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   Chapter 11 Her confused by Him

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Chapter Ten


"Dwayne, help me. Help!" I keep on asking for help but it seems that no one can hear me and everything went black.

A hand snatched my arm from the water and carried me. I knew that he was the one who saved me because my body knew that it's him. I can feel the sand beneath me he put me down on the shore.

I tried to cough the water out but my body is stubborn to do so. I can hear him barking orders around while he called for our parents.

"Alex, I'm here come on wake up, open your eyes little star, open it."

I was about to open it when I was suddenly blinded by the bright light.


I can feel the lips that were on top of mine and so I open my eyes in a hurry. My vision was a little bit blurry and I needed to blink rapidly for my eyes to adjust. I saw a face, that very familiar face and hugged him.

"Dwayne, I knew that you'll come back." I sighed and cried on his shoulders

"Sweet cheeks, how many times do I have to say that I'm not Dwayne?" well, that snap me out of my dreamy state and let go of him.

I blushed and scurried away from him. I stood up and snatched my clothes from Kathy and entered a cubicle behind the stalls. As I got dressed, I decided that I needed a break from this crazy things and so I sneaked out and ran to our beach house.


I locked my door and sighed. I never imagined my summer to be like this, it's just very tiring having to spend my summer with Cold foot. He made me feel a couple of things that I couldn't explain which just confuse the hell out of me.

I lied down on the bed and snuggled close to my pillow. I really wanted this summer to be simple; that I could have this whole summer by myself and have a rest before I go to college. Never in my whole life would I expect this thing to happen and I don't want them to be this complicated, ever.

Sometimes, I wonder if Dwayne was here, maybe my life would be so much better. Maybe I won't act like this and maybe the deal won't need me for the sake of the two companies.

I really miss him to the point that I keep on dreaming about him. Dwayne looked a lot like Caiden but Dwayne was kind and charming not like Caiden.

' you never know for you never saw ' A little voice suddenly speak inside my head

' Who are you? Where are you? ' I asked, astonished to hear the little voice laugh, ' I'm inside your brain you, Idiot! I'm your conscience ' the little voice laugh again

' weird little thing, so it's like I'm talking to myself, geez, am I really that crazy? ' whispered to myself

' Hey, I heard that! And Oh, You know, you really are crazy ' the little voice snapped back

' Oops I'm sorry, I just can't handle anymore weirdness for today okay, it's just unbearable ' I rubbed my temples and sighed.

' yeah, I know, so why do you keep on comparing the two? ' the little voice asked.

' Well, they are too much alike but based on my experience, I could say that he's not like Dwayne, he's different ' I told her as a matter of fact.

' Why do you keep on thinking about Dwayne? He's a past. You know, you should look at the present, you got that sexy bad-ass guy hot on your trail and you keep on going back. You really are stupid' she tried to reason out

'And you really are annoying. Why don't you go out of my head and marry him?' I yelled at her inside my head

' whoa, I'm sorry, what I'm trying to say is that, you should forget about your past and take care of your present or else you'll have no future' she said trying to convince me

'Easier said than done' with that I tuned her off and laid on my back.

I rubbed my forehead and I could feel the developing headache. I turned to my side and saw his laptop on top of the desk.

I opened it and cursed when I saw that he put a password. I tried for it two times. The laptop buzzed and said it's incorrect. I tried to think about anything and came up with, nothing.I typed "incorrect" and the laptop opened. I squealed and rolled my eyes. I really have gone nuts. I opened Yahoo and saw his mail.

' Hi Caiden! It's me Tiffany. Just call me when you want to have some some fun on your bed okay? I would really love to offer that, Love you xoxo '

Bitch, I muttered on my head. An idea popped on my head and did not hesitate to type it.

'Hey Tiffany, Oh I don't need to. You know that you are not that good at bed and please don't get your hopes up for your nothing but a flavor of the week. And Oh, can you pls. recommend me to your doctor for I want that same size of your boobs. Caiden xoxo'

I hit send and laugh at loud. I'm sure that the devil itself will be mad as hell. Well, it's like I did him a favor. I don't want him to catch STD's for that will be very gross! Especially now that we will be together for until God know what. Geez, am I seriously thinking about sleeping with him right now? And why did I even reply that bitch, was that considered an act of jealousy?

I lied down on the bed and tried to catch sleep. I really can't forget the taste of his lips and how it was so smooth and soft.

Oh shit, why am I thinking of him and not Dwayne? Hmm, maybe that little voice disconnected the wire that thinks only of Dwayne. That little bitch, why can't she just mind her own business? Doesn't she have any conscience, oh right, she was my conscience.

Stupid little snot, maybe she was laughing out loud, while I was here worried that I can't think of Dwayne anymore. She's so biased. Maybe she really wanted the devil so she connected my brain to him. But how come he got into my brain.

' I can do better ' my heart sang on my ribs

' I can do better! ' my brain sang along with it inside my skull with that perfect voice.

Oh this cheaters! I can't believe it that they chose t


"It seems that you owe me one but, I can't assure you that he won't find you here for he really knew this beach house, inside and out, above and under." He smiled and went down to close my little hiding place.


I put my ear on the wood below me and heard them speaking.

"Hey dude, wanna eat?" Jacob asked

"Sure thing, but I really need to find that little snot." I could already imagine his face. He's frowning and I'm sure of that.

"Oh, who's that little snot you are talking about?" Jacob asked, acting dumb

"It's Alex" He said with so much disgust

"You mean Alexandra, the twins' best friend?" Way to go Jake. Way to go to irritate the incredible hulk.

"YYEEESSS!!! C'mon dude, tell me where she is?!" His voice was full of irritation that I could imagine his nose flaring. I giggled quietly and listened more.

"I d-don't know. I didn't see her." I'm so sure that Jacob was now thinking for something to say.

"Dude! Tell me. Stop acting so dumb. I know you saw her!" I don't want them to be caught on a fight and I almost pulled the lever that will show my hiding place. My heartbeat doubled and I could hear the horses galloping inside my ribs and felt myself sweating, waiting for Jacob to answer.

'C'mon Jake, think, think, think!' I chanted inside my head, I hope he could somehow catch the message though I don't have special powers like marvel heroes.

"Dude, what did she do to you that made you want to kill her. I felt like watching incredible hulk all over again" Jacob laughed and I can't help but giggle. I covered my mouth and I heard Jacob stopped laughing. Oh no, did they hear me?

"Did you hear that?" Caiden asked

"What?" good work Jacob, I'm going to treat you anywhere for doing this!

"Never mind" I heard someone kicking a ball "I'm angry at her because she rubbed this to my face" I could already imagined him showing his dirty boxers. It's his boxers why would he get angry with that, right?

Then I heard someone opening the back door and then Nathan spoke up.

"Hey That's my boxers!" Nathan exclaimed and I could hear him making his way to Caiden."I've been looking for ages and you didn't tell me that you got it" Oh, so it's not his boxers, and that's why he was so angry when I rubbed it in his face. A giggle escape from me and so I quickly covered my traitor mouth.

"Geez dude, are you gay?" Jacob asked and the two of them burst out laughing.

"C-c'mon bro, ha-ha-I need to p-post this on facebook" Nathan managed to choke out between his laughter.

"Oh yeah, look at his face here, maybe you should post it also" Jacob suggested and the two of them doubled in laughter.

"Zitto, non voglio sentir parlare di questo cazzo di merda!(shut up! I do not want to hear about this fucking shit)" Caiden's voice boomed and I cringed.

Gosh, I didn't think he knew a lot in Italian and the way he said those words, it contain a lot of venom that I'm sure the brothers are now shaking in fear.

"Chill dude, It's not like we're doing it for real" Jacob said, trying to cool the atmosphere.

"Yeah, he's right" Nate agreed.

"Oh, please just tell me where that girl is so all of this can be over with!" Caiden exclaimed and I was already worried on how Jacob can help me again. Well I can't hide away from him for this whole vacation, can I? And also, I don't want all these things go down the sink and watch them be wasted.

I heard someone walking closer and closer. My heart thudded and I got more and more nervous. What if he found me hiding here? But Jacob said he would really find me because he knew this house like he knew his name.

I sigh and listened more, but as I was about to leaned my ears, I felt the gravity of me falling down. I shrieked and waited for the impact but then a pair of hands caught me from above.

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