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   Chapter 19 His Predicament

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Chapter Eighteen


I struggled through my zip and let out a frustrated growl. "Urrggh! Caiden, Can you please help me?" I ask as I tried to reach out and zip the remaining two inches.

"What?" He opened the door abruptly and that made me squeak in surprise.

"God! Don't you know how to knock?"

"Well, you're the one who needed help. So, what am I going to do?" I look down and tried to hide my blush. "Uhmm, I can't" I cleared my throat and continued "I can't zip it" I turned my back to him and heard him intake a deep breath and let it out loudly.

An awkward silence lingered around us. The brush of his fingers on my back sent shivers down on my spine. Oh well, he's my fiancé after all, the one I love but I still can't believe it. I still can't believe that I fall in love into this jerk, cold-hearted asshole. I couldn't remember much about the past five months and that frustrates me more than ever. My thoughts were interrupted when he suddenly lifted my chin with his finger and brushed his lips on me.

"C'mon sweet cheeks, time to meet my parents


We drove in silence for the two of us doesn't want to talk. My mind darted off to what happen a while ago, the way he reacted, as he held me in his arms for a matter of seconds. I can still feel those tingles in my body and I couldn't seem to forget it.

We arrive at the restaurant and I saw a middle-aged woman making her way to us. She caught Caiden in her arms and I can't help but giggle at the look in his surprised face.

"Mom, enough." Her mom nodded and turned unto me and then to his son "Oh, is she the girl?"

Caiden smiled genuinely at her mother and replied, "Yes mom, she is the girl I'll be marrying." The woman caught me in her arms and I tried my best to stop whimpering.

"Oh dear, she's beautiful and she looks fam-"

"C'mon mom, let's head off to our table you know that dad is not that patient to wait" He smiled cheekily and hold my hand. The familiar warmth and tingles enveloped us and I can't help but giggle.

"Something funny, sweet cheeks?" He asked while smirking down at me.


Mrs. Cole Ford introduce herself and told me to just call her Elaine for she felt like it's a little bit formal to call her Mrs. Cole Ford. Her husband, Mr. Carl Cole Ford, look a lot like Caiden except for the blonde hair and green eyes. He told me to call him Sir Carl. He look strict dad and I know where Caiden got all of his trait.

The dinner goes on; me talking with his mom about the arts and different techniques in painting while Caiden and his father talk about their business. Well, it's a boring one and Elaine would really want to just yank me off here and bring me to her studio. She also told me that she also graduated here in Connecticut, in the same school I was at.

"Oh, did you know that Mr. Scott is my best friend in college? He's like a gay sometimes and I keep on pestering him with that" She laughed at those memories.

"Well, Caiden told me that he was my teacher but the problem is that my memory has some parts that I couldn't remember because of what happen to me" I assured her that I will work on it so all of my memories will come back but she told me to better not hurry.

She was about to tell me about Caiden's childhood when Caiden interrupted us saying that we should go now because tomorrow we'll have class. I look at Elaine and gave her a hug.

"Don't worry dear, we'll see each other next time and I promise you that I'll tell you all of it" She whispered at me and kissed my forehead.

"Son, remember what we have talked about." Caiden look at his dad and scowled. I've never seen him this angry before but I decided to just ask him later.

"Bye Elaine, and, uh Sir Carl" Mr. Cole Ford suddenly smiled at me and pulled me s

l not know that you want me.

I opened my eyes and turn to my side. I wanted to ask why did she accuse me again of being Dwayne and if her confessions are true when I saw her angelic face snoring slightly.

"Oh Alex, what am I gonna do to you?" No response of course.

"If you only knew that you're not the only one who has a huge dent on their memory. I don't even know if I am Dwayne you are talking about? The accident, it's the one who destroyed me, the one who change me." I was surprise as a tear fell from my eye.

"My childhood is a mess. I can't talk to someone for I don't know how to. I only caught glimpse of what happen in my past." I look at her face and sighed "If only, if only you will allow me to start a new memory with you."

I remembered the way she apologizes about eavesdropping on my conversation with Ryder. Ryder, with his plan and his stupid gang. I need to destroy him, all of them. And the deal, Dad made me promise, the responsibility is mine but I was beginning to love her. I'm afraid I'll hurt her in the end. I need to chose, her or the sake of both of our company. I need to fix this.

I look at her once again and propped myself on an elbow "You know, there's too much things on my mind right now and I probably go insane if you are not here to keep me at bay." I look at her face and continued, "You are like a document, an important proposal I can't get my mind off. I don't know why I am saying all this but I felt the need to" I was about to kiss her lips and savor it for a while but I pulled away from her and back to my position.

I bit my lip and tugged on my hair "Why do you have to be so difficult?" I look at her and got no response. "I've been in business since I am fourteen, excel the expectations of my father, top of the class, best at everything. I've been outstanding in every field but look at me now, I'm like a normal teenager, confuse of what he feels"

"No let me rephrase it, I'm the boy who is going crazy of what he feels" I look at her once more and thought of my decision. I moved myself up and stared down at her. "I'm doing this for you Alex, I can't risk you to be with a man like me. " I look at her face trying to memorize it as I lower myself down.

I guess this will be enough to keep me living until I figure out what I would do. These three months is long but for me it's like a blink of an eye. One decision can fix or ruin it all and there's no turning back at it.

With that thought I leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss.

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