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   Chapter 7 Her vs. HIm

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Chapter Six


Tommy gathered the flour from the kitchen, while I went up my room to find some paint. I was surprise that Krista didn't notice Tommy, so we proceed for our plan.

I put a waffle right in front of the devil's door and after that, put some flour and green body paint inside the pail and hang it over the door. Tommy will be the one to let go of the rope once the devil come out while I prepare myself to pop the champagne at him.

As the minutes passed by we grew bored but then we are surprised when the door suddenly open and the devil came out. I count one, two and three and then Tommy let go of the rope.

We laugh at the sight in front of us. Here glaring at us was no other than, Caiden Cole ford soaked in green paint and flour. I pop the champagne and Tommy shouted " there is an alien in the house!" the devil glared at the two of us and we ran.

We went to the kitchen and saw Krista doing the dishes. I pulled Tommy behind Krista but then the devil was fast enough and saw us hiding behind her.

Krista saw him and laughed. We join her but then our little fun soon stopped as the devil's voice boom.

"You b*tch will going to regret this!" good thing I have covered Tommy's ears. Krista dragged Tommy with her to the living room. It is better for him to stay there than to see this.

"What, why would I? You are the one who started it for you wipe your spit on my face!" I answered back.

"No. You are the one who spit on my face when I am just concern for you!"

"Really? You are the one who invaded my privacy. You are the reason why I am trap here all summer!" he look at me and I swear I saw guilt flash in his blue eyes but he covered it with anger.

"That's different! I didn't know you and you start calling me Dwayne. I'm not him and so I chose to laugh at you and call you delusional for mistaking me for someone I do not even know!" with the mention of his name I started to cry.

"You don't know what I've gone through with him. From your words you are different from him. I hate myself for showing there at the park. I hate myself for yelling at you for I thought you are Dwayne. I hate myself because I'll be marrying you. I hate IT!" I shouted, "And you, shouldn't you be happy to see me like this?" I pointed at him with tears running freely through my cheeks.

And with that I ran stra

hey took the Alex into her room before I went home. I change my shirt and pants for it was still soak with white flour and green paint.

I finished changing and went back to the hospital again. I asked the nurses where Alex was but I din't know her full name. I told them the details and told me that she was in the room 427.

I went in the elevator and punched the floor number 4 and waited. As I open the door to her room, I saw Krista lying there asleep. I went near her bed and sat in the chair beside her.

I look at her peaceful face. Hmm, she is pretty in her own way. My hands move in their own accord and trace her lips and that cause the girl to flutter her eyes. She looked at me dreamily and said "Dwayne? You're back" she sat up and hug me. I was surprise, so I didn't respond back.

Hmm, maybe the drugs was still affecting her.

"I'm not Dwayne, I'm Caiden" she laughed and shook her head.

"Oh, please stop playing jokes at me, Dwayne. I know you are, you are Dwayne!" She cried and hugged me closer. I let her cry on my shoulder until she fell asleep.

After a while I settled her in a proper sleeping position and fell asleep beside her. All I know is, she's not bad at all, in fact, I like her when she is like this. Maybe I could just put drugs on her every drink so we could be friends forever.

I wonder what would happen tomorrow. Would she be good at me or act all b*tch and snobby at me? I hope though, that she will forget all what happen on our first encounter, that we will be friends before we will be tied forever.

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