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   Chapter 25 His Past

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Chapter Twenty Four


+ Cook dinner.

+ Prepare desserts.

+ Clean the rooms.

+ Keep Gucci out.

+ Demand Caiden to do the dishes.

How about him scrubbing the floor? Hmm.., yep he's almost done.

"Alex, c'mon sweet cheeks my hand hurts." He groaned while stretching his arms in front of him. "It's hard to scrub this stuff. Why don't we hire a maid to do this?"

"No, you'll be the one to do that. Now, finish it off before your parents arrive here and laugh at you." I skipped my way through the stairs, giggling.

It's just entertaining watching the devil himself doing the dishes or scrubbing the floor. He have done the dishes earlier by force. He wasn't supposed to do that but I pretended that I've got something to do. When he has finished doing the dishes, he was too angry that I imagine steam coming out of his nose and ears.

Now, where am I?

I pulled the midnight blue cocktail dress and my black flats. I combed my hair and braid it on the side. I applied some eyeliner and added some mascara which brought out my gray eyes. I didn't put some lipstick on for I know that I will just eat it, Well, I'm just addicted to its taste. lol

I head out of the closet and found Caiden's back facing me. He was half naked and had little droplets of water falling on his back. The towel was hanging dangerously low for my liking. Oh goodness, why is he so perfect? Why does he need to be so perfect for me?

I look away and literally ran away from the scene. I went back in the closet and shut the door on my back. I was trying to calm myself down when someone opened the door and as I opened my eyes they met those familiar blue ones which startled me.

"Can't you knock?" I shouted at him while trying to scamper off his half-naked body when he pulled me.

"Can't you lock?" He retorted, smiling at me. His hold on me was so tight that I'm afraid that he might kiss me right here.

I looked down into my hands which were turning into white because of the pressure of his hands. "I, uh, I really needed to check on the dishes, " I looked up and regretted it when I saw his blue eyes darkening with lust. I scampered off and straightened my dress. He was looking up at me with those intense ocean orbs that I found myself heating up.

"I really need to go" I opened the door and before I completely ran out to the exit of this room I heard him saying, 'You'll be mine, soon enough"

That thought clung to me as I made my way through the corridors. The never-ending corridors, not to mention the stairs were like a blink of an eye to someone who is really thinking hard, which is me now. My train of thoughts was startled by a very familiar sound I've heard every time a visitor came.

*Ding dong

I opened the door and was quickly enveloped in a hug by no other than Elaine. She had a big grin on her face that I'm afraid that she might split her face up. After her, I was crush into those familiar warm ones which is my mom. I returned it back with the same amount of force.

I mean it, I really miss her!

It's been almost a year since I've seen my mom. Almost a year since I met Caiden, at the park, in Manhattan. And as the days passed, summer is already here and in three days time I will soon marry the devil itself, the one whom I hate and now I love.

Caiden never mentioned that my parents were coming. He really was my very own box of surprises. I was enjoying my mom's hugs and kisses when I was snatched off from her arms and into those strong cuddly ones.

Well, I'm pretty sure that it's my dad.

He pulled away from me and inspected my face. "Dad, I'm still the same" I gave him my innocent smile while he shrugged and sniffed. He pulled me again into another hug as his tear fall on my head."Dad, "

"I just miss you Alex. I've never seen you so happy before, " He leaned down and whispered, "I bet, I've done good on pairing you up with Cole Ford." He smiled at me and crushed me back into his arms.

After a while the six of us sat down on the dining room eating our meal. I was seated with Caiden beside me, our mothers across us and our fathers sitting on each head of the table. I prepared all of the food and I'm glad that Caiden help me with the deserts.

"Oh, this is delicious Alex. Where did you learn to cook this blueberry pie

because of that I ran back out, forgetting you once again."

"But why mom, why did you keep all this from me? Why were you so coward? You should've stood out. You should've thought about me, that I live, that somehow between the two of us, I was here. I was living for you. Shouldn't you be there for me too?" She turned again and caught me in a hug.

"I know. I feel so sorry about it but please, forget about it Cade, I'm now here. I can be your mother again please accept me back. Even though I've tried to make it up from you since the moment you return back into our house. Since then you've been cold. But it's my fault again" She bowed her head and I watch as the tears fall freely in my lap. "It's fault you forget how to love. I've pushed you so hard you became a monster. You spend all of your time in work, you don't even need to study for you were so great. Your father trusted you with the business since you're twelve." She nuzzled her head on my chest and hugged me tight."I'm so proud of you son. I really am. But this is the first time I have congratulated you for I never had the chance, so please. Can you accept me as your mom?"

I look at her angelic face. My eyes were like hers, stormy gray with the shade of blue. "Mom, of course I do. All of that is in the past. Plus, I've change. I'm not the cold monster you said I've been, because there is an angel who saved me." I smiled and stood up. I kissed her forehead as she wrapped her arms around me.

She pulled away and sighed. "So, you're a good one now, huh?" I nodded "Okay then, if you are really good, then you should go and do the dishes for I really needed to talk to your bride."

And as I watched her go out of my kitchen, I snatched a plate off the sink and started my job.

I'll do this because I am good. I smirked at my mom and snatch another plate, scratching it.



"Mate, I've already prepared the things we needed. All we have to do is wait" He smiled at me while I scrub the blood off my knife.

"Just shut up Ryder! Just think of anything besides this " I snapped at him while throwing his file at him. I am clearly annoyed that Caiden didn't listen to our warnings yet I had have enough that I won't give him again another chance.

"Why don't you just go with my plan for it really is a sure fire plan" He told me while giving me a head lock.

I pushed him off me and shook my head. " You know, you clearly are an idiot. We have done it before and you almost killed her!"

"Well, it's fun to do that but I didn't get the chance to enjoy her--" I punched his nose and heard a crack.

"Shut up!" he scrambled off my desk and out the door.

He really shouldn't mess with me right now, especially now that almost all my plans were crushed, because of that stupid Caiden.

Well, I think I'm going to have a change of plans.


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