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   Chapter 17 His Guilt

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Chapter Sixteen


"Bye Dave, see you tomorrow"

"Mate, just ring me if you need something, okay?" Dave grinned at me as I headed to my car.

"I'll put that on mind" The both of us laughed as he headed in the store beside ours.

"'You sure won't ride with me?" I ask, turning back at the old man who is already making his way up the stairs.

"No Andre, my son will fetch me here."

"Okay then. Just stay safe, okay?" he wave his hands and I wave at him before staring the engine.

What a day. The restaurant I was working at was doing great. It's not necessary for me to work actually but I'm bored staring at my walls.I turned on the radio and listen to it. My head was bobbing with the beat when I saw a silhouette of a body on the side of the road.

I slowed down and stepped out. Taking cautious steps unto it, just to make sure that there's no danger, I squinted my eyes and crouched down. Hmm, it's a girl and she's bleeding. I rolled the girl and gasped.

It's her, it's LEX!

"Lex! Lex, open your eyes couz! I'm here c'mon hold on please, hold on!"

I carried her to my car and swore. She got a lot of bruises, a concussion and a long cut on her side. "what happen to you? My god, who did this to you? " I was shaking in anger and anxiousness. I know that she's in the midst of dying and I can't let her die. "Fuck it, Lex. I'm gonna rip those who did this to you. I am going to send them all to hell." I stared at her again, her chest barely rising. I won't let her die. I won't. I stepped on the gas and the car boost faster.

"Hang on, Lex, Hang on" I look at her unconscious body and focused on the road. I spotted the hospital and prayed that there's still a chance for her to live. I came to a halt and opened the passenger seat.

The nurses saw me and pushed a wheelchair near me."Sir, just put her here, we'll be the one to take care of her"I look at the nurse and stared down at my cousin who is gasping for breath. I reluctantly let go of her and settled her down.

"Lex, hang on couz. Promise me that you will" A tear escaped my eye as I looked at the nurses and doctors rushing her in the emergency room.


"C'mon" I gripped the phone tightly.

"Pick it up" My mind is racing wildly.

"C'mon, Keith!" I felt like I've already burn holes on the wall in front of me."Yes!" Haha she finally answered.

"Hello? Keith?"

"Why are you calling me now, Dre? I'm sleeping" She answered groggily from the other line

"Something happened. Lex is-"

"WHAT?! What happen to Alex?" I cringed slightly and answered "She's in the operating room. There's too much blood loss and-and-"

"Okay, I'll just wake up Kathy and go there, What hospi-"

"White cross Hospital" I answered quickly.

"Can you please tell me where that is?"

"It's a kilometer away from my apartment, white building and all, it got a big white cross on top!"

"Okay, okay. I got it." She hung up on me cue with the doctor who just got out of the operating room.

"Is she your girlfriend?" The doctor asked me as I rubbed my neck.

"No, she's my cousin"

"Oh, I thought-" I cut him off with my knuckles grabbing the front of his shirt "Can you just tell me how is she? I don't care about your blabber!" I snapped at him as I let go his shirt.

"Uhm-uh she's uh, Okay. But I'm uh sorry because she needed to stay in the hospital for her heart beat was too weak. I advise you to please, do not stress her." The doctor scurried off as another doctor came out.

"Sir, your cousin was hurt pretty bad. We were too worried of her case and that's why we put her into the ICU" The doctor pat my shoulders as he lead me in another maze."Just behave yourself and have your emotions under control. I'll let you in to see her" The doctor gave m

hed Jake off me and entered her room. A gasp escapes on my mouth when I saw her. She looks, lifeless. Her exposed skin has a faint bruise all over them, she has a concussion on her head and I can see the bandage wrap around her side, down to her waist. Machines are all around her, trying to sustain a little bit of hope in to us, trying to assure us that she's still alive.

The tube on her mouth, the IV on her arm and that continuous beat of her heart is the only sound in throom. I sat on the chair beside her and hold her hand. She was so fragile that I'm afraid to hold her, her hand has tubes at it and I can see blood running through it. Her face was the same one I loved except for those new bruises and cuts.

"Alex I am sorry if I came to you so late. I'm sorry if I neglected you for the last three months." I sniffled as I look at her face "I'm sorry if I messed up, big time. It's just I'm confused of what I feel and I don't want you to be imprisoned with the monster that I am. I do not want you to be involved with me. I hated that this happen to you"

The time passed by with me confessing my feelings to her. All the things that happen from those three months that I have spent away from her, those times I tried to forget her but failed. I know that I ran away from her, ran away from my problems just so it will all return to what it is before all of this happened. But what look what it did to me, especially her, all I did is to make it all worst.

"I realize that no matter how I tried to forget you, I can't. No matter how I want to deny it, I am really in love with you. I am in love with you. I love you. Please, forgive me."

I know that I look like a girl right now, weeping, confessing to someone I really love, but I don't care anymore as long as I'm with her. I don't care if she will send me out the moment she woke up. Maybe she'll beat me into a pulp put me into a cannon and fire me into the sea with lots of hungry sharks.

I was shaking hard as I stood up. I look at my wristwatch and realised that it's past midnight. I looked down at her sleeping form and sighed "Maybe, I can share a bed with you for a while" I may at least enjoy the moment she's on my arms. I carefully lay down on her side, my body turned towards her and although it is too uncomfortable, I will endure it all for her.

As my eyes closed to sleep, the thought of me and her lying side by side on my yacht, that night at the beach crept into me as I slipped off to my dreamland.

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