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   Chapter 10 Him saving Her

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Chapter Nine


The wind blew on my hair and I squint my eyes for I don't want dust getting in it. I pulled out my handkerchief and tied it around my neck. Caiden looked at me and laugh.

"Why are you laughing?!" I asked while looking at him incredulously.

"It's just, you look like a cowboy, with the wind effect, the handkie and your hair…" he said between fits of laughter. Well, I just brush him off and look at the sceneries as we passed by.My feet were sore because of standing too long in the back of this jeep. In the corner of my eyes, I could see Caiden leaning in the back of the jeep, probably dozing off.

The reason why the two of us was here is because we picked the two short sticks and all I know is that it is planned.

I wonder where we are going, Brighton beach was not far from here but we are travelling for about an hour already. The jeep stopped in front of a regular beach house which was designed with a very homey feeling.

I jumped off and got my duffel bag. I trailed behind Caiden who is holding a key, which I assumed was the key to this pretty beach house. He went up the stairs and opened the door. The beautiful living room welcomed us; the walls were painted beige and there seated in the middle of the room was an orange couch. I found it weird, I've never seen a couch in that color but it seems to be comfortable to sit on.

I was about to plopped on this weird thing when the twins beat me to it. The three of us giggled as we sank in it, it is just too soft and fluffy! The boys look at us, but we just sat there with no care in the world. I was enjoying my moment oflalaland when I heard Jacob spoke.

"Alright girls, let's get settled in our own rooms so we could go to the beach. There are three rooms here, and there are six of us. Two needed to share a room, so who would pick room number one?" Jacob asked raising his eye brows.

"Us" Kathy and Nathan retorted suddenly. I looked at Kathy and was about to speak when she cut me off.

"Alex, we won't do anything stupid! You know me that I won't do IT. You trust me, right?" Kathy asked with her puppy dog face. I grunt in response and she caught me in a bone-crushing hug before going with Nathan in their room.

"So, there are only two rooms. Who would pick the second one?" Jacob smiled at us as he raise the key

"Me and her" I said grabbing Keith's hand and shoving it up for Jacob to see it.

"But Alex" I look at Keith who was cowering beside me. "Me and Jacob are going to pick it because..." she tried to reason out only to stop.

"Because what?" I asked her putting my hands on my hips.

"…Because we need to talk about us. On what we are, what we really have, where this friendship of ours would lead us to" Jacob replied with a hint of panic. He pulled Keith from the sofa and headed to their room, throwing the last key to me. Silence grew between the two of us and I could see Caiden in the corner of my eyes pacing around the living room.

"So it made us" Caiden pointed at me and him, and I glared at his hand wishing for it to melt under my gaze "to stay in the third ro-"

"No!" I cut him off "I won't dare stay with you, as*hole. I won't!" I yelled at his face.

"Hey, did you just say I am an as*hole. Hmm…goody two shoes is being feisty again huh? But where would you stay?" He asked cocking his eyebrows at me.

"I'll just sleep here on this orange couch rather than stay with you, bipolar man" I scowled at him and stuck my tongue out.

"No, you will stay with me." with that final answer from him, h

d and said that someone is drowning.

I don't believe her. Maybe they are just playing pretend and stuffs.

"Oh, sh*t! Someone is really drowning!" I heard the old man yell behind me looking at the water. I followed his gaze and saw a pair of hands waving in the air. I passed her stuffs on that old man and ran into the water.

The lifeguard was running with me and I brushed him off and told him to call 911 so that if something happens they'll be there to support. The boy went off to the shore and pulled his radio. I didn't waste time and run into the water.

The waves were hitting me every second and the seaweeds clawing on my feet don't help at all. Oh geez…my foot was almost caught! I tried to make it faster but it seems that everything around me doesn't want me to save that person which is now between a life and death situation.

I could see that person's arms sinking and I panicked more. My thoughts were distracting me but I keep on moving, trying to go near that person. I do not want to assume that it was her but something tells me that I did the right thing, going to that person, and reassuring that it wasn't her.

What if I can't save him or her. What if, that person should be save by the lifeguard but I volunteered and be the reason for him or her to be dead and, and what if that person is really Alex...oh God. Really, Life is such a leech!

I sigh in relief when I caught that persons arm and pulled him, I mean her-it's a her because of that girly bracelet. That bracelet-I think I remembered someone who owns that-my mind flashed the face of Alex.

Oh geez, maybe I'm just thinking too much about her.

I pulled the person more and saw her face. That angel face which looks innocent-but-not-really-innocent. I almost let go of her arm but good thing I was still in my sanity and pulled her more. Yeah, it was really her.

I sighed in relief knowing that she is now safe. Of course, I with her would definitely make her safe. I look down and pulled her tighter to me. I carried her in my arms and saw her face getting purple…geez, she needs the kiss of life!

I smiled to myself knowing that I could get her to kiss me. I won't let those stupid lifeguards to do a CPR with her for I was the one who freaking save her. My foot got caught again but I pulled it out and ran to the shore...

Here comes the kiss!

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