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   Chapter 5 Her, ending a chapter

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Chapter Four


"Lalala, wake up" I open my eyes to see a jumping figure on my bed, squishing me, making my body went all jelly and my vision, waved.

Oh....whoever it is, it really is going to pay.

I look up to see who it is and my anger cool off, it's Tommy Bear! "Hey, Tommy why are you up so early?" I said yawning while rubbing the sleep on my eyes.

"It's not earl, it's already 10 in the morning!" He answered back with a "duh" tone

"Oh, okay. Tommy, can you please go out for a minute? I'll change and after that I'll meet you later for I need to get ready for my graduation. "

"Oh, sorry I didn't know that. Bye" he said shutting my door.

I quickly took a bath and headed inside my closet to find my dress. I searched for it and found it at the the table where I put the shopping bags yesterday. It was a blue dress with a black ribbon at the back and it's really gorgeous.I slipped in my jeans and shirts then put it inside the paper bag and went out of my closet. Then I was tackled to the floor by no other than the twins.

"It's time for your Makeover!" They both yelled.

They drag me into a chair and tied my hand. They pulled out my favorite ice creams: vanilla ice cream and pistachios. One of them was shoving ice cream in my mouth and the other was applying makeup on my face.

Oh, heaven....


Or, hell?

After 3 long hours of torture, they are finally done. I look at the mirror; the girl in front of me looks back with wide eyes. I realized that the girl was me. I squealed and gave them a hug

I gave them an all over and realized that both of them are all ready. We slipped on our dresses. Keith had a purple dress; Kathy has a pink dress and me, a blue dress. We put our graduation gowns on and walked out of my room, our arms interlocked with each other.

A black limousine was already waiting on our driveway, we headed in and after fifteen minutes we're already standing in front of Abraham Lincoln High School. Teachers greeted and hugged each of us and after that, we headed to the gym where all of our batch mates are seated on the chairs facing the stage. I put my graduation cap on and sat in between Riana Adams and Sadie Andrews. The twins are just next to Sadie for our seat plan was arranged according to our surnames. I convince Sadie to change with me so

We two can have a chit chat with our friends for the ceremony hasn't been started.

As I settled in Sadie's chair, Kathy pulled me and I just realized that she has been crying. I looked at Keith and she shrugged. I comfort Kathy in my arms and later on she stopped and looked at me."I'll miss you Alex! I know that after this, we will rarely see you. I know that you will be busy. You should promise me that we would keep in touch, okay?" she said with a serious tone.

"Oh, come on we still have this summer to spend together!" But then I regret saying this to her for I know this summer won't be same as the summers we spend, all because of that stupid arrangement with Mr. Cold-foot! "Anyway, I promise." as soon as I said those two words Kathy hugged me again.

Our dramatic scene was cut short as soon as the principal went in front of the stage to say her speech. After an hour of listening to the principal and the guest speaker, Mrs. Hartley called me to the stage.I almost forgot that I need to go there and deliver my speech. After all the revelations I've heard this weekend, I doubted that I could recite what I have been practicing for a month now.

My thoughts were cut short when I reach the stage. Mrs. Hartley was there waiting for me. She handed me the microphone and I grabbed it with shaking hands, starting my little speech.

"Good morning parents, teachers and batch mates." I looked at each of them, and notice my parents looking shocked.

I gave them a smile and continued."We're here today for the Graduating class of 2012-2013. I guess all of you my batch mates we're happy that we are finally free of this torturous high school days and that we can proceed to college, be independent; follow our dreams, " I smiled at them and they returned it also.

"It's like yesterday; I was standing in front of the Abraham Lincoln High School building, staring up and down with wide eyes and mouth. Horror struck me as soon as the first bell rang, taking a deep breath as I opened the door to my homeroom and can't find Keith and Kathy on it. I'm so worried that my friends may not be there at lunch, but glad when I spotted them" I smiled at the thought.

"It's been 4 years since we all started our freshman year here. I know some of us experienced being bullied, laugh at or being treated as an outcast. For those four years, I know sometimes that I zoned out of this world and to my own. I won't mind anyone…though I am glad because all of you were there to cheer me up."I wiped the tears with the back of my hand, glad that the twins applied a waterproof makeup.

"I remember those times we stood up together. We never leave behind those weak but instead we fight for them, and encourage them to be strong. Even in our last field trip, when we have to camp in the forest for the bus won't start then Kent and Aries were lost. We were so worried that time then all of the sudden Sarah found them sleeping in one of the tents." We all laugh at that memory.

"Well guys, all I want to say is that no matter where we go or what will happen to us in the near future, we should always be there for each other. Like what happen on our last days in our senior year, when we cried together, laugh together and together will be going to the next chapter of our lives!" We all cheered and together we throw our graduation caps.

The program goes on fast. They announce our names and handed us that piece of paper called diploma. Someone says that attending high school was just a waste for they would just hand you a piece of paper with your name in it, but they doesn't know how high school change our lives.

High School years brought us extraordinary experiences that we don't even know that it would happen to us. We laugh, we cry and just what that singer says, dance until we die, but high school doesn't end like that. It brings us new friends and companions that would accompany us into the new chapter of our lives. My thoughts were cut short by a bone-crushing hug on my side.

Oh yeah! Kathy

"I'll be missing you Alex, would you miss me too?" I laughed and hugged her tighter.

"Of course, Kathy!".

"What about me?" I looked up to see her twin sister, Keith

"Oh, you too. Of course! You two are my twin-zilla forever. I won't leave you whatever happens in the near future!" They look at me and they burst out laughing, I look at them and realized how cliché my little speech was. I joined them and together we headed to our parents.

We went to The Mill House and ordered our favorite pasta and pizza. Our fathers engorged with their wine and business and our moms talking loudly as the three of us laugh our heads off like what we do when we're still kids. Their young brother, Kal, was looking at us with wide blue eyes, his hands buried inside his mash potatoes, gurgling. I took a couple of pictures of us, dance with Kal on my arms as I planted a kiss on his forehead.

We headed home and I went inside my room to change and took a long bath. That night my parents went in my room when I was about to sleep. We talk about the deal and that I should prepare for Mr. Cold-foot, I mean Mr. Cole Ford will be coming any day this week.

I sighed as they took their leave. I guess my freedom ends as summer starts.


, it's like my favorite of all the seasons but at the same time I hate it....


I woke up late, smiling as I stretch my arms. Alright! No more school. I walk inside the bathroom and took a very long bath.

After an hour, I walk inside the closet and found a white shirt and dark wash jeans. I blow dry my hair and went out of the closet and to my room to get my purse. I'm going go out today and have some ice cream. A tradition I have always done when summer starts

I went down the stairs looking for mom and dad when Krista pop her head out from the kitchen saying that mom and dad went out so early and that she doesn't know where did they go.

I went to our garage and brought out my bicycle. It's been almost four years since I used it and it's still the same as I left it here I wore my helmet and took off. I went at our tree house and regretted my decision as I turn the pages of our photo album. After a while I can't take it the pain anymore as I run out of the woods to the park and saw someone who is familiar to me.

I continue walking and saw his face.

I did a double take.

It's him

I stared at him, alive and well and handsome, as always.

The leaves fell down around us. The summer sun's heat pierces my skin but I couldn't care less. The sunlight bathed everything with that fairytale glow. The sweet breeze blew. The kids walking hand in hand as they ate their ice cream sort of brought me back into the past. Today was like the day I met him: Me, riding a bicycle and him, walking down the pavement.

Except that in the past, I met him here, because he was crying but now, he is not. He is smiling so wide that he even has the guts to flirt with the girls. I grab the handle of the bicycle and watch him as he make his way towards me. I do not know why I feel nervous. A trickle of sweat drip on the side of my face, my heart beat fast and I could hardly breathe. He was meters away, until it grew shorter to a foot and then bam, he bumped into me and we fall down, him on top of me.

This felt like a déjà vu, like it was our very first encounter.

We scurried to get up but ended up bumping our heads together. I glared at him as he got up, He didn't even offer me a hand. He didn't even give me a second glance.

He just passed by me. Not noticing me. Not even looking at me.

I do not know which hurts more. Hearing about his death and believing that I am delusional right now thinking of seeing him as a ghost, or seeing him, alive and well, as he passes me by. Not even a glance or a look of familiarization.

I felt my heart constrict and my face redden. I let go of the bicycle and turn to face him. I remove the helmet that I was wearing and grip it tightly before screaming, "YAH!

He turned to face me and gave me a weird look. He just stood there and it gave me a moment to admire his beauty. He was like a real life Adonis. The young cupid has now bloom into a very beautiful god. My eyes held his blue eyes. His eyelashes are so long that it brushes his cheek every time he blinks. His nose was a bit crooked; maybe he's gotten into fights before and his lips, same as before. They are shaped like cupid bows and have the color of the deepest red.

With all my might, I hugged him, closing my eyes and waiting for him to hug me back. I looked at him confused, why didn't he hug me? He looked at me and laughed "Look, I don't have time for you, I'm used on being chased by girls but look at you, and you're not even my type!" He looked at my face and laugh.

I didn't speak for I was afraid that if I did, he'd be gone. He turned to leave and I stood there watching him. No, I won't let him leave, even if this is just a dream. I need to talk to him why he said those words earlier."Dwayne. Dwayne!" He didn't stop. I jogged the remaining distance and yanked him back."Why are you doing this Dwayne, Why? ANSWER ME!" I pulled his hand."I'm not Dwayne!" He shouted, his brows furrowed in confusion.

"No.You are!" I shouted back at him. Why is he playing this sick joke? If this is truly a dream I wish I could--

"Look here, young lady. I'm not Dwayne! I don't know who the fuck he is and who you are!" He yelled so loud that I have this urge to cover my ears and cry. I looked at him in disbelief.

He gave me an angry sighed and explained "I am Caiden. So, if you still insist that I'm Dwayne, just go to the medics for you sure needed to be cured!" He said stalking off.

NO! This is the most stupid joke I ever have!

"Please, stop joking." I grabbed his hand and look at him.

His laugh caught me off guard as it woke me from my admiration. He took my hand and said in his now deep voice, "Lass, back off. The likes of you are not my type. You have the body of a little girl and that doesn't impress me much. Good day." He wink at me before letting go of my hand. My hands curled into a fist and before I know it, the helmet I was holding was already flying towards him.

I raise my hand as if to save him but it collided with his head right before I could even react. It sounded a hollow thump and a pronounced groan. His hands made his way to the back of his head as he turn and face me. I stared back at the eyes that seem like it was murdering me, he chased me off and I hastily took my bicycle and headed towards Kathy and Keith's house.

I couldn't help but feel mix emotions as he ran after me. This was like before. This was like that summer, that summer I met him.

It didn't take long before I arrive at Kathy's driveway. I look around only to see no one. Not even Dwayne who was running after me. Was I dreaming? Or was it that his ghost is following me? Geez, I should stop thinking now. This made it seem creepy. I tried to open the Blake's gate but it was locked. I found a letter which says that they have gone to Los Angeles for five days to visit their grandparents. With a heavy heart I pedaled towards the direction of our house chanting, "This is just a dream. This is just a dream" while looking around. I went up to my room and collapse on the bed, thinking.

How can I let this happen? Maybe that boy wasn't him. He isn't like that. He won't treat me like that. How could he?! How could he forget me that fast? How could he reject me like some piece of sh*t!

I heard voices from the living room. Maybe mom and dad are here. Oh! I should tell them about this. I rush towards my bathroom and freshen up, removing the leaves entangled on my curly hair when a knock sounded. "Yes?"

"Ms. Anderson, I'm sorry for disturbing you but your mom and dad would like you to go downstairs." Krista said from outside my room.

"Ok, I'll be down there in a minute. Thanks, Krista!" I yelled back.

As I descend down to our living room, a million thoughts crossed my mind. Why do my parents wanted me to go down? They don't usually ask for me when they are talking to their business partners so as to not reveal who I am. Is there something they didn't tell me? Is it one of those stupid deals again?

I don't know if I could handle another one.

I entered the living room and saw a figure of a guy sitting on my favorite seat facing mom and dad. My parents look up and saw me. They stopped talking with the guy and stood up.

"Alex, we would like you to meet, " my dad looked at me and continued, "Mr. Cole ford; to be exact, Mr. Caiden Archer Cole ford." The guy stood up and turned his body on my direction.

All I know is I'm gonna hate him. Oh! I already hate him and I really wanted to rip his cocky arse head off and throw it into nowhere that he won't be able to find it ever again!

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