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   Chapter 18 Her Forgetting

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Chapter Seventeen


I woke up with the sound of my phone ringing. I groaned and check on it. "Aye dude, your father wants to talk to you later, they wanna catch up on you for brunch. Your mother called me to inform you"

"Okay Nate, I'll just take a bath and-"

"Okay, okay. I understand that you are still in the hospital. Did she, uh woke up already?"

"Well, she hasn't. She's still asleep as before"

"Oh, sorry." He apologize before going silent

"its okay dude, see you later" I hang up on him. My head hurts a little from the drink I had last night, not to mention the fight I have with Anderson.

I glanced at her sleeping form and kiss each of her fingers " Hey there Sweet cheeks. Good morning I, I love you." I was shocked at my own words. I nuzzled my head on her hand and held it close. "I'm sorry if I tried to get away from you. I thought I am going to change what I feel but I know that I can't. I'm sorry, really truly sorry. I promise that I'll make it up to you as soon as you wake up. So please, open your eyes now. Wake up please. Wake up, dolcezza. I love you." I look at her and sighed as I got no response.

"Okay then, " I swallowed and stood up before I continued "I'll just head out for I needed to meet up with my parents. I will tell them about my decision. I won't refuse you anymore." I lean down to kiss her cheek and put the teddy bear beside her.

I was making my way through the door but a voice startled me. "…And I won't refuse you too" I turned around to see her awake.

My mouth was opened agape as I look at her trying to sit up. I wanted to say something but my mind was blank. I heard a hiss and look at her pained face. Suddenly, I was making my way to her, my hand on hers, gripping it tightly.

" You- I-?" My eyes widened at her as she tried to remove those tubes.

"I'm fine Dwayne, stop blabbering please." she look at me and gave me a lopsided smile.

"D-did you just call me-" A ring interrupted in my pocket and I struggled through it "Hello?"

"Caiden! I am waiting for you here for the last thirty minutes and you haven't come. Why are you not answering your phone?! Your mom is upset at your behavior and I won't tolerate any excuses you'll give!" Dad hung up on me and I felt myself trembling from anger.

I remembered our conversation before I go here in the hospital. It was about the deal with the Anderson Enterprise. My father wanted to make sure that the deal was still there, that we are still going to be married for the sake of both companies.

Dad wanted to do it for our sake because he knows that the Andersons' have many connections and have a lot of partners to begin with. The company was going bankrupt because of lack of funds but the potential is very high. And that is what we are chasing for. I look at her and pulled out the box in my pocket. I opened it and brought out the ring.

"Put this on" She looked at me with 'are you crazy' look

"But why?'

"Just put it on. I don't need to explain to you now. Just put it, okay?" I fumbled with her fingers and put the ring at it. "I'm going out"



I drove down the city and to the restaurant where I'm going to meet my parents.

"Caiden, son!" my mom caught me in her arms and kissed my cheek "It's been too long, and look at you. You grow taller and handsomer" she grinned at me and I saw the familiar glimmer on her eyes every time she'll see me. Her affection making my heart hurt but I couldn't help but wonder why she is looking at me also with such sadness. Shouldn't she be happy because I am already here?


s I felt myself slipping out of consciousness.


"Uhmmp, hmmp"

"Stop, Stop!"

"Someone help!" I trash on my bed unable to move

"Help, please help!" Someone grab me and pulled me.

"Alex! Alex, wake up it's only a dream." Dwayne hugged me closer to him as I cried.

"H-he slap m-me and-and kicked me. My ribs cracked. I-It hurts h-here" I pointed at my side and hugged him as I tried to stop crying.

"What am I going to do with you?" He mumbled in my hair as he rocked us back and forth, putting me back to sleep.


The weeks passed by; me finishing some of my painting and Dwayne talking about his business. I found out that I am currently going to college, graduated high school and was engaged to Dwayne, I mean Caiden. I couldn't remember my past memories beside of what had happened. It still gives me nightmares at night that I couldn't help but wish to forget it.

He told me countless time that he's Caiden, but I want Dwayne. The doctor told me that eventually my memories will return but it will only depend on my brain. Hmmp, stupid brain!

I was about to finish my painting when Caiden told me that it's time to go. I hugged Den-den, the teddy bear, and put him in the comfort of my blanket. I called him Den-Den for he was from my Dwayne or Caiden. I only used it in my mind so, shh! I pick up my things and followed him towards the car.

"Mom told me that we are going to met up with them" He said after I got inside the car.

"Okay" I settled on the passenger seat and watch as he drove.

"We need to go to my penthouse and have you dress" he's still looking at the road so I coldn't see his emotion.

"Okay" I look on my side and couldn't help but be happy as look at the scenery. It was beautiful and all I want to do is to paint it.

"And you need to do all that for half an hour" He said but I was not paying any attention.

Oh, why not take a picture of it.

"Okay" I fish my phone out of my jacket and took a picture.

"My dad is there also so you need to behave well."

"Okay" I continue nodding, my attention focused on my phone.

"Would you stop answering 'Okay'. I'm like an idiot here!"

I look at him and grinned "Don't worry, no one have seen the great Caiden be an idiot in front of a girl"

He looked at me ridiculously and muttered "You're impossible"

I giggled and opened my door "Hmm, that I am"

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