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   Chapter 20 Her Painful Sorrow

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Chapter Nineteen


"Gosh! I'm pretty sure Caiden will keep you tonight" Kathy giggled as she passed me another lingerie which I disposed back into its rack.

"There's no use for me to wear this Kathy, you know that. He would never take a second glance at my body"

"Geez, you're not that crazy are you. He's been always protective at you and the way he warned Chris. I know that he really want you. You just don't acknowledge him that is why." I snorted at her comment and went into the other store.

"Hey, how about the surprise you are telling me. Where is it, Kathy?" My attention was now focus at her and not in those stupid lingerie.

"Well, I'm sorry but I think uh-Maybe this summer. I'll give you the surprise this summer." She grinned sheepishly at me.

"But why?" I gave her my cutest pout trying to make her sway.

"Oh, just drop it." I drop the bag and she sighed "Not that of course. The conversation I should say"

"Okay" I continue to pout, dragging the bags behind. It took us the whole day to buy all the clothes I need to wear so Caiden will fall for me. I snorted. Like it will ever happen.

It was past four when I arrive. I am now staying at the penthouse so as to make our relationship real. Me and Caiden are still playing hide and seek with each other. We smile at each other when we meet, acknowledge each other when we see each other. We say goodnight to each other before going to bed, but other than that, nothing. I've tried to tempt him for a couple of times but he chose to ignor it and act like it never happen. Sometimes, the rejection hurts but most of the time, I am thankful. This only proves that he is not a jerk and obviously not a pervert. Though, even if it was awkward like that, we are comfortable and peaceful. All we need is to feel each other's presence.

I open the door and put all the shopping bags at the kitchen. After that, I headed to our room and to my side of the closet, stuffing all my new clothes there. I pick up a white summer dress, freshen up and braided my hair. I cook some dinner and knocked on his office, expecting that he is here. "Caiden?"

"C'mon in" I slowly open the door and marveled for a while at his serious face focusing on the documents.

"Here, I've brought you some dinner" I put it down and headed for the door.

I was about to go out when I heard him mumble, "Wait"

I looked at him and saw his eyes scanning my body. I glared at him but he was so confident of himself and gave me a smirk.

"Yes?" I asked, not enjoying his now lustful eyes and preparing myself to hear his insults.

"You know you can't seduce me with that. I'll feel like a prick raping a nun." He smiled before he stood. He tucked a stray hair on my ear and I couldn't help but stop my breath. I can feel my cheeks heating up as he lean down and kiss my…


I wanted to roll my eyes right then and there but I am so giddy. Why do I feel like whooping?

His lips lingered on my forehead for a while and left a hot sensation all over my body as he straightens up. He gave me a smile before he led me out of the door and push me outside. I stayed there, my back resting on the door.

I don't understand what had just happened. Does this mean that he accepts me? That he has feeling for me? I wanted to ask him all this but before I even open the door he already open it. He gave me a smile before he pushed the tray towards me. "I enjoyed it, thank you." He smiled once again before kissing my cheek. He closed t

I just took the risk. So here I am, waiting again.

The wedding was approaching and I don't know how to approach him.

I ran away and found myself in the park. All alone. Always alone. I made my way on the swings and pushed myself. The rain kept on pouring down. God! Why is it raining in mid-winter?

My lips quivered as the rain fall down harder. I stopped swinging myself and ran to the nearby tree.

The park was empty and it was dark, too dark for me to see anything. My heart hurts for thinking so much about him. Why do I feel this way?

I pinched myself. Trying to wake from this dream but no, I'm still here drenched in the rain with no shoulder to cry on.

I slapped my cheek and stomped my feet. I hate it. It was raining hard I can barely see the cars passing by. As the lightning and thunder crash, I scream my heart out.

"Arrghh! Why does it all have to happen to me? What have I done to deserve all of this?" The thunder roared with my heart. I was so angry that I've kicked the tree I am leaning in furiously.

I punched it and kicked it, telling myself that it was Caiden. My arms were sore and I can feel my fingers burning. My vision blurred because I'm drench with sweat, tears and raindrops.

"Why?" A shiver ran down my spine as the rain continues to pour down harder.

As the alcohol burn in my blood, I made my way back to the penthouse and go inside the elevator, leaning in for my head was spinning. My shirt was soaking wet, my eyes were red from crying, my body was shivering from the cold and my heart, still aching.

I made my way in, dragging my body in the process. I can't register anything. All I want is to sleep

"Sleep. All I need is sleep." I sniffed "I'm going to sleep" I plopped on the bed, not caring about it getting wet. "Den-den, he'll return, right?" The teddy bear just look at me with his plastic eyes "You won't leave me, right?" I sniffed and wipe the side of my cheek.

I miss him even if he's not with me. I love him, even if I don't think that he don't feel the same. I wish he will go back soon, so I could ask him. How he really feels about me for I do not want to be confuse.

My body shook harder, my limbs are numb and I can't move them. My body can't decide on which temperature would it take and as I scream in pain the darkness took me.

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