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   Chapter 8 Her Masterpiece

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Chapter Seven


I woke up and saw a very bright light. Hmm, am I in heaven? My eyes adjusted and I realized that I was lying on my hospital bed with an IV on my arm. I look down and saw the devil lying beside me. He was snoring slightly and it is quite funny to watch him. I flicked his nose and pulled on his ears but it was no use!

I reached for the glass that was on top of my bedside table but was disappointed to see that was empty. No, I'm not gonna empty it on him, I need a drink for I was sure as hell that I sounded like a person suffering from a severe sore throat.

Putting it back, I saw a figure which is just opening the door. I pause and looked at it. I saw Kobe and the twins entering the room. Kathy whispered something at him and in a minute, I saw his cheerful face turn into a furious one and he went next to me.

"Is he the one who made this to you? Is HE?!" He shouted. I cowered slightly and nodded my head. "Hmm, Well then"

I thought he was going to let it pass but then he pulled the devil up from his seat, and that cause him to wake up. The devil look at him with sleep-filled eyes but then Kobe punch him in the gut and that send the devil into the real world, made him realize what is happening.

I wince for I am sure that it was painful. Being hit when you have just woken up from your dream is a very bad way of waking up. Kobe gave him another punch in the gut. That made the devil to cough out, his eyes leaking with tears. I was shocked and told him to stop. I cringed as I heard my voice. Keith gave me water and I drank it eagerly.

"Kobe stop, please? Just leave for no. I will let you deal with him on the right time, on the right place. Consider this as a favor, please?" He put the devil down and went out. I look at the twins and they scurried off with their brother.

Caiden look at me and smiled. I look at him with a questioning look but was shocked to see his nose bleeding. I sat up and wipe it.

Flustered on the way I act, I look at him and realized that he too, was astonished. The silence lingered on the air, the both of us lost on our own thoughts. Neither of us spoke, enjoying the atmosphere. Well, it soon was disturbed when the devil cleared his throat.

"Can we just start again, you know? Talk like a two civilized person without getting into a fight?" I look at him, unable to say something.

Seriously, is he trying to act like a peace-maker?

"Hey." he said as I didn't answer after a minute.

"Hey." I answered back in a voice just above a whisper.

"I'm--uh- Cade, Caiden Coleford. But you can call me Cade. How about you? What is your name?" he asked while offering his hand. He looked deep in my eyes and I was mesmerized with those deep blue orbs.

He's like Dwayne I whispered to no other than myself. But he is not like him too.

"I'm Alex. Alexandra Anderson" I shook his offered hand and pull it back.

"Alex, what a unique name was that." He said with a mocking voice. I glared a

After that, I smiled at Dr. Moore which is a very nice old man. He was the one who saved me when my heart had a breakdown seven years ago and acted as my Grandfather or 'Pops' as what I had called him since I was a child.

"Kiddo nice drawing you have there" He said looking at me. I tried to control myself but then I burst out laughing. He joined me and together we talk about how I should take care of myself and refrain from doing strenuous work. We also talk about Caiden which made Pops laugh at me.

Good thing that our talk was finished before Caiden arrived. Well, I'm not surprise to see him fuming, actually I found it funny. I really can't stop myself from shaking in a silent laughter. I could see Dr. Moore doing the same thing in the corner of my eyes. Caiden look at us incredulously and we laugh even louder!

"What's wrong with you people? You keep on laughing, Is there something on my face?" He said raising an eyebrow and that made as laugh even more

"Y-you--should've--seen--your--ff--face" Dr. Moore said between fits of laughter while pointing at him. Caiden look at me then dashed off to the comfort room but I just laughed him off.

After a minute or so he went out of the comfort room, a million emotions running through his face. What can I say? He looks like constipated, angry, annoyed…I really don't know how to describe it.

It's a good thing though that he already removed those two circles around his eyes. He glared at me and that made me cower and hide behind Dr. Moore.

I look at him behind my personal barrier. I could see his face becoming red as the seconds passed by. My mind was brainstorming with words to say so he could forgive me but then I was cut off by no other than the devil.

He laughed as in Laugh!

"Good drawing Alex! I'm amazed you have the guts to do that to ME!" He said still laughing.

"Well, I think I'm not the one who is crazy here" I muttered but I think he caught that when he suddenly stops, Oops

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