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   Chapter 15 Her being ignored

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Chapter Fourteen


It's my first day of college. I was brought to school by Lisa. I'm not that happy for the last two week sbecause I didn't get to see Caiden. He rarely called, scratch that, he never called until now.

I'm pretty sad because of his lack of attention to me. I know his busy but still, I miss him. I don't want to accept it at first but as the minutes passed by, the feeling of being alone scared me.

I remembered our summer vacation of which we spent together quarrelling, snapping at each other. We can't even stay in the same room together but as the time passed, we realize that we aren't complete without each other's presence.

It's stupid when I think of all those fights we had because of those little things. I might think I've gone crazy if I saw myself what I've been doing now. Thinking about him, the devil who made me cry, which was the one who also healed me, comfort me and is the one who made me forget about Dwayne, was just unexplainable.

He was my worst enemy. For the record, he really is! But I don't know if he's still my enemy until now for I really miss him already like a worried girlfriend would do. I longed for his voice, not only it but his presence.

"Hey, you seem to be thinking hard. You should drink this" A familiar voice said behind me and I knew that because of her bracelet

"Kathy!" I squealed and hugged her to myself. I couldn't contain the tears of joy that poured on my cheeks.

"Shh, c'mon stop crying Alex, we're here" Keith said smiling at the two of us


"Yes, I am" She hugged me and together we catch up.

They told me on how they tried to find me and Cade but then Caiden called Nate saying that he'll take me with him. They spend two weeks more at the beach house and they even went to that same island Caiden took me. He lends them his yatch and they were amazed on how luxurious it was.

They also played extreme sports and tried sky diving. Kathy squealed in delight as she reminisces about the experience. Keith nodded in agreement as she always want to try sky diving. I also asked how their relationships are going. Kathy and Nate are still together and Jake and Keith are now officially dating.

I'm happy for the two of them but I felt sad as they told me about the romantic things the guys did for them. I remembered the Caiden who brought me to the island, how he saved me twice, serenaded me. The one who is very romantic in every way but now, I think that Caiden is left out in Malibu, like what happen to Dwayne.

I will never be happy with this Caiden who is here with me in Connecticut. He will always be the devil, the one who work countless hours rather than spending his time with me. My thoughts were interrupted by Kathy who is waving her hands in front of me.

"Hey! Are you daydreaming about Dwayne again?"

"No. maybe she's daydreaming about Caiden now" Keith smirked.

"I'm not, I'm just thinking about how Caiden suddenly changes from that very romantic guy into this cold heartless as*hole"

"He wa

and Kathy. I think they are giving me time to think and I'm grateful for that. Andre did not call me and it's okay for me. I don't know how I could get my head off of these things. So many problems are coming on my way and I can't even find any solution.

The hours go on to days to weeks and now it's been almost 3 months with no sign of Caiden in this planet. Sometimes, I wonder where he was. Is he on the other dimension or maybe he just wanted to forget my annoying presence?

I was back on being that robot I have been five months ago. Wailing not because of Dwayne but because of his look alike, Caiden cold foot.

How I miss to tease the sh*t outta him.

The twins have been there to support me, Andre too. He is taking up music and was a very good musical director. Plus, he loves to compose songs. He doesn't bother me much like what I had expected him to. He stays out of my way and I'm pretty glad he was. We all hang out together as a group.

There's been one time, eons away. When Andre asked me why I was always holding my phone and I just shrugged, switching off to another subject. Keith and Kathy never asked about it nor do I want to explain it to them. I'm pretty sure I'll be going to explode right there at that moment.

Winter is fast approaching and I don't know if our engagement party was still on the line. I don't even know if Caiden wanted to marry me, or be his partner forever until the both of us agreed to divorce. But I doubt it that I would like to divorce the love of my life.

I don't know but right now as I finished my fifth canvas of my frustration all I think about is the night we spend at the yacht.

The first night we sleep together, the night of meteor showers, the night we were officially classified as couples. All of it added fuel to the fire of my frustration of Caiden leaving me, I hate him! Despise him even.

I was startled of my little flashback when someone knocked on my door. I stood up begrudgingly and walked in a beeline towards it.

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