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   Chapter 12 Her into Him

That Summer I met HIm By XxBlueBlusherxX Characters: 25807

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Chapter Eleven


I opened my eyes to see a smirking Caiden looking down at me. I look around me, looking for Jacob and Nate but they aren't here. The devil's face made my hands itch and I didn't think twice to slap that smirk off his face.

"Hmm, is that the proper way to thank me?" he raise a delicate eyebrow as he look at me.

"You're the reason why I fell!" I rolled my eyes, wriggling on his arms.

"Yeah, I know. I know that you really did fall for me." he smirk.

"Urgh!" I wriggled more until he sat down unto a chair with me on his lap. I look at him ridiculously as he suddenly rise a spoonful of froot loops on my mouth.

" Eat, dolcezza" Before I protest, he shoved the spoon on my mouth and scooped another one for him.

I didn't have time to say anything for he kept on shoving spoon after spoon. We finished it together, him smirking at me and me wriggling, trying to find escape from this iron-like grip.

He stood up and carried me to our room. I watched him open the door with me on his shoulders. What the heck! Is he some super hero with that incredible strength? He carried me in and put me on the bed.

"Now, take a bath, wear something comfortable and meet me here." He pushed me inside the bath room and there I made myself comfortable.

After having the most comforting shower, I entered another room full of clothes and picked out a light blue summer dress. I wore my flip flops and walked out to the room. I was surprised when a pair of hands grabbed me from behind. He put me down on a chair and kneeled in front of me.

"Sweet cheeks, I wanted to apologize to you for what I did" He looked into my eyes and continued."But it's really funny to watch you act that way" He laughed at my face, snorting as he did so. "Is that the proper way to apologize to me?" I asked him, he suddenly stopped as the words register to his head.

" I'm really sorry for what I have done. Please, give me another chance. Mi dispiace, so che ero un coglione dalla prima volta che ci siamo incontrati e mi scuso. (I'm sorry, I know I was a jerk from the first time we met and I apologize.)"

He smiled at me, though I didn't understand what he said as long as I heard that he was sorry, and that he asked for another chance, I'll give it to him. Oh suckish, am I really that softie now? But I have other plans hahaha!

I smiled at him and he smiled back. We stayed like that for a while, lost in our own thoughts. Hmm, I wonder why he is doing all these, why was he suddenly guilty of what he did? I was startled when he suddenly got up and turn.

"Vieni, devo farti vedere una cosa" he spoke suddenly while I sat there wondering what does that mean. He turned around smiling.

"That means, 'Come, I need to show you something' so get up or else I'm going to carry you out." Hmm did I say that question aloud? He turn back again and went through the sliding doors.

I got up and followed him. I was shocked when a pair of arms suddenly enveloped me and that minty summer smell invaded my nostrils. My eyes were covered and I heard him laughing. Was this the consequence of him asking forgiveness a while ago?

I tried to hit him but all I got was thin air. He laughed again as he guided me for I can't see anything. I could feel his hands on my waist as we descend through the stairs. We turned and I heard the tap of my sandals on the woods.

"Are we on a gangway? "

"Just wait" He gripped my wrist and I could feel myself rocking.

"Ha, I knew it we are on a boat!" I thought out loud as he continue to guide me.

"Si, actually, we are on a yacht." With that he pecked my lips and to untie my blindfold. I was blushing furiously and I'm glad that he can't see my face. His hands lingered on my waist as he finished, we stayed like that until he went inside the doors and I followed.

The indoor was magnificent, I mean no! Better than that, actually I can't find the right word to compare this sumptuous thing to the others. I was mesmerized that I didn't see him guiding me up the deck and to where the ship was controlled. He expertly went through the controls and I can feel the ship together with us moving.

"Where are we going? Are you kidnapping me?!" I asked furiously at him.

"Chill, I'm not kidnapping you for you didn't stop me when I guided you here and it's a part of my plan"

"F.Y.I, I can't stop you because you put a blindfold around my eyes and you said you needed to show me something and that stupid thing is just this yacht!" I screeched at him and he stared at me, amusement clear on his eyes.

"C'mon, stop being feisty, I know you love me" with that he wink and turned his back at me.

I went to the nearest couch and got myself a food from the fridge beside it. I was enjoying myself looking out of the window when the yacht suddenly stopped.

"Come, I'll show you something" He said while gripping my hand. He lead me down the deck and to the gangway where I saw the whole island.

"Wow, beautiful"

"I know, that's why I brought us here"

"But, where are we exactly?" I asked latching my arms on his, afraid that I might get lost if I didn't.

"We're on Isle Swindersen, the island 40 minutes away from Cony Island" he said as he continue to look down at me. He pulled us on a store and I smiled at the young boy who opened the store for us.

"Welcome, my lady" He bowed and I giggled. Caiden looked at me ridiculously before he entered another room. I followed him into it and paused.

"Why didn't you bring the guys?" I asked curiously.

"Because they are busy with their girls and, I want sometime alone with you" He said his back on me.

"Are you planning to do something?"

"Yes" he look at me and I watch him dropped his gaze "I mean No! I won't do IT, I'm not stupid" He said while turning around and giving me some oversize sunglasses.

"What is this for?" I asked as I shoved it into his face

"Well, it's for privacy and protection" He said while wearing his own

"Protection? For what?"

"Just wear it, Okay? I don't want any dumb questions from you anymore"

"You're such an airhead" He mumbled. Ha, is he thinking that I'm deaf?

"I'm not an airhead!" I followed him out of the store and shoved those eyeglasses on my eyes.

He led us inside another store and entered. He talked with the old lady while I made myself comfortable on the couch. My feet were sore on walking around the island. I hate to walk, especially on uneven stone path.The old lady hugged him and led me to another room. There I saw diving suits and two men who are just wearing their swimming gears. On the side of the room, you could see the vast ocean spreading through and through.

"We are going to swim?" I ask, a bit worried, tugging at his shirt. He chuckled and hugged me.

"Yes dolce, We are, " He pulled me on those chairs and there they lectured us about the things we will do and how to put this and that. Caiden sat beside me in a bored position. I think, I'm the only one that's listening here!

They led us into another yacht, smaller than what Caiden had. They started the engine and there in the middle of the sea, we swam. I was nervous at first but as I dive in and see how magnificent it was underwater, I am at lost for words. It's too beautiful, amazing I should say! Caiden pulled me deeper and the two divers took a picture of us and I was surprised when Caiden hugged me tighter to himself and I watched him as he got nearer and tried to kiss me. Good thing is that we are wearing snorkels that cover our mouth.

We spend 30 minutes under the sea and after that we took off. Caiden and I separated ways to change into our clothes. As I got out, I saw him waiting on those benches. He sto

wine, I drank it slowly as I stared at the vast ocean. Caiden served himself one and had his two after it. What he said awhile ago left me thinking. He said that he's confused, like me, in our feelings. It's been only a week and four days and that won't explain what we feel. He's right, we needed time. But time around us is passing in speed of light that our two months of summer is slowly coming to an end. Hmmph, maybe I'm just overreacting, it's not that short time to realize what you felt for someone, right? He tighten his arms around me and I look into those blue orbs that were shining like the stars above me.

"Hey there Sweet Cheeks slash dolcezza slash Buffalo, Look there" He turned his face up, I looked up to see the stars falling."Make a wish" he whispered on my ears which made me shiver.

I closed my eyes and wished that I will forget about the feelings I felt of Dwayne, that I won't ever be confused at what I feel of Caiden. I opened my head and turned my head to my left.

Caiden was lying here beside me, looking as gorgeous as ever and with the effects of those lights, he look more like a god rather than a person. I watched him as he slowly opened his eyes and turned his face to me.

"So, what did you wish for?" I asked him curiously.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out"

"Okay" I sat up and hugged myself.

"D'ya feel cold?" He asked, sitting up

"Uhmm. Yeah" He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his lap.

"Felling better?" He hugged tighter.

"Hmmmmh" a whole lot better, I wanted to add that but decided not to. I cuddled deep into the warmth of his chest, getting myself comfortable.

"How about you, what did you wish for?" He asked out of the blue.

"That's a secret" I giggled on his jacket as he hugged me more.

"Okay then" He started to tickle me

"N-n-No! S-stop! puhlease" I plead him tightening my grip on his grip

"Not until you let go of my hair" I let go of it suddenly and stood up.

I ran and ran around the deck, trying to get away from crazy monkey. I slipped into one of the cabins and locked myself into it. I realized that I didn't have the chance to enter this room before. It was a simple cabin with photos around it.

I neared myself into one of it and saw a family picture. The picture includes Mr. Cole ford, in his arms was his wife and their son, Caiden. He's so cute and I can't understand it that he looks a lot like Dwayne. They are too much alike. Hmm, what if he's my Dwayne? Why did he know all about these? My fear in the water and the meteor showers…only Dwayne new all about this. Could it be just accidental, or maybe he's really Dwayne and he wants to surprise me. My thoughts were cut off when the room suddenly opens.

"Haha, caught you" He carried me out of the room. With the picture frame still on my arms, he put me down on a couch and sat beside me.

"Oh, you have that?" He snatched the picture away from my hands and put it on the coffee table.

"Why do you look like Dwayne?" I asked him

"I look like him?" He stood up and chose to walk to the far side of the room. I glare at my hands trying to understand all these.

"Say it. Are you really him? Why do you choose to ignore me?"

"Alex just drop it! I don't want us to fight again because of him, okay? He's been always the reason why we fight and I'm freaking tired, are you not? Please forget about the past and start your future with me" He pleaded with those puppy dog eyes as he pulled me up. He carried me into a room and there he laid me down.

"Sleep now, Alex. Sleep with me for I want us to be okay? Stop thinking about him anymore, I don't want us to grow apart. Besides, what is the difference about us? Why do you keep on thinking about him when he's the one who left you? I'm here Alex, here beside you. Why do you choose to ignore my presence?" He took my hand and rub circles around it.

A tear fall down my cheeks and to the pillow as I say, "I just can't forget about him."

"You could, if you wanted to. I'm here Alex, from now on, until forever. Lying here beside you, no matter what, I'll be always here with you" He pulled me and kissed the top of my head.

I laid there crying my heart out, confuse of what I was feeling. I looked up to him, he's frowning. Is he angry again?

"I'm so sorry" I touched his cheek."I promise, I will forget about him" I snaked my arms around his neck and kissed him. I didn't care of what my actions are now. I feel like stopping this but I can't do it and I was surprised when he beat me into it.

"Alex, I don't want you to be forced okay. Let's take this, slow" He kissed my forehead and pulled me closer.

"Okay" I hugged him tighter to me.

"Oh by the way, Happy Birthday Sweet cheeks" He kissed my forehead and muttered thanks before dozing off.

I can't believe it that I fell asleep with me on his arms. It was just, unexplainable. But, I couldn't care less anymore, as long as I'm safe and secured with his comforting arms.

That was the first night of which I felt that my moon was back. And this time, I hope that he will never leave his star


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