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   Chapter 13 Him into Her

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Chapter Twelve


"Hey sweet cheeks, I need you to get up now or else, you don't want what I'll do to you" With that I sat up and that made our foreheads bang together. "You really are a hard headed" he muttered under his breath but I still heard it loud and clear.

I stood up and look around. We're not on a yacht anymore and not in the beach house also. He stood up and tugged at my hand. We entered another sliding door and there in front of me I saw a plane.

"Hey, are we on an airport?" I asked him.

"Hello? Didn't you notice it we're in front of a plane now."

"But how?"

"I carried you from the yacht to my car and to here and you didn't show any sign that you'll wake up. You sleep like a bear and so I decided to just take you myself without even bothering to ask some help from the guys, for I know they are tired"

"Why? Why do we need to board the plane now?"

"Too much questions. I don't wanna hear anything from you, just go up there and I'm going to explain to you when we landed."


"C'mon stop wasting my time Alex! I need to attend some meeting and I don't wanna be late" He snapped at me. I'm sure he's getting irritated but I am too. He's so confusing, one minute he's caring and sweet but now he keeps on glaring at me like I stole a bunch of his bananas.

He dragged me to our seat and I can't help it but admire the interior of the first class, the whole plane was beautiful. I never got the chance to board one for I'm not the one who love to travel, I'd rather stay at home and sulk.

When we got to our seat, Caiden fall asleep. Instantly I felt guilty for not being silent and I could see that he really doesn't have a goodnight sleep. I push his hair that was slightly covering his eyes and sighed.

How could he be so perfect? He's so handsome. I don't know. Sometimes he's harsh but at the same time, comfy to be with.

He's hot and cold and I don't know which I would prefer.

Yesterday was like a dream and I wish that things are still like that and not like this. He got me so confuse on my feelings and he said he's too. He promise me that we'll take it slow, but why is it when I wake up on the morning, prince Cade was replaced by the devil again? That monkey whom I hate.

I turn my head unto my right and watched the people boarding. I was slightly afraid for it will be my first time to fly and I needed him. I look at my side to see him sleeping soundly.

I grabbed his hands and squeezed it as I felt the ground being seized below and us going up the sky. I squeezed my eyes shut and I couldn't help the tears rolling down my cheeks and the whimper that escape my lips.

"Shhh, stop crying like a baby, I'm here now…" I look up and saw him staring down at me. He hugged me closer to him and I fell asleep on his arms.


"Hey, Hey!" a tap on my cheek startled me. I glared at him as he smiled.

"I could see that you have a good sleep for you have a drool on your face, maybe you are dreaming about me huh?" Yes. I mentally slapped myself with that thought. I wiped my face and realize that he's just kidding!

I slapped his arms countless times and I was surprised to see us on a limo. I looked around and saw a beach.

"Where are we?" I asked furiously. I've been carried around like a baby doll without knowing where I was!

"We're in Malibu. I'm here to talk with my father's partner. We are going to stay on my grand parents house" He said as he adjust his tie.

"Why are you wearing a suit?"

"Of course I would. I'll be attending a meeting and so I should be somewhat formal, right?" I just nodded and look out of the window.

The scene in front of me is mesmerizing, actually it is breath taking. A lady in her mid-thirties, approached us and bowed down in front of Caiden. "Signore, your room has been prepared as you have requested" I could say that she was an Italian what with that perfect nose and her thick accent

"Thank you, Lilia" He turned back and I followed him up the stairs

"Lilia, please guide her to her room"

"Yes, signore"

"And Lilia, please lock her in her room. I don't want her following me around" He smirked down at me as I glared at him.

So, as*hole mode has been turned on again. I stuck my tongue out at him and strode off.

I followed Lilia to my room and I was surprised at it. The room screamed comfort and elegance. The bed has tapestries with figures embroidered around it. There was a fireplace and a couch on the corner. A painting on the side of the room and facing it was a sliding door leading on a balcony.

"Here is your room signora, Signore told me to be the one in charge of you. I'll be downstairs when you needed me, don't hesitate to ask for my assistance"

"Thank you Lilia. I like the room and the view" I sighed and hugged her to me. Her body was stiff and I could tell that she was surprised of my reaction."It's all beautiful Lilia, thank you" I ca

the sliding doors. I was surprised to see roses spread through the stairs. I raised my eyebrows at how he became romantic all of a sudden.

I really found it hard to read him. He's like a book with thousands of lock and chains around it.

I descended through the stairs and found a letter sitting down on the last step. I picked it up and read what it says.

Walk ten steps right, and then turn left.

I followed his instructions and turned to my left. Lilia was standing there holding a tray. I approached her and smiled.

"Lilia, what are you doing here?"

"Signore told me that he has something to show you. He gave me this" She handed me another letter and I read it thoroughly.

Turn 180 degrees, right. Ten steps ahead, you'll found another clue at the top of your head.

I followed the instruction again and laugh at those star like letters hanging at the top of the tree. I reached out and read one of it with a number on it.

One.'I'm sorry'

I reached for number two. 'So sorry'

And another, number three. 'Will you forgive me?'

Four - 'Another chance maybe?'

Five - 'I know you love me.'

Six - 'and maybe I like you too.'

Seven - 'or love you?'

Eight - 'I promise you I won't act like a jerk anymore'

Nine - ' I'm really sorry for what I did a while ago'

Ten - ' I've got a lot on my mind'

Eleven - 'Never mind'

Twelve - ' Next is number thirteen, right?'

Thirteen - ' I'm sorry again, have I said that?'

Fourteen - 'Oh right, I did'

Fifteen - 'Hey, maybe you are thinking I'm so cheesy and romantic, right?'

Sixteen - 'But I'm not'

Seventeen - 'I'm watching you laughing like crazy. Turn right and I'm at your sight.

By the way show me that smile'

I look at the devil in disguise in front of me. He looked like an innocent angel but I knew, underneath that skin, was a devil from hell.

The devil I think, I might be falling with.

His eyes hold that emotion I cannot decipher. His lips form a crooked smile that made thousands of girls fall for it. I'm afraid that I might be one too. Goodness, why does he have to be so handsome and rich and smart?

His tactics make their company grew. He's been the right hand of his father since he was fifteen. The truth is that he doesn't need to go to high school but he insisted.

He smiled at me and leaned down. I thought he was going to kiss me with the short distance we had and that sparks enveloping us. I closed my eyes and waited for it but instead I felt his lips on my cheek. I opened my eyes to glare at him.

"What?" He asked looking so innocent.

An idea form on my head, I grin at him and stood up on my tippy-toes. Dragging his head down to my place, I smacked my lips unto him and that made him kissed me back. As I waited for him to be so engrossed on it, I pulled back leaving him into a burning lust and want.

I smiled innocently at him and started to walk back. I was shocked when suddenly I was lifted up on the air and was turned around by no other than devil himself, an evil grin form on his lips as he whisper this to me.

"Not so fast, sweet cheeks. Let me finish what you started" he slammed his lips on mine before all of his words sunk in.

That was the night I could say that we were officially together.

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