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   Chapter 21 Her Plea

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Chapter Twenty


I arrived at three in the morning. I pass the key to the valet and made my way to the elevator. I can feel my eyes slowly shutting and I am glad when I arrived at my floor. I opened the door and was surprised because there's a wet shoe beside it.


Why is it that there's no light here? That girl, she's always irresponsible. She even left the dishes and her shoes at the living room. I made my way to my room and almost slipped "God, Alex! What have you done here? The floor is wet and my whole house was dirty!" I headed towards our room and found it clean. Well, at least not our room.

I headed down to the spare room and found her sleeping on the couch. Piles of brushes were scattered, canvases destroyed and different color of paints splattered the floor.

I was so angry and worried at the sight of it. First is that, it's very unlikely for her to act this way. Her canvases are treasure for her. She doesn't even want to show me what it was and another things is that the floor has paint at it. It will take me an hour or two to scrub it.

Oh, this stupid girl.

The dishes are piled in the sink. Dust is gathered in every corner. There's a puddle of water which was like a step from the door to our room. Her paintings scattered.

I will need to clean that up befo-

Never mind.

I headed in my room and took a long hot shower. Three weeks is too short for me to think of my decision. Not to mention I've got a lot to work on and the projects that are needed to be finished. The new restaurant branch here in Connecticut should be check this morning. A groaned escapes my lips as I remembered the trash out of my room.

I will make her clean that up. With that thought, I decided to catch some sleep before sunrise.


"Caiden!" am I dreaming?

"Caiden!" Someone shook me but my eyes won't open.

"CAIDEN!" Oh oh. I looked up and there standing at the foot of my bed was no other than, my mom.

"Mom, " I groaned "What are you doing here this early?"

"Well mister, as you could see there's a lot of trash out there and your whole house is dirty! As I remember I taught you how to clean right?" I know that she's glaring at me right now. I snuggled in my pillows and grunted in response."Fine, if you don't get your as* out of bed in 10 seconds, I will tell Alex all your deepest secret"

"Okay, One." I put the pillows around my head and sigh."Two"

"Three" My eyes fluttered and I look around to see my mom grinning like a Cheshire cat."Four"

"You won't right?" I looked at her with my puppy dog eyes but she shook her head and grinned widely. "Please mom, I'm tire-"


"Mom, please. Pretty please?"


"Mom the housekeepers will be the one to cle-"

"No, there's no excuses mister. Seven"


"Please mom, please just a minute" She shook her head and continue


"Okay, okay-"

"You haven't stood up here beside me. And oh, don't forget to wear a shirt and pants. Nine and a half"

I pulled my shirt and arranged my blanket " Nine and a quarter"

"Finish" I said out of breath. I'm dress with a white shirt and sweatpants. I glance at the clock and saw that it was only six in the morning. Shizz, I should have

y teeth and glared him. I can feel my tears falling freely at the side of my face. I didn't bother to wipe it.

Oh Alex, stop crying. You know that he's not worth it. The little voice in my mind said.

"Look, I didn't, I'm not with her."

"Don't make excuses."I wipe my tears with my sleeve "Just, just save it, I'm not going to hear any lies from you anymore."

I tried to run off but he just gripped my wrist and hugged me "Listen to me Alex, please" I struggled but soon my body collapsed on him. I'm too weak to fight him! I stared at him for a long time until he spoke up.

"I went on a business trip, we have to prepare everything for the launch of our new restaurant. I have to make sure that there will be no problem. Please, listen " He looked down at me but I am busy glaring at him that I don't care about his explanation He sighed, "If I could, I would go now and check on the new branch here in Connecticut but my heart stays with you, and my mind can't help it but obliged."

He stared at me trying to figure out what am I thinking. After a while, I heard him sighed in frustration. He shook my form and huffed as I just sat there staring into nothing.

I got tired of him looking at me and so I gave him a piece of my mind, "Really?" I said with a mocking voice.

" Alex, I am trying hard, can't you see? I'm trying to protecting you!" Protect me? Funny.

"You are not. You just keep on hurting me!" I snapped

"No, I'm not. I didn't mean to" Aww, c'mon why pretend? Just say it asshole, you do not.

"Stop it, I don't care!"

"No. You should care" He snapped back. I glared at him and said, " I don't want to"

"Listen to me! Just for now, I don't know how to tell you this but I really- I lo—" I push him off and said "Stop it, Cade. Stop it" I rushed off to the door and ran.

I ran off the door thinking about all of it. Why does he care all of the sudden? Did he regret all the things he did to me? Does he finally see where I am coming from? Why can't he tell me wjhat he really feels so he won't confuse me anymore?

The wind blew and I shivered. I ran out the hotel and bump into someone.


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