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   Chapter 23 Her precious moments

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Chapter Twenty-Two


I ran into the kitchen and pulled out the ingredients I needed. I cracked the egg, put it in the mixing bowl and add some spices. I poured it in the pan and grabbed the bacon.The bacon was now coated with egg and all I need to do is grate some cheese and cook the pancake. I finished the omelet by adding the grated cheese unto it.

Tada, I've got a beach omelet. It's called like that for it's a combination of bacon and cheese with the egg as it's coat.

I put it in a plate and grabbed the pancakes. I poured some maple syrup and scoop a butter to put on top. I was about to bring it in the table when I notice his presence.

"Alex, " He said in a hushed tone "I'm sorry for what I did yesterday. I hope you have already forgiven me." I looked at him as he bit his lip.

"No, I should be the one to say that" I look at the pancake in my hand and smiled "C'mon we'll have this whole day, I mean the whole week for ourselves so let's get going" I smiled at him and sat on the table.

He pulled a chair beside me and pulled my plate of pancakes. "I guess I'm going to have this one all for myself" He smirk and took a bite at it.


"Alex! What did you do to my wallpaper?" He shoves his phone at my face after ending the call from his mother.

I looked up from the cake I've been doing and gave him an innocent face which made him melt. "I didn't do that" I tried to defend. He leaned down and gave me an evil smirk. "Oh really? Well, I didn't mean this too" He wipe an icing on my face.

And that made the whole cake work its way on our face.

"Cade" I groaned "Why did you started it?"

He look at me and wipe his finger on my face. He put it in his mouth and answered, "No reason, I've got no reason and by the way, did you know that the food on your face was much more delicious than that on the plate?" He brought his face closer and licked my face.

"Eeeeeww! You're such a perv, Cade!" He rolled on the floor and laugh. I look at my reflection in the kitchen stool and laugh but he was much worse than what I look like. He has too much icing on his face that it's like he was a wild Santa Claus!

I was making my way to our room when a hand slipped on my waist "Cade, what d'ya need?" I turned to look at him but then he was already waiting for me to do that so he could kiss me.

"Cade!" I shouted as he lock himself in, laughing. "Cade, please. Open it!" A hand suddenly snatch me in to our room. He smiled as he lick my face once again, leaning in.

"Ugh, you're so gross" I headed in the bathroom and entered the shower. After an hour of having a bubble bath I opened the door to check out on him."Cade?" Okay I think he's gone now. I change into a tank top and jeans. I pulled my paint brush and started to paint at the balcony.

The weather was warm and it seems that soon, I'll be celebrating my eighteenth birthday. I wonder if he knew that my birthday is the day after tomorrow. Maybe he don't, but he can ask my mother and I'm pretty sure that in a blink of an eye my mom won't hesitate to spill the beans.

I sigh. It's been three days now since we have fixed all the differences between us. We decided to have a vacation here in Italy so he could fix the business with the Carson's'. I'm pretty sure that Caiden was now busy talking about business in his office. It's true that he spend time with me and he have done a pretty good job but he also need to manage the business. He can't just leave it unattended especially now that he got a new business deal from Mr. Carson.

I dipped my brush in blue and mixed it with white. I dubbed it on my canvass and look at it. It's a painting of me and him eating ice cream by the pool, I was almost finish at it when a hand snaked its way on my waist.

"Cade, You scare the sh*t out of me! " I exclaimed while watching him laugh.

"You're f-face, it's p-priceless, hahaha!" And that made the two of us laugh hysterically.

I was the first to recover. I tried to yank him off the floor but to no avail he won't barge resulting to me falling at him. "You know that you can't do that right, so why'd you try? You just made me want to laugh again" He chuckled while I tried to make a straight face.

After a while, I looked at him and ask, "Why did you scare me like that Cade?" He look down while rubbing his thumb on my fingers.

"I'm sorry Alex, it's just, " he sighed "I just want to laugh with you. Did you know how hard it is for me to sit on that chair for eight hours just reading those reports, answering the calls and trying to fixed all those things so everything will go smoothly?" I tightened my finger on his. He looked up at me with those confuse eyes.

"Sorry, I didn't know. Do you want to go have a tour, we can go biking." I asked trying to make it up to him. He looked at me and pinch my cheeks." Hmm, that would be great." He pulled me up and planted a kiss on my forehead. "Come on, I've been wanting to tour you around and now would be a perfect time."

The two of us made our way down the stairs and I stared at him. Now, he looks like a normal teenage boy who wanted to escape school just so he could spend some time with his girlfriend. He looks so happy that I can't help myself with those butterflies fluttering furiously in my stomach.

He pulled me through the door and to his garage. He pulled out two bicycles a black and a blue. "I'm sorry, it's dusty for I never had the chance to visit this house. I've been pretty busy lately. I'm glad that you are there to give me the chance to be a normal person. I don't know what am I going to do without you" He handed me a helmet and togethe

ll. It's like half nature and half books.

"Nice office."

"See, that's why I wanted you here. I want you to paint me." He put down my things and headed in his table. He folded his arms in front of him and looked at me, waiting for my answer.

"Me, paint you?" I asked him. Is this one of his jokes? Oh, how I wanted it to be real. You know me just painting him. (sigh)

"Yeah. Just feel free to do it sweet cheeks, I really need to call Jake right now"


"Yeah, he's my right hand together with Nate" My mouth form an O as I arrange my things in the coffee table. I pulled the chair beside his office table and sat.

"Okay" I dipped my paint brush in green and lifted it on my canvas.

I was looking at him talking on the phone while doing my painting. I got brown and mixed it with red. I applied it in the canvas and dipped the brush on the water. I've got peach and a little bit of ocher to match his slightly tan skin.

I look up to see him still talking on the phone; Blue for his shirt and his eyes. Gray, white, green the colors go on for the background. I was so absorbed in my painting that I didn't notice his presence.

"Oh, Cade!" I jump out on my sit and almost knocked all my things if he didn't catch me."Why do you always pop out?! Did you know how much it scares me?"

"Sorry" He kissed my cheek and looked at my eyes. "I didn't mean to but you did a great job there" He pointed his fingers on my canvas and in the first time since I paint, I was amazed of its outcome.

"Cade did I, did I-" I stuttered but he just put his fingers on my lips. "Shh, I know you did great. It looks like I'm not the one in the painting, did any man in the world caught your heart again and you choose to paint him?" He answered in a jealous tone but I just giggled.

"Cade, there's no other man besides you. Don't be silly" I grinned and stood up on my tippy toes. I was about to kiss him on his cheeks when he turned and my lips landed right on his.

We pulled away after a few seconds. He looked at me and I look back, I thought it would be awkward to do so but it's not. Our trance was broken when a ring startled the both of us.

"I'll just prepare our dinner" I scampered off his office and made my way to the kitchen.

'Stupid Alex, stupid Alex! Why do I always need to end every beautiful moment with him?' I asked myself why descending down the stairs.

I put the frozen bake mac in the microwave and turned it on. I sat on the table and looked at the microwave.

I hate how messed up my life is. I hate it because no matter what I do, I love him and I'm not even sure if he really did love me.

The things happened from our stay here are great memories that I would treasure forever, that's why I'm looking forward to what future had prepared for us. No matter how hard our start is, as long as it gets better, I would gladly repeat it no matter what happen.

I remove the bake mac in the oven and put cheese on top. I put it on a plate and sat. I was about to bite on my own bake mac when a hand caught it and was shove away from mine and to his mouth.

"Cade! That's mine" He gave me a toothy grin and that made me laugh.

"What are you laughing at?" He asked after shoving another spoonful of bake mac on his mouth.

"You just look so funny!"

As I tried to clutch my stomach from laughing so hard, he shove a spoonful of it on my mouth. Well, that's enough to shut me off. I manage to swallow it down on my stomach while not laughing at his face.

We finish our meal. I tried to force him to clean the dishes or just sweep the floor but he wouldn't. He even ran up the stairs without me noticing him.

In the end, I was left in the kitchen doing the dishes.

Damn you cold foot!

---? A.G_2018

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