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   Chapter 22 Her Wild Guess

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Chapter Twenty- One


It turns out that Elena was the one who bump into me. I brought Elaine with me at the cafè which is three blocks away from the apartment. I ordered a blueberry cheesecake and their special vanilla milkshake.I told Elaine to order the same and so she did. We were waiting for our order when she asked "Are you alright?"

"I'm perfectly fine." I scratch the back of my head and sigh.

"Don't trick me dear, " She felt my head and shook his head. "Your generation doesn't really pay much attention to your health, am I right?" She removes her coat and gave it to me.

"Well, it's uh, it's-"

"This is all about Caiden, right?" I nodded "Can you please tell me what happened? How did you both end up in this mess? I thought the both of you are alright. Please, answer me, don't try to avoig me." she insisted when I didn't look at her

And so I did. I told her all about it. The same conversation we had. The way I told Caiden how I feel tired of him because he doesn't really show me who he is. I keep on pestering me but he wouldn't even tell me his secrets. I was always the one who has been hurt in this relationship

Is this even a relationship?

I don't know when did she transfer beside me but I was suddenly crying on her arms, sobbing like a little girl. She told me to stay strong and I told her that I am. I've always been. She also told me about how Caiden's father and him were too much alike.

"They were both stubborn. They won't even accept it that they are alike"

She told me that Carl, Caiden's father was like Caiden, when Elaine and him are not yet married. They fight a lot and like me, Elaine was also confused on what their relationship would be.

"Eventually, you will find yourself spending the rest of your life with that heartless monster you are talking about" She laughed and continued. "You are just like me; Stubborn and always fighting with him but I change him. I change Carl." She smiled and stared blankly in the thin air.

I don't want to break the moment but I know that this discussion won't be finish if she's like that.

"Elaine?" She shook her head and turned at me "I'm-" I thought for a word to say it "It's useless, he won't-" I sighed and continued, "Maybe you are just lucky with Carl. It's not the same for us. He's still a jerk and I'm still the loser."

She hugged me closer and whispered, "You're not. You're brave. You didn't back off and you shouldn't. No matter what happen"

I looked up to see her blue eyes staring at me. Like Caiden he had that deep blue eyes like the sea. Caiden…

"Elaine?" She looked at me and said, "Yes dear"

"I think I'm going to tell him what I feel." I squeaked in a small voice

"Really?" I nodded "Okay then, I'll tell you what to do, First-"

"What to do?"

"Yup" She ruffeled my hair and continued, "First, you should tell him all of it"

"All of what?"

"What you feel"


"All." She smiled at me and continued, " It won't be hard if you tell him the truth."

"But I'm afraid"

"C'mon where is that fierce girl I saw at our dinner. You can do it"

"But what if he won't believe in me?" she stared at me in disbelief and with that she laugh

"Why are you laughing Elaine?" I snapped at her jokingly.

"Well, you're just too cute when you are irritated"

"Am I?" She nodded at me and hugged me. "You're too huggable and cute, like my Caiden when he's still three. I miss the old days. You better hurry and patch things up with him. I couldn't wait to meet my grandchildren" I just sat there and stared at her. Not believing my ears. Di dhse just brought that up? She was just like mom. "But, I am only seventeen. And Caiden's nineteen."

"Oh, well. Okay. So step number two" She cleared her throat and sat straight "You two should be honest with each other and-"

"But he's the one who keeps on keeping things!" I stated, matter of factly.

She sighed and ran her hand through my hair, "You know, you're like my Caiden when he was still five years old." I sighed again. Why does she keep on comparing me to Him? "You keep on interrupting me" She laughed and my irritation flew with that.

"So, back to what I'm saying. You two should be honest and please, stop snapping like you wanted to kill each other."

"We're not!"

"Ha, I will just believe it when I see it." She smirked at me and bit unto her blueberry cheesecake "Aww, why is this so tasty. I swear to the River Styx that this will be my most favorite cheesecake in the whole world!"

"River Styx? You read Percy Jackson series?" She look at me in disbelief "Of course I did, it's fantastic and I love reading Rick Riordan books."

"Cool" I smiled at her and bit into my cheesecake "Well, what will be my next step?"

"Uhmm, " She thought for a moment and after that she

not the only one who can't remember. Half of my life was stolen from me too, you know?" He said, his voice now different.

"I also have a share of what you are going through Alex." I look at him and notice the look of pain and sadness in his eyes.

"I got into an accident seven years ago" did he just say, seven years ago?

"I can't remember anything. A whole part of my childhood was stolen from me. I was so hopeless for I don't know anything. How to speak, how to eat..." He looked at me and sighed "I don't even know who I am or what my name is."

He chuckled "Silly brain. I don't even know how old I really am, who my parents are. I don't know anything! I was so lost I just let the tides carry me" He let out a sarcastic laugh as he stared at me.

"So you really don't know anything?" He shook his head and huffed."What if you are Dwayne? What if you and him are the same?" I stood up and made my way to him. "You know, there can be a possibility that you and him" I crouched down his level and look at him.

"Still hoping, huh? Can you please tell me all about him because maybe, just maybe" He looked at me and sigh "I'm him"

"Okay" I cleared my throat and tell him all of it. I told him how Dwayne and I met at the park. That he was my best friend. That I love ice creams and he love chocolates; That we both wanted to look at the stars and wish together. I also told him that he is the best swimmer but I left all the info's about that plane crash.

"So why do you keep on telling me that I'm him? Did he ditch you?" He asked, his blue eyes smoldering with curiosity.

"No, his father told him that when he is already ten, he's going to return and manage their business" His eyebrows furrowed as he asked again, "But what happen?"

"He was on a plane on the way here and then it crashed. His body is not found so I assume that he's still alive"

The seconds ticked. His arms sneaked in my knees as he carry me. He plopped me down on our bed and plant a kiss on my forehead. "So what is the next?"


"What my mom told you next" he clarified

"Oh, well she said you should, I mean we should forget our past. Like you forget Tiffany, and I, will forget Dwayne"

"Can you forget him?" I look at his eyes and said, "Yes I could, if you will be there for me" I smiled and he drew me back into his arms.

"Your mother said that we shouldn't be affected by our past for what matters is now and our future." I sat up and stared at him as he played with the strands of my hair "Your mother told me that we cannot undo the past because it's fix and there's nothing we can do about it. But our future, it's not yet fixed. There's so many things that can affect our future. Our past is just a part but what we will do now is what is important."

"But could you do the honor to be with me, that you will stop to think about him" I cup his face and smiled, "I could! As long as you will forget about that Tiffany b*tch" I covered my mouth but it's too late for he is now laughing his head off.

"Y'know I would be honored to do that mi'lady"

"Oh really?" I asked him as he sat up. He pecked my lips before running off to the bathroom.


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