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   Chapter 24 Her Birthday

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Chapter Twenty-Three


My hand still hurts because of the need to scratch off the dishes last night. I tried to reach out for the bedside table but my hand slipped off and I landed in the cold floor.

I picked myself up and look at his side. He was nowhere in sight. Maybe he chose to sleep on the other room. I glanced at the clock and realized that it's just 5:30 in the morning. My body wanted to go back to sleep but I really wanted to see the sun rise until it was high up in the clouds and maybe I can have a tour around. What had happen yesterday when we go biking is great and I wanted to feel the air on my face again.

I just can't get over it.

I took a warm bath and smiled as the bubbles flew around me. I emptied the tub and wrapped the towel around my petite body. I walked in my closet and picked a cute blue summer dress. I matched it up with my blue converse and snatched his baseball cap which is lying on the floor.

I slung my bag on my shoulder and sneaked out of my room, careful not to be caught by him for I'm pretty sure that he won't let me out this early. I carefully took one step after the other down the stairs. The whole house was pretty creepy for there's no sound to be heard besides the tap of my shoe in the stairs every time I took a step.

I open the door and went inside his garage. I pulled the bicycle and started to pedal my way. The birds are chirping and the wind blew cold. I reached the highest point where I can witness the sunrise. I opened my bag and brought out the blanket where I would lie down. I was enjoying myself up here when the first rays of the sun shone at my face. It was warm and felt beautiful.

Oh, I just wanted to live here forever. The scene was too perfect. The sun was making the clouds glow with red, orange and purple color. The birds continue to chirp while the wind was blowing my half-dried hair. I opened my bag and brought out my sketchpad and pencil.

With a few strokes and moves of my hand, I've drawn the whole scene in it. It was like the whole scene was photo copied in it with the exception of colors. After a few more minutes, I look down at my watch and decided to leave.

As I reach the house, I realized that Caiden's car wasn't here. Hmm, maybe he needed to go back into the city for something. Attend meetings and stuff. But why didn't he leave a note?

Oh, well.

I made my way in the kitchen and decided to make my own breakfast. Maybe I can just celebrate my birthday alone? I'm pretty sure that he doesn't know that it's my birthday. I pulled out the ingredients for the pancake, mixed it in a bowl and added the blueberry fruit which is on the table. I put it on the pan and after a few minutes, flipped it.

I pulled a plate and serve myself. There was some frosting on the cupboard and I used it to add some flavor on my blueberry pancake. Add some sprinkles and tada! I got a blueberry pancake as my birthday cake.

"Happy birthday to me" Munch "Happy Birthday to me" A single tear fell down. Oh, don't be silly Alex, he doesn't know it's your birthday. The little voice on my head says.

"Happy birthday, happy birthday, " Sniffed "Happy Birthday to me" I imagine a candle on top and blew it. I finished my pancakes and gathered the dish on the sink.

I went up the stairs and locked myself up at the spare room. The tears are flowing freely down my cheek. I pulled out my paint brush and paint. A canvas would be a good gift for me. I brushed it on the paper and dipped it in green.




The color of morning hue.

Green, brown, yellow. The tree, the cloud, the birds on the sky. Fly, fly. The clouds on the horizon, the rising sun, it's warmth. It's beauty. I sighed. I've never been enough for him. Maybe he went to Tiffany, but he swear that he won't. Maybe he never knew it's my birthday today, would he care?

I was about to apply blue on the sky but I was interrupted by a sudden scratch on the door. Scratch. Scratch. I decided to ignore it but the sound was becoming impatient. I tried to ignore it again but it was persistent. I picked up a rolled up canvas paper and prepared myself to hurt it if it was dangerous. I wonder what was it? I opened it up and in came, Gucci.


'Arfff' Was his only answer. Well, what do you expect would be the answer of a dog? I picked him up and he nuzzled his nose on my arms.

"You really are a charming dog but I wonder how did you came up here? As I remember you are back in Malibu, right?"

'Weerp' he showed his teeth. Is he trying to smile or is it his smile?

He wiggled on my arms and I l

d that shut me up almost instanly. "Listen to me. I knew your birthday from the very start and I didn't have the chance to gave you a present when you had your seventeenth birthday because I used to hate you. I didn't know you, I just don't think that I'll be giving a gift to a girl I don't know." He looked at me and brought out a handkerchief.

He started to wipe my face which was still covered with frosting. "That star was crazy. Jake was the one who had bought the three of them. They first used it at me on my eighteenth birthday and the other one, we used it at Nate. It was crazy right?" I gave him a force grin and sighed.

"C'mon, Cheer up birthday girl. I still have a surprise for you. It's waiting up there, I mean; we will be the one to wait for that, maybe in three, two, one-"

He forced my chin up and there the fireworks erupted from above. The stars were twinkling in the dark night as a background and the lake was glowing because of the reflection of it. In the end, there was a firework in the form of a star shape erupting and as it falls it changes to blue, then red then pink to yellow.

I was startled when he pecked my lips. "Happy Birthday, Sweet cheeks. I'm sorry if I'm not there when you woke up because if I did it will just spoil the whole surprise, right?" I nodded and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you. I didn't know you were this romantic." He chuckled.

As I played with the hem of his shirt, I saw his hand reaching in his pocket. He pulled it out to reveal a heart shape locket. He took it out the box and fastened it on my neck.

"Cade, this is beautiful."

"Another thing. You won't wear that necklace, " he pointed at the necklace he had given me which was now connected to the one Dwayne left me. "Here put the pendant on the bracelet. It will just remind you your past but I want you to always look at you future which is now holding you on your neck" He smiled while helping me to put the star and moon in the silver bracelet.

The two of them shone. It was beautiful but the heart locket was gorgeous. My hand crept its way unto that and clutch it tightly.

I was startled when he held my hand together with his."I gave you my heart Alex so please…take care of it. Always remember that I'll be always there for you. Forgive me if I did have a bad side but all of us have don't we?" I nodded "Remember, Alex, " He took a deep breath and said, "I'll be always here for you" he connected his head with mine and kiss my forehead.

"It's really beautiful Cade, thank you." I smiled at him while my hand play with the locket.

"No problem" He gave me his dazzling smile.

"Cade, aren't we going back now? It's late and you have mentioned that we will have dinner with your parents tomorrow back at your parents house."

"Oh, right" He started to paddle while I point on the constellations.

I didn't notice when we arrived because I was way deep down in my dream world. I felt him carrying me and laying me down, but before I completely dose off I heard him saying, "Ti amo, per sempre e sempre"

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