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   Chapter 9 Her Summer Plan

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Chapter Eight


At last, I'm finally home. I have been hospitalized for two days because of the Devil. I ran upstairs to my room and lock my door. I really miss my room, the pink and purple dots dancing in my sky blue wall. Hey, I know it is pretty childish but it's better that those white painted wall of the hospital.

I jumped on my bed and almost landed below to the cold floor, but good thing I grab the sheets and that sent me back to my bed, bouncing as I do so. The bouncing soon stopped and it made me bored. I looked up and there I saw the painting of stars, which my mom made for me as a gift for my 7th birthday. Then I remembered something, Oh yeah! I went in my closet and rummaged through my things.

At last I found it, It was my Summer-to-do-list book when I was nine. I look through the pages and laughed at it. I am going to re-do all of this again. I went out of my room and as if on cue the devil went out. I stuck my tongue at him and strode off downstairs, rode on my bike to the twins' house.

The door opened and there looking up at me was no other than Kent, their cousin, eating a giant lollipop.

"Alex!" he hugged my knees and I lowered myself down to his level and pinched his chubby cheeks. He's gotten so fat and summer wasn't even halfway finished.

"Are you looking for Keith and Kathy?" He asked while licking his lollipop

I nodded my head and he dragged me off inside and we headed to the twins' room. Kent opened it to reveal Kathy lip-locking with a blonde guy and Keith which is laughing with the other guy. They notice us and they quickly broke away.

Good thing is that the kid was looking at me instead of his cousins.

I quickly thanked him before kicking him out as I locked the door. I brought my arms up and then slapped my book to the guy who was with Kathy.

"What the hell?" the blonde guy said. Kathy ran to my side and settled in between us with Keith.

"What's the meaning of this? Kathy, Keith?"

"Alex we can explain!" the two of them yelled and dragged me with them. I sat there in the middle of the bed while the four of them stood and looked at me. After a long moment of silence, Kathy spoke.

"Alex this is Nate, my boyfriend" I was about to speak but she cut me off " I met him two months ago when we had a field trip and Jacob was his cousin which is Keith's friend, but not yet Boyfriend" Keith nodded furiously and the two boys pulled their cute faces at me.

"You and you" I pointed at their faces "promise me not to hurt my friends and if y

The girl with eye glasses shot me a glare and went to hold Jacob's hand while the other sat in Nathan's lap. I gawked at the sight. Nu-uh this couldn't be happening, I mean they are my friends, how can we go and have fun if these two medusas would look at me in the eye then turn me into a cold stone. What surprised me was this, the girl I am dreading to have with me for this entire week, was here! Alex is freaking here. She gaped at me but then she quickly recovered and walked off to her friends

"Hey men, d' ya know her?" Nathan asked behind me.

"N-no, why?""Just asking. It was, the way you look at her. It looks like the two of you are ready to pounce and kill each other, and I know that face of yours if you are lyi--"

" Bro, just drop it!" I said and walk off and sat on the hood of their jeep

"Ok guys, let's settle on our seats so we could have this trip now or never!" Jake said interrupting my moment of silence. The girl with eye glasses sat on the passenger sit beside him and it left us; me, Nathan, Alex and the other girl standing.

"No way, I won't stay outside, I won't, EVER! Please Nathan, how about this? You two should be there" The girl suggested, pointing at me and Alex.

"Noooo!" The two of us yelled at the same time

"Yeeeesss! " Nathan and her yelled back





"STOP! Why don't we just use this sticks" The girl with eye glasses offered, holding up four barbeque sticks. We look at her ridiculous.

Ha! As if that stick would help us...

" Whoever got the two short one will stay outside, deal?" Jake suggested making us look at him.

"Deal!" the four of us answered and got our sticks.

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