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   Chapter 3 Her, resurfacing

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Chapter 2


"Mom, what do you mean he's not coming back?" I stared at my mother with eyes full of confusion. I couldn't understand why she was acting so sullen.

"You know that he's gone for seven years now right" I nodded. Of course I know it. It's been seven years, two weeks, three days and nine hours.

"Well, we didn't say this for we fear that your life would be at risk. We are afraid that your heart would totally breakdown like what had happen when he left you. But please, calm down as we tell you the secret we've keeping for seven years now" Dad bowed his head before he took my mom's hand.

"Dad, what are you saying--"

"He planned on visiting you as a surprise for your tenth birthday but then, they encounter a storm. They sent signals but they're totally late. After two days their plane was found with the pilot in there, his hand on the handle but he hasn't had the chance to remove his seatbelt. On the other hand, his dad and him weren't there so they're hoping that they're still alive, " Mom looked at me with tears flowing on her eyes "After 3 days of searching they found Mr. Collins in the ocean floating, dead. While Dwayne wasn't found--"

"But they don't know him. He's a good swimmer, the best I should say. When we we're six, I was drowning at the beach and he saved me! Maybe he swam on the near island right, right?" I looked at my mom with hope clear on my eyes.

No, he can't be dead. Could he be?

Mom looked down and sighed "I know that Alex, they also came up with those possibilities and so they searched for the nearby island. They can't found anything for months but then, "

She looked at me as a tear fell down her cheek, "Your father got the call from the authorities." Dad qhug my mom and continue, "They found Dwayne's clothes drenched in blood. The DNA they have collected had confirmed that it was him! The island was surrounded by vicious and wild animals. That's why they came up with the conclusion that he's been killed for they can't find any trace beside his torn bloody clothes." Dad shook his head. Mom looked at me with pity that I have seen from the past years, and I don't like people to look at me that way.

"No, mom. No! He's coming back. This is just a dream, a dream! He'll come back. He promised me! " I said as I stood.

"Alex calmed down, sweetie. I know it's hard but listen!" Dad tried to comfort me but I couldn't control myself.

He's gone. After all these years I've waited....he's really gone. Like really gone.

"How could you do this to me? How could you keep this information away from me?"

"Alex please calm down. You'll be stressed out!" Mom pleaded but it was no use.

"No, you're the reason why I'm suffering. You should be the one to shut the hell up and leave me alone! "

I'm guilty for making my mom cry but I've been living for seven years now in hopes that me and Dwayne could be together someday but this revelation had ruin it all for me.

I ran up the stairs, her muffled cries following me up to my room. I hated the fact that she was so broken. I locked my door, curled into a ball and cried. I stared at the wall with my tear-stained face and drifted off into a memory.


"Daddy!" he's heading on my way.

Oh no...

I stared at him with my wide eyes. "Dad!" He bumped into me and I watch my favorite ice cream drop on the pavement.

No one touches my ice cream! He's gonna pay for that.

I grabbed his shoulder and force him to face me. "Don't touch me!" he scream at my face, his green eyes are glaring at me making me afraid.

But I'm strong! I cannot be afraid.

I watch him walk away from me and headed on the swing to sit on. I followed him and stand in front of him.

"Hey! Look what you've done to my ice cream..." I yelled at him while showing him my empty cone. His eyes widen. He look at my face and the empty scope at my hand and back at my face again.

"That's not my fault! You are!" His eyes were glassy before he looked down. No, he's not the one who should cry. It's his fault!

"You should buy me another ice cream." I look down and gasped as I saw a tear fall.

"Wait, are you crying? Are you okay?" He hid his face and I sat down the swing beside him. I saw him wipe his cheeks. I rubbed his back and he cried more.

"Daddy told me he's leaving, " he looked up at me.

"Oh, maybe he's just going to buy you a toy, right?" I told him trying to cheer him though he needs to pay for my ice cream.

"No, I don't think he's going to come back. " He cried harder. "Don't think like that!" I tried to reason out.

"I didn't stop dad, my momma told me that they won't be together from now on" he continue to cry on my shoulders and I do not know what to do anymore."I love them and I want them to be together so that we'll live like them." He pointed at the family who are having a picnic.

"Shh, don't cry anymore" I caught him in a giant bear-hug and let him cry on my shoulder.

He was about to dozed off but then I pulled him to the ice cream shop and bought two vanilla and pistachio ice cream.

"Here so you'll feel much better. My momma told me that it's a cure for a sad kid. It always cheers me up when I'm upset."He stared at me with his wide eyes again as I gave him his ice cream. "My mom told me that ice creams will make you lose teeth"

"No, " I covered my missing teeth with my tongue and continued, "it's not. It's normal that we lose teeth because we are growing up. Ice cream is not the only reason." I turn back and was about to pay but then he held my hand. "Wait" he said while holding my hand. He paid for our ice cream and smiled as he tasted it.

"Hmm, yummy! I've never tasted ice cream before"

"Geez, I feel sad for you" I said while rubbing his back

"Are you new here?" he asked after a moment of silence.

"How'd you know?"

"I've seen you're van early this morning, big guys are bringing down large boxes to your new home beside us."

"Aww, so we're neighbors?" I giggled and offered my hand " I'm Alex. Alexandra Anderson, but call me Alex. You?"

"I'm Dwayne Collins, nice to meet you" he said smiling at me. I just notice that he has two dimples.

"Hmm, why are you screaming like crazy a while ago?" I laughed at my comment. He stared at me and I looked at him innocently. He sighed and answered my question.

" Well, Daddy can't hear me if I speak like this" He said with a little voice, a smile creeping up into his lips.

" Really, but still he can't hear you" he just shrugged at my answer and turned his back on me.

"You don't understand, you're not the one who has parents that are separated, you never know how upset I am when I watch them fight every night. You do not know! " he screamed, making me a little sad for him.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to-"I tried to tell him when he turned back to me, smiling.

"Come on let's not talk about this, wanna play hide and seek?" he suddenly asked. "Really?"

"You're it!" With that he jumped off his sit and run. I sat there and after a minute, ran behind him.

*End of Flashback

I stared at the photos; our smiling faces are like salt on the wound on my heart. I stood and pulled them off from my wall. I throw the artworks and throw my pillows on the floor, trying to divert my anger on the things around me. In everything I do, all I can see is Him. From my hobbies, to those summer vacations we used to have. The memory was still there and I can't just forget him.

My only option is to start a new chapter, a chapter without him.

I planned to accept the deal my mom and dad made with their partner. Maybe it won't be that bad, I haven't even met him I didn't met the guy. I just wish he's not a jerk. And with that thought, I fall off to my dreamland...


"Dwayne!" I woke up, sweaty and with tears flowing down my eyes. I remember the happenings yesterday. The secret my parents have kept away from me.

The plane crash, his body not found, in short, his death...

Ever since that day he left, I kept on dreaming about him. I just can't seem to forget about the things we did and the memories we shared.

I look at the clock beside my bed and groan. If I wanted to start a new chapter of my life, I should be willing to forget about the past. I have many things to do today and that is enough to distract me. As I made my w

ay to the bathroom, I spotted a box under my work table. I crouched down and pulled it only to sigh as I open it. The memories played inside my head as I pick each picture. As I empty the box, I was surprised to see the necklace that Dwayne gave me on my Tenth birthday, the last birthday I've celebrated with him.

He can't find me the perfect necklace for he can't go to the city alone. He was so happy when he gave me this and I won't forget the way he hugged me after he put the necklace around my neck.

It was a star and a moon, connected together. The moon was hugging his little star like what Dwayne does whenever I'm sad or upset.

I was his star and he was my moon.

The star was mine but Dwayne took it with him and gave me his moon. He promised me that because he told me whenever he comes back to visit, our necklace will be joined. Like a happy reunion between the two of us.

I wore the necklace and promise myself that I will keep it with me no matter what happen.

I remember what happen last night and I decided to apologize for what I did. I found myself descending down the stairs and was surprised to see my parents eating breakfast. My dad look up and tap the chair beside him, an act that I've known since I am a child, the one that says 'we need to talk'. I raked my hands on my hair and sat in between them. We looked at each other as if saying 'you first'.

Dad broke it off as he start to speak "Alex, " I looked at him and saw guilt flashed on his face but he quickly replace it with a blank face.

"We're sorry that we kept that secret from you. I know it's a very important part of your life but we don't want you to be at risk. You're our only child which is why we wanted to protect you. Don't blame your mom for it for I was the one who told her to keep it. She was against me but you should understand us because we are just concern for you." My dad hugged me as I kissed my mom and hugged her closer to us.

"Mom, Dad, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't be too emotional. I just can't accept it. I mean, he promised me. It's unfair, very..." I cried harder on my mom's shoulder as she whispered soothing words to calm me.

"No, Alex. You know that he cares for you. He loves you, but it's all an accident and no one can ever predict it or stop it." Mom said while trying to make me look at her eyes.

"About the deal, if you want I'll cancel it. Maybe Mr. Cole-ford can let our company be partners with them without having you as a payment. Though according to his other associates, he's not that kind when it came to business. He was a monster and he doesn't have pity, but I'll do everything in my power so you will not be forced. Maybe I can still find a way out of this mess, come out with some idea to save our company and--" he was now blabbering and I've got to stop him or else he'll be speaking nonetheless.

"Dad" he stopped talking and looked at me. "I'll take it. I want to move on. I want to end the story of me and him since I am in the loosing team. He's already gone, what can I do?. Maybe it won't be so bad to start a new story with the boy you're talking about a while ago, who's that again? Uh Mr. Cold-foot?" I told them smirking. The three of us laughed at that.

How I missed this; me sitting in between them, laughing and joking around. They used to be the ones who prepare me for school when I was still a kid. Daddy ties my shoes while mummy brushed my hair. A pinched in my cheeks brought me back to reality and there, smirking at me, was no other than my dad.

"Dad, it hurts!" I whined. He pulled me into a hug and kissed my stinging chin.

"Alexandra, you know it's useless. I'll just keep doing this. You know that I won't stop doing that becau--"

"Because you made a promise that you'll pinched my cheeks every time I did things that makes you proud. Like when you taught me how to skate when we're at the city" I smiled and watch him as he recalled all of it.

"Damn right!" My dad said proudly while mom extended her hands only to flick his nose.

"Language, mister!" She said while glaring playfully at my dad.

"Sorry my sweet Sandra, I just love our daughter so much" He looked at me with disbelief, his mouth open slightly. "I remember that day when I've brought you to my meeting and you keep on fidgeting on your sit for you really are excited to skate. You are so delighted that you just want me to cancel all my meetings and bring you there and when we reached the dome, you pulled me and said 'daddy! Daddy! I want to learn to skate can you teach me?'" he imitated my four year old voice and it really sounds funny. Mom and I laughed as he continued.

"You were so happy that you even made me promise to always take you there. I thought you would stop for your knees were full of scratches and it's bleeding. When I was about to stop you, on that same moment you twirl and do that perfect sliding pose of popular skaters. You flashed me your dazzling smile and so I took a picture of you. When we arrived home, your mom was so angry that I am afraid that she will tie me on the back of our car and dragged me around New York." We all laughed and mom playfully slapped my dad on his shoulders.

He stopped and looked at me "Alex, sometimes I wished that we just stayed in California and not here. I wish you didn't meet him in the first place. If it did happened, maybe I can still have my carefree little bubble that love ice skating." his voice was so smooth that it made me want to cry.

"Alex, all I want is for you to live life. Spend your time out with your friends and not waste half of your life by secluding yourself in this house, just entertaining yourself by painting or playing the piano. I am proud that you are talented but every time I see your eyes, soulless and empty, all I want is to go back in time and never transfer here." I looked at my dad and wipe the tears in his eyes. "Alexandra, I wish you would return to that carefree skater girl. I do love that kind of you and we missed it" he finished and hugged mom closer to him. I look down and made my decision.

"Mom, Dad" they look at me and I sighed. "I think it's time. I would try to forget Dwayne and change. Maybe I can go back to skating, it's summer after all." I said trying to convince them that everything's going to be okay. They pulled me into a hug and laughed.

"So, everything is settled now. I could finally return back to my old life but in order for me to return into that, I needed to be free so can you please, " I looked at my dad with puppy dog eyes that melt him like chocolates on the sun "Please let me go to the city with Keith and Kathy? I need to make it up for them. I was such a bad friend." Dad avoided my gaze and look at my mom, asking for help.

Well, my mom shrugged her shoulders and smiled, knowing that daddy would soon melt with my puppy dog eyes. My dad bowed his head and shook it. "Well, you know the answer right?" He sighed defeated. Only mom and I can do it to Mr. Ace Anderson, one of the known cold-hearted business tycoon in the world. We are his weakness.

I squealed and hugged them both while mumbling thanks, over and over again. "Thanks daddy. I love you!" I squealed and place a sloppy kiss on his cheeks.

Before I went to take a bath, I called Kathy. I told her that I was very sorry of how I acted yesterday and that I wanted to make it up to them by treating them into a meal. She was delighted to hear me apologize, of course and she also told me how she was sorry for acting like that yesterday too. I smiled as I ended the call, falling in my bed, hugging my pillow close. I had hope for this day to come, that I could get over from my story with Dwayne. And as my life slowly falls into the right places, a new story will begin with Mr. Cold-foot. I laughed at that thought of mine. Oh well... I couldn't wait to use that to tease him.

But first let me get this straight. I need a day-off, a girl's day-out with my friends and a total makeover. I remove all the black dresses and realized I need to shop to complete my over all desire of change.

I guess, the old Alex is resurfacing and I can't wait to let her go from her leash.

This will be a long day and I'm excited to start it!

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