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   Chapter 6 Her perception of Him

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Chapter Five


This was just plain ridiculous.

I can't believe this. I mean, the girl whom I'll be married with was that crazy girl whom I shouted at the park? I touched the swelling bump in the back of my head and wince, glaring at her.

She looked at me with anger and hurt. She is clenching her hands that I couldn't help but distance myself from her. I turn to look at her again and checked her out. Hmmm, well she has a nice body and oh yeah. It will be great for her to be in my bed. My thoughts snap when I heard her irritated voice speaking "Dad can you just make this meeting fast so I could go back to sleep and rest?"

"Well, Alex. Caiden here will be staying for two months so that you two can have a good time and also, you'll be the one to be his tour guide, understand?" Her dad looked at her but she just nodded her head like the matter was nothing to her.

"Understood" she answered while moving far away from me but it gave me the urge to move closer to her. Well, I'm a tease...

"Like I really have a say" I heard her mutter beside me.

The girl, Alex, went up the stairs and disappeared. I turned to her parents as they began to talk to me. "Caiden, this is Krista, " an old lady pop out from behind Mrs. Anderson and settled beside them. "She'll be the one to assist you and would guide you to your room for you know that we and your parents needed to attend the meeting with the Moore's" Mr. Anderson shook my hand while Mrs. Anderson trap me into a bear hug " Don't be shy to call me Mom, " She gave me a smile before heading in their Maserati. I watch their car went off before I followed Krista upstairs.

While we walk, I notice the picture frames lining the walls. It was the girl. She was so cute and adorable, so far from that mean girl who threw a helmet at me. We reach the last room of this long hallway. Our house was big but I'm used to it, this house was new to me though it felt very familiar to me.

Krista opened the door and a room with a shade of navy blue and black welcomed me in. Hmm, just like my room back home. I went to my window and was amazed with the scenery.

A knock interrupted me, from the door -the chauffeur from a while ago carried my luggage in.

"Just put it in, " I look at his nametag and acknowledge him, "Jake, then you could leave." I saw him nod as he put my things inside the room. He left without another word. Not having anything to do, I decided to just tidy things up.

I opened my luggage and brought out my laptop. I put it on the table near the window. Next my clothes then shoes. As the sun went down, I was finally finished.

I went to my bed and plan to have a nap but before I fall into my dream world a knock interrupted me. I opened it to see Krista. "Dinner is ready, Mr. Cole Ford" Krista said bowing her head.

"Give me a minute and I'll be down." I fix my shirt then checked myself in the mirror. Hey, I know I'm a man but shouldn't we need to look nice to be attractive?

As I descend downstairs to the dining hall, I saw Alex look up and then down to her food again. Her parents are still not here so the two of us r

nothing you should worry about, Tommy" I pick him up and settled him in my arms. I look behind him and sure enough the devil is standing there watching us curiously.

"Can you please stop following me Cold foot!" I glared at him and look back at Tommy but notice that he was staring at him too.

"Alex, is he the one who made you cry?" Tommy locked eyes with him and they had a staring contest. Dway-I mean Caiden bowed down after a while making me cheer. Yey! Tommy bear won.

"Kid, can you please leave us alone? I need to talk to her" The devil told my Tommy bear but he just shook his head furiously.

"No! I won't leave my sister! " and with that he force me to put him down and hug my knees closer. I smiled down at him but saw the shadow of the devil is coming closer.

He yank Tommy's hand off me and drag him out to the road.

"Alex! Help me" Tommy keep on repeating this but the devil was already dragging me back home. He locked the door and ignored Tommy's banging on the door. Caiden glared at me and I return it back.

"What do you want?" I asked after a moment of silent.

What he did surprise me.

He put his finger in his mouth, took it out and wiped it on my face. I stood there shocked. He took out his phone and took a picture of me with mouth open wide. And that made me chase him.

"You as*hole will going to pay, Rraaa!" I screamed while chasing him upstairs, but then he is a fast runner and he locked his door before I got him.

I look under and heard him laughing his fat arse! Oh, I'm going to make him pay. As I stay outside his room Krista called me out for breakfast. I went downstairs open the door and let Tommy in.

We sat on the bar stools and ate our waffles. Tommy put too much maple syrup on our waffles and that made us hyper. We even ordered Krista to make us her special hot chocolate.

As we finish all of it, an idea pops inside my head. I told Tommy about it and he also gave me his idea of revenge. We laugh hysterically as we plan the things we will do to him.

Caiden Archer Cold foot, You Are Going To PAY!

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