripped my spoon and shove a spoonful of cereal on my mouth to avoid talking unto him. "Alex, you cannot escape this" I swallowed it down and looked up."There is something I really needed to tell you. I've wanted to tell you this for a long time and we really need to do this talk right now." I shove another spoonful of cereal and watch him made his way through the door.

"Follow me out after five minutes", he whispered on my ear making me shiver.



My plane landed in Hawaii an hour

told me that he doesn't love me. They told me that I was not their son and they just wanted me for the business. And then one day I have returned back to my true parents, Sir Carl and Elaine Coleford. I-"

"What? You mean, you and Caiden are twins?" I stood up and paced.

"Well, isn't it obvious? Or am I more good looking than my brother?" With this I glared at him, tempted to smack him on the head.

Turning my eyes away from him, I muttered, "That's why the two of you act the same but how can you do this to your own brother? How can you ruin his wedding day?" I glared at him and sniffed as a tear fall from my eyes, "Our wedding day?"

"I needed you, Alex. I wanted to be with you. He's a monster Alex, he hurt you." He held my hand and stared at me.

"But that doesn't explain it all. You are the monster for doing all this."

"No, I mean, its-"

"Then explain. Explain to me why you've been gone for seven years!" I demanded and sat far away from him.

"Okay well it all started when..."


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