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   Chapter 28 His Brother

That Summer I met HIm By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 5605

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Chapter Twenty- Seven


I look at my surroundings. I was on a bed with a handcuff on my wrist. The sun was shining behind the bamboo curtain. The weather is hot and I smell like dirt and sweat mixed together...eew

I stood up and tried to walk around but then that action made the bed yank me back. Oh I'm a prisoner in the middle of Hawaii.


Am I really in Hawaii?

I look at my handcuff and on the clock beside me. 8 am. I snatch off the hair pin on my hair and used it to unclasp the handcuff on my wrist and ankle.

Ha, now I'm free.

I went towards the balcony and watch the wave splash on the sand. I look at the side and found a way out. I raised my foot and manage to go out of the balcony. One more foot, one more...

I jump out of it and landed on the sand with a soft thud. I'm finally going back home. I gathered the skirt of my dress and started to run but I was yanked off into someone's arms. I look up to see Caiden looking down at me with an angry expression. Why is he angry? Oh, yeah I escape his trap but it's too much. Why would he do that to me?

"Cade, why did you do that? Why did you lock me up?" He looked down and glared at me. I bowed my head as I looked down.He look like he's ready to kill me then eat me.

"I'm not Caiden, I'm Caine."

"What? Caine? Caiden? Dwayne?" his eyes darkened at the mention of Dwayne's name. " I am confused!"

I glared at him and stomped my foot on the sand "Are you making fun of me again Caiden? I'm tired of this" I tried to run again but he just yank me off the sand, carrying me into his arms.

"Arrgh! Let me go...put me down." I trashed around his hold but it just

o are you kidding, men?"

"What are you saying?"

"I was in a beach in Hawaii and I've seen you."

"I'm not. I'm here in my office right now" I snapped, frowning at the wall in front of me. I've been stressed for the whole week but I'm not giving up for her. "What are you saying Jake? You are not making any sense."

"Well, there is this guy who looks so much like you with a girl who was trashing around. I thought it was you. I thought you're here with Alex; that all of those things happened a week ago was your plan and it was one of your surprises for her. But now that I've called, I'm confused... Are you the one who is kidding me?"

That shut me up and made me wonder. A guy who looks just like me.

My twin…Caine?

Is he alive?


"Cade? Are you still there?"


"Oh, I thought you have fainted--" As I listened to him blabbering I stood up out of my office and out into the parking lot to my car.


"I'm coming down there" I ended the call and made arrangements for my flight.

I think it's time for me to see my long lost brother...


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