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   Chapter 4 Her, as of now

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Chapter Three


"So, where are we going?" Keith said as we pulled out of our driveway.

"You know the usual" Kathy squealed and side-hugged me. I am glad that we fix our issue right away. I turned the radio up and sing with Katy Perry with the song 'Party in the USA'. We went to the ice rink which is near the mall and look for a parking space.

After that we paid and got our ice skating shoes. A hand snatched my arm from behind and I turned around to see a smiling Keith.

"Keith!" I shouted as she started to drag me at the center. She chuckled, pushing me more then she took one last glance at my place, contented. She left me there with my mouth hanging open and eyes with the size of saucers.

"You can do it" Kathy yelled and she whispered something to the DJ.

The song 'when you're gone' by Avril Lavigne played. I blushed not that I'm embarrassed but angry. I soon cool off as I saw their cute puppy dog faces.

I prepared myself and dance gracefully. People started gathering and soon many of them are taking videos. I don't mind though. I am used to that attention since I was a kid.

I stopped doing figure skating when Dwayne left. He's my partner after all. After my operation and the therapies I undergo, I tried to do this but then just seeing another memory of me and him broke my heart. It's like a part of me would die every time I skate. From the moment he left, a part of me has drifted away with him and never returned.

He took this away from me and now I can do it without him. I smiled as I felt being free without his memories hunting me, without his face looking at me with pity.

I didn't know that I had tears on my eyes while I'm dancing gracefully. When the music stopped Kathy wiped it with her free hand while she hugged me.

We went to the mall to have lunch. And as we are done, the twins grabbed me again and dragged me inside the clothes department.

They had evil grins plastered on their faces and I swear, I have goose bumps on my arms and neck. It's just the two combination of both evil were unpredictable and they are most likely good on doing pranks. They covered my eyes with that blindfold and then

Boom! I can't see anything...

"What are you going to--" I was cut off by them pushing me inside on what I think is a dressing room.

They pulled my hair, strap me off my dress, applied a little bit make up and dragged me over again.

"Oww" I groaned as they remove the blindfold. My eyes hurt a little as they adjust to the brightness of the light.

"Surprise!" They yelled. I look at the mirror and gawked. Oh my goodness, they have transformed me into a paramore-type model.

My usually auburn hair was changed unto a short pink razory wig with bangs that hangs just below my eyes with a goofy blue bug pin. My blue dress was changed into a pink latex swing dress, a white band t-shirt on top, a belt on my waist and my black converse shoes on. I really look like Hayley Williams.

"Here" said Keith. I looked down and notice that she gave me a microphone.

"What am I going to do with this--" The two giggled as they dragged me again to the center of the mall. What with this two! They're like balls of energy that got out of nowhere.

They left me there standing. After a while Rico, Damien and Kobe arrived with their electric guitars and drums set. I looked at the twins and they were also astonished to see the three. I guess it's not a part of their plan. They set everything on the stage while I was trying to calm my nerves. The three of them look at me and noticed that I'm not yet ready.

They gave me a reassuring smile. Then Kobe mouthed 'everything will be okay' then smiled. I decided that I'm going to do this for I really wanted to return to my old self. I took a deep breath while ascending on the make shift stage.

"One, two, one, two, three, four" Kobe counted and started.

"Can't count the years on one hand that we've been together"

A crowd was forming and I fought the blush that was forming beneath my light makeup.

-memories of me and him together flashed in front of me like a movie. The swing, the beach, the pranks we made and the wishes-

"I need the other one to hold you make you feel, make you feel, better"

I looked around the stage and saw the crowd getting thick by the second.

-I remembered the first time we met at the park, him stumbling on me, crying his eyes out and sharing our ice cream together which made the both of us be friends forever, but I guess forever is not happening now-

"It's not a walk on the park to love each other...."

-I remembered the days and nights we stayed at our tree house. Him, rowing our boat into the middle of the pond, watching those meteor showers and finally making our wish-

"But when our fingers interlocked can't deny, can't deny you're worth it."The days we spend together flashes in front of me, it was so vivid that I found myself looking afar. He surprised me on everything he does. Like he was my own box of surprises, he never failed to surprise me every time he's beside me.

"Cause after all this time I'm still into you."

-I looked at the boys and the three of them smiled genuinely at me. I glanced at Kathy and Keith below me and continued.-

"I should be over all the butterflies, I'm into you, I'm into you."

-The feeling I felt every time he's there with me was unexplainable. Those times we sing together while playing the piano makes me wanna cry and be with him again.-

"And baby even on our worst night, I'm into you."

-I remembered those times when we had a fight over the little things and then after so many hours he'll be there begging for forgiveness then after that we'll have ice cream-

"Let 'em wonder how we got this far, 'cause I don't really need to wonder at all, "

-I smiled to myself realizing that we had a really nice time together but we didn't have our happy ending. I wonder where our friendship would lead after all this years.-

"And after all this time I'm still into you."

I danced around the stage. The guys were enjoying it for I can see it on their eyes. The crowd was busy recording my video but it's ok, I don't care anymore.

"Thank you! Thank you New York!"

The crowd cheered for me and together, they clapped their hands. I went to my friends and hugged them. The three guys were watching us from a far and so I ran the remaining distance and captured them on a giant bear hug.

"Oh Alex, how I really miss you" Damien said with that little girly voice and the four of us laughed. The twins joined in and so we had a feast of it. After a long five minutes of laughter feast, the six of us recovered.

"So, who plan all of this?" I asked looking at them seriously.

"Mine" Kobe and Kathy said and the two of them glared at each other playfully.

"Well, it's mine really, but then my big snot of a brother has an ear of an elephant and heard about it"

"Of course I'll hear it, for you had a very big mouth with the size of the world" Kobe waved his hands dramatically on the air and formed it on a circle.

"No, I don't!" Kathy snapped

"Yes you have!" Kobe retorted"No"


"Stop it you two!" Keith snapped as she pushed the two apart.

Oh well! Here she comes Keith, the drama-hater.

So let's stop right here and let me introduce you the indestructible, inseparable, The Three Idiots! Well, I used to call them the three idiots from the moment that movie came out on air.

Kobe Blake: He was now on his First year on college. He was very addicted to music. Played a lot of pranks on me and the twins (he still love him after all even if he's sometimes an as*hole) and he's my very own Cubby! He was always there through thick and thin, rain or shine or whatever; he was what I wanted for a big brother.

About his two very loyal minions who were always there beside him even if they have differences, they all complement each other. If Damien is sick they would care for him, If Rico was bullied they will fight for him and if Kobe got a detention they will joined him there, sleeping or doing homework together.

Damien Clarke-David, Rico's adopted brother. He was orphaned when he was still three because his parents died in a car accident. He's a very charming guy with that cute British accent. He was the master mind of all pranks and if you find out that you can't find your shoe, he's the one to be blame.

And lastly Rico David, a very shy boy with his nerd looks. He was always the sober one, the kind, the gentleman. All of us like him for he's very responsible. He was the one who will carry the two when they are drunk, drive them home, save them from detention, woke them up every weekday morning and the one who was always been left out when they do pranks.

They weren't that close but then one day on their kindergarten years, Damien cried and Rico don't know what to do. Kobe the always nosy kid he was, saw them and convince Damien to stop crying. From that day on, they were the town's trio and nothing can stop them.

They look like a runaway from a juvenile, they had a bad-ass behavior that scares away every student but they didn't know that inside this scary strong, attractive, sexy and hot behavior they are our little cuddly bears.

"Com'on my friends, stop it now." Kathy and Kobe pouted and I heard a very faint 'fine' from both of them.

"So wanna go shop?"

"Nooooooooo!" The three exclaimed.

"You don't want to accompany me on buyin' a dress?" I asked with my little voice and my signature puppy dog eyes.

"Uh--uhm--uh. Uh, Fine!" Kobe sighed defeated

"Well, come on!" I replied, glad that I accept them back to my circle of friends. I really miss this three. Since the incident, I acted like a total bitch at them and I didn't care about it. I wanted to make it up to them that is why I'm doing all this.

The six of us headed to the clothes department again. I paid for my dress and then headed to the girls who are looking at the mannequins. An idea popped on my head as I looked over the boys. Oh, the twins are going to rejoice with this plan I had on my mind!

I ran to them and whispered my plan. The boys look at us curiously for Kathy and Keith were laughing like mental patients.

Keith excuses herself for a while and went to buy a smoothie. It was one of the favorite drinks of the boys, and it's very girly! As we waiting for her, we entertain ourselves looking at those funny clothes.

After ten minutes or so, Keith arrived. The boys saw those three tumblers and they let out a girly shriek. I swear that this three act like gay sometimes. If they didn't hook up with all those schools sluts, I would really classify them as gays!

They eagerly drunk those

smoothies and I laughed as the three of them slumped down to the cold floor, asleep. Well, I told Keith to buy these smoothies for them purposefully, then she put sleeping pills in it. It will take them an hour to wake up.


We dragged each of them with us inside of the dressing room then got out to get a chair.

After an hour of carrying them, pushing them, holding each of their faces, we're finally done. We laughed at our masterpieces and took pictures of them as they are still asleep.

We went out of the dressing room and was shock to hear someone call me "ALEX!"

Kobe came out with a blonde wig and yellow tank top on. It doesn't cover his navel for it was cut short to make the one who would wear it, sexy. He also wore 4 inches blue heels. Kathy took a picture of him while he's fixing his clothes. Kathy forgot to shot off the flash and that alerts Kobe.

"Kathy! Give me that " she was about to give it to him but Keith snatched it from her and took a picture of Damien which is about to get out. He was wearing a neon green dress with black spots. He also has a sky blue wig on and red 5 inches heels. Damien look up, his mouth agape.

"What are you three-"he was cut off by another shot from me, for Rico just woke up from his deep slumber. They look at each other and to us. We ran around the department store with them in tow.

After a while, Rico found us inside of a tent at the department store. He snatched the camera from me then looked at the pictures. He found a few pictures of them and he deleted it in a hurry. I silently laughed knowing that I've kept the back-up memory card inside my jacket pocket.

He return the camera to me and as we looked at him, with his long blond curled wig, green sundress with pink ribbon and a white and black striped 3 inches heels, we laughed. I realized that I really did a good job with that. I wonder how they ran so fast for they wore high heels.As we are about to let them return to their jeans and shirts, a running boy bump into me.

He looked up at me then speak "Hayley, is that you? And the boys ooohh" he giggled and he saw Kobe, Damien and Rico.

"They look ridiculous! What did you do to them paramore! I mean Hayley Williams!" he shot me an angry look and he laughed. As in laugh his genuine kid laugh.

"Nuh, I'm just kidding I know you're not Hayley Williams" he looked at my back and he sighed "I guess it's time to say good bye uh...uh…what's your name?"

"I'm Alex."

"Oh, okay! Bye..." He hugged me and ran clumsily to his mother. I looked at him while they are talking. We were about to go when he grab my knees again.

"Mom, but I want to hang-out with them, please? I rarely got any friends" he shouted back hugging my knees tighter.

Surely if he doesn't look like a child I would probably classify him as a teenager boy, he acts like one! We laughed and he hugged me tighter. Geez! I'm going to have cramps if he doesn't let go.

His mom looked at me, turn to his father, to my friends, then back to me again. She smiled and gave me a nod. I smiled politely at her then look down to pick him up.

"Okay, buddy you can go with them, but remember we're just on the food court if you needed anything" his dad said while he squirmed and I let him go.

The boy kissed his mom and dad and tell them goodbye as he watch them go. He look up at me when they're gone and smiled as he took my hand.

The boys changed into their usual outfits. As we waited, I picked the boy up and ask him where to go. He just pointed to the nearest toy store and gave me a goofy grin.

"I forgot to ask you li'l boy, what's your name?" I say which made me look at me with disbelief, crossing his arms he said, "I'm Thomas Jayson Parker. It's too long so they just call me Tommy." He grinned. He squirmed on my arms and I let him free. He ran and disappeared unto one of the toy shelves and after a minute or two, we became worried for he didn't came out.

"Tommy?!" Oh no where is he? His parents are going to kill us. We decided to look at him separately, screaming his name out loud like a lunatic.

"Tommy?!" I called out again. After a few seconds someone hit me on my head. So I turned around to see who did it and got hit again on the forehead.

I look at the thing and scrunched my nose up with disgust. It's green putty, the newest, slimiest and the grossest toy I have ever seen. And as I look up Tommy was standing in front of me, dressed on an astronaut suit, ready to aim! He threw a handful of green slime at me again and run clumsily bumping unto the toys spread out on the floor.I chased him and with that process bump into Rico, Damien and Kobe.

"You too?!" I exclaimed as they grunted, removing the remains of that slimy thing on their hairs. As we are looking for toys that could attack Tommy, we were hit again but this time it's not Tommy.

"Keith? Kathy?!" Kobe exclaimed. The two giggled as we chased them down. We even went inside a fun house and run all the way out. Finally we collapsed into the floor mat of the toy store, exhausted. After 5 minutes someone was writing on my face. I snapped my eyes open and saw an astronaut. Oh! It's Tommy. The others woke up and I laughed at their faces.

We continue the chase until Kobe and I, caught Keith while Rico and Damien caught Kathy. We tied them on a chair and laughed.

"Tommy bear! Please surrender that slimy thing now and get back here or this two would end up--" Damien was cut off by another slimy thing directed to his nose.

"Ha, caught you blonde head!" He pointed to Damien while trying to run off, again.

"Not this time little buddy, " Tommy squeaked while being caught in Rico's grip. Rico gave him to me and I sighed.

"Tommy, why did you do that?"

"Well, I...uh, just wanted to make some fun" he looked at me sheepishly and continued "it's my first time to have friends, nobody in my class want to talk to me, to make friends with me "He looked at me with teary eyes. I hugged him close to me and said. "Don't worry about that, Tommy bear, we're for you. Right guys?" they all responded 'yes' while doing a group hug.

"Thanks to you all but can I ask, what are your names?"

They introduce in front of him and we let him repeat all of their names.

"The blonde head was Damien, the one with eye glasses was Rico, you tall guy was Kobe, and the two look alike which is Kathy and Keith" he looked confused then he look at me "uhmm, Alex how can I know if it's Kathy or Keith?"I looked at Kobe and took him from me.

"Tommy, you know that I'm their brother right?" He nodded." I'm confused like you when I first saw them. So let me tell you my little theory about them" Tommy gave a squeak as Kobe continued, "Kathy here was the bubbly type. She won't stop talking unless it's a serious situation, while Keith was the silent type you would always find her with a book and oh, she's also handy for she acts like a walking encyclopedia. They are opposites and so the two of them balance each other." when Kobe finished his explanation he returned Tommy to me.

Tommy grinned with his perfect white teeth. I envy him though. When I was a kid, I always smile with my toothless grin. I wonder how old he is. I was about to ask when Rico asked the question I had in mind.

"How old are you Tommy?"

"I'm five, why? Do I look so old?" He asked with a worried expression. Oh, how adorable! I'm really falling in love with this kid.

"No, it's just. You act so old and intelligent" Keith comment back.

"Yup, a lot of people say that to me, so I have to explain, again" He sighed and spoke calmly. "I have Asperger Syndrome" we looked at him with our mouths open."Close your mouths will you! The flies were swarming already" he laughed as he took a sit in the middle of the hallway and continued.

"I am two years old that time when they brought me to a game show for my aunt would be joining and my mom should be there to cheer for her. I watched the show and when they started to ask questions, I started answering nonstop. I don't know; the words just came out naturally so my parents just didn't make an issue of it."

"Then one morning, my aunt brought her art supplies with her for she's going to babysit me. Later that day I found it and played with it. She then found me painting the scenery which you could see outside my window. I just laughed at their horrified faces. The next day they brought me to a doctor and confirmed that I have Asperger syndrome" he looked at us.

"I have a problem keeping my balance and when I run I bump into things and I hate it! Kids start avoiding me at school that's why I don't have friends. Teachers rank me as their favorite student, for I always excel their expectations. That's why I'm already in second grade, but do you still accept me even if I have this thing?"He looked at us expectantly. I grabbed him tighter and plant a kiss on his forehead.

"Of course little buddy" he laughed and hugged me too.

We brought him to the food court and on the way there he kept on asking questions on where we live.

"We leave at Ollerton Street, across their street" Damien answered pointing at Kobe.

"We live three houses next to Alex." Kathy grinned

"But, what street?" Tommy asked looking at me in the eye

"Kingsbridge. Why, are you going to invade my privacy?" I asked suspiciously, glaring at him in a funny way. He giggled and return to being serious again.

"No, I'm just curious for I saw the twins' convertible on your drive way. By the way I'm your new neighbor! Our house was beside you" He said while hugging me tighter.

Oh, they are the one who bought Dwayne's house.

"So, I expect to see you every morning right?" I told him while putting him down "Of course, Alex. You'll be my big sister now and I'll be you're li'l brother! Bye Alex" he hugged my knees and took off running clumsily.

I watched them laughing, as he talked about the things he did to us. We headed home with Kathy's convertible and Rico's truck.

???As I lay down to sleep I remember that Tommy was across from my room. I opened my balcony door and when I was about to turn on my flashlight, a squeaky sound caught my ears. I looked at the source and found Tommy waving his hands wildly.

After a half an hour of shouting at each other one of our neighbors shouted at us to keep quiet. Tommy got an idea and wrote it on a paper. He inserted his paper into a canon thing and shot it to my room.

I opened it and smiled. He told me that he was sleepy and that he'll just visit tomorrow morning.

"Night, night Alex!" He shouted one more time

"Good night too, Tommy bear!" I shouted back

And with that we turn off the light and fall to our dream world...

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