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   Chapter 26 His Star

That Summer I met HIm By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 5243

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Chapter Twenty-Five


"Oh! The gown fits you well. I felt like crying" The dressmaker hugged me. I smiled down at her and she helped put it back on the box. "You are just so beautiful.'

I help Kathy put her dress on which is a cocktail one while Keith had a long dress that looks like mine. It was a combination of blue and white. After that we went on a salon and have ourselves pampered. I even have a free massage at the spa. Kathy was giggling and laughing like a little school girl when she tried to dip her feet on the foot spa.

"Hey Kathy, are the lilies and roses ready?"

"Yup, " she smiled up at me while trying to suppress her giggle.

"Okay. Next stop would be the cake."



"To Cade, " Nate raised his shot and look at me, "For he finally settled down from his player ways and was now completely whipped over Alex" Jacob laughed while I downed my own shot.

"Hey, don't drink too much dude. Your wedding is tomorrow. You wouldn't want a hangover don't you?" Andre warned me but I just snatched his own glass and downed it.

"I'm not even affected!" I laugh at them but the three of them just glared at me, "What? I'm just enjoying my last night. I'm officially tied to a girl named Alexandra Anderson tomorrow." The three of them laugh while I found myself downing my fourth shot.

"Cade, it's not like you don't want her, right?" Andre asked.

"Of course I like her Cod, no matter what. It just that I'm only worried what Ryder might do."

Andre knew all about it, the deal I had with Ryder that it had a connecti

s one of the groom's men in the invitation.

We picked our dress and gone clubbing. A drink or two and after dancing, we went back to our hotel room and had a movie night. We watch Frozen which was beautiful. I felt like singing again.

Maybe you think that I'm too old to watch, but it's beautiful!

We woke up early and after having our breakfast we headed off to the salon to have our makeover. That did us almost four hours to prepare. We proceeded at the back of the church which was just a block or two away from the hotel. We headed inside the changing room which was spacious and put my outfit on the chair. My wedding dress was a royal blue gown with strips of white at it.

It was perfect, I was so happy when I found it.

The twins help me put it on and after that they proceeded out of the room to give me some alone time. I was looking down at my gown, examining its intricate design when I felt someone whispering.

"Hello star…"

I looked up and found myself looking at those familiar blue eyes.


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