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   Chapter 16 Her being kidnapped

That Summer I met HIm By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 13436

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Chapter Fifteen


I opened my door in a hurry, afraid that it was Lisa. It's Sunday after all and she needed to check up on me before week days rolls in. I look at the shadows and was yank outside.

"Who are you?" I look at the man and was terrified by his appearance. He has bloodshot eyes, scarred forehead and the rest of his face was covered in a black piece of cloth hiding his full identity. He also wore a black coat and a hat.

"Are you from a Halloween party?" I controlled the giggle that almost escapes from my lips. He smirked at me and pointed a knife on my neck.

"C'mon bitch, I don't have all day to listen to you" He grabbed my wrist and yank me farther.

"What are you doing? Someone HELP M-" He dragged me off to the road and cover my mouth with his large hands.

"Hmm, hmmph!mmht!" There was a cloth pressed on my nostrils that made me calm it also stops me from clawing the face of this stupid person who was now kidnapping me.

"Hold on, girl. Boss told us that He really wants you now. I pity you for you would be the payment of Caiden's debt!" He binds my wrist with cable ties and laugh menacingly as I struggled from it. I only heard a few lines of what he said for the place was spinning wildly in front of me.



Me wanted for a payment?

Oh, this stupid guys why they are so idiot! They just do things without thinking, it's stupid. He brought me to a car and shoved me into it with no care at all. It's like I'm just a math book being shoved into a locker. The car revs and was brought to life. I heard the screech of the tires as this stupid man drives out into the city.


"Hey, "

"Hey!" I grunt. Who in the world wanted to disturb my sleep?

"Oh, you don't want to wake up. Ok then" a sharp jab on my side force me to open my eyes and a whimper escape on my dried lips.

There was a hand that holds a knife on my side. It slides down to my stomach and I can't help but to scream my lungs out. I looked down to see my own blood forming a puddle on the car.

"Look what you've done! Now it's dirty." The crazy man said from behind the driver's seat while looking at my blood-stained clothes. He pulled out the knife out of my stomach and got out of the car. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and dragged me off again.

We walked under the blazing sun which made my head throbbed and me keeping my balance off. The man pulled me harder and that made my foot twist making me collapse on the ground. He crouched down at me and sigh.

"What a shame. I didn't know that Caiden the great want a weak one like ya. You know, if I were him, I won't waste my time on you" He stood up and waves his hands in the air. I can't help the tears falling from my eyes. "There are a lot of girls who wanted him. I'm sure as hell that he won't be barging in this sooner or later. He just wanted business and sex. You know him, he only goes hump and dump" He kicked me on my side and I'm pretty sure that I heard a crack. Nice, now I have a pretty long cut on my side and a bruise ribs. My breathing was getting harder and I can feel my heart starting to slow for trying hard to pump more blood on my system. I struggled on the cable ties that bind my wrist but it only makes it harder for me to escape it.

The more movement it accepts the tighter it gets.

We entered a house which was covered by tall trees. It's like we were in a forest that was not that far away from the city. He unlocked the chains and yanked me in. The house is dimly lit and smelt like an old wood and smoke. Tobacco smoke to be exact. He leads me in one of the rooms and tied a chain on my foot. He walked out of the room after saying that I should at least make myself comfortable and went down the stairs; As if I could find any comfort in this boring room that's painted white and black. I heard a car squeal and I felt like I'm going to burst out crying any second. I'm scared to sleep for I'm afraid that the next time I'll wake up, I'll be dead. I don't know but I felt th

es passed by and I felt myself slipping off my body but me being as stubborn as ever, hold unto the remaining sliver of life I still have. We came into a halt and my head bounced unto the sit and I fall of with me not having a full control at my body.

They carried me in and I was surprised when the cold water seep through my thin clothes and the pain in my side made my heart bolt. The beats are getting higher and I'm pretty sure that I'll have a chance to live. But my little fantasy of getting over Caiden and me having another chance in life shuttered when a gunshot erupted. I felt the bullet pierce through my chest as my whole body shakes because of the cold and the pain that was making it harder for me to breath. My consciousness was still unreachable but I know that I'm still alive.

"Ryder, I'm pretty sure she's dead now. C'mon bring me to that club you're talking about. My li'l friend is getting swollen by the second" And with that thought my kidnappers left without anyone knowing but me.

Seconds ticked, minutes turned into hours. I fought hard to keep my breathing even and my heart beating. I opened my eyes to see that they left me on drainage down the road. I made my way up by crawling on a snail pace. I was more than happy when I reach the side of the road. The pain in my body was numb due to the cold water they threw me in.

A snow fell on my nose and a small smile crept on my lips. Ha, who would've known that I've got a high resistance? The blood flows on my chest freely. My hands are turning blue due to the cold and there's no doubt that no matter how I tried, I'll be dead before someone could even rescue me. I let out a raspy breath as I tried to laugh at myself for being so idiot.

I look at my blurred surroundings and I notice a familiar hotel maybe 3 kilometers away from my dorm. It would take me hours to reach the hotel but I don't care. I'm sure that he'll help me no matter what. I crawled and crawled and crawled. Snowflakes dropping down on my half dead body, my lungs screaming for air the veins around my body started to turned blue due to the cold and my eyes slowly drooping.

A hundred meters before I reached the hotel, the lights from a car lighten my way. My lungs sigh, a breath of relief when the car stopped. The shadow behind me says that the person was getting nearer and at last I may have the chance to live! That person turns me and I closed my eyes because of the light that blinded me. I heard the person gasped, I tried to look at the person's face but the blood that dried on my eyes made me temporarily blind.

"Lex, , open your eyes couz! I'm here c'mon hold on please, hold on!"

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