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   Chapter 2 HIM, by Her

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Chapter 1


I raise my head as the little boy mentioned my name. It gives me goose bumps every time I hear him call me. He was running towards me. He was holding a colorful kite on his small hands. He let go of it as he held the camera with the both of his hands. The younger me peek from above the tree and say hello to him. I remember this scene. I remember the old tree house, and the swing, and the movie nights. I remember those lazy days, those afternoons, everything.

I pause the video as it zooms towards the little boy's face. I touch it tenderly and breathe out a sigh.

"Alex!" The second call came from my mother. Not from the old video I was watching a while ago, though. It came from the kitchen. I took out the disk from the player and turn off the TV before I sat still on the bed. Memories of the past kept on hunting me though I chose not to dwell on them. With a sigh, I snatch my bag from the floor and went out of my room.

I was looking at the pictures on the cream colored walls when I was suddenly envelope by the familiar smell of pancakes, making my nose perk up.

"Morning mom, " I kiss her cheek and sat down, giving her a smile.

"Morning" She gave me a bright smile before flipping another pancake, "What made you go to school today? I thought-"

"I need to pick something up from school and maybe hang out for a little while, " She handed me a plate and pass me the maple syrup.

"Well, I guess the three of you should go together and say your goodbyes." She gave me another smile before flipping another pancake.

By goodbye's, she meant saying farewell to our close teachers. It was a miracle when my parents allowed me to attend a normal school. I was used to be homeschooled then but when the accident happened, everything changed. I understand. They just wanted what is best for me.

I took a glance at my mom to see her talking over the phone, probably about business. "Mom, these are your special pancakes and you rarely made this except when you want something from me, are you--" I was interrupted by my father sneaking up from behind as he kissed her.

"Alexandra, we're attending a meeting at the city. Do you wanna tag along? Maybe we can just drop you--" My father was interrupted as he looked at me, playing with my food.

"Dad, just Alex, okay? And no, I am going to spend time with my best friends" I added more maple syrup and stuffed the rest of the pancake on my mouth. One of my techniques so they won't talk to me seeing as my mouth is filled. I walk out of the balcony doors with my bag hitch up my shoulders and sat down on the swing by our garden.

This is where I usually hang-out when I'm alone. My parents have been acting weird recently and I don't know how I would confront them with it.

I was taking my time, just walking down our driveway when I heard Kathy shouting my name "ALEX!" Her sister, Keith was sprawled on the back seat not caring about anything but her precious book.

Only them could make me feel free to giggle or smile or just do something without thinking about consequences. We are all best buddies since preschool and we all complement each other: The girly girl, the nerdy one and the goody two shoes. We made up a very perfect team--The kind that was indestructible and inseparable. Kathy is the bubbly fashion freak who loves to dress me up while Keith is the nerdy psycho who would memorize the whole book just for fun.

No matter how they were so different from each other, they were best of friends and never have I heard them have a serious fight before. They are my sanity and I won't be the same again without these two.

I snatched the book away from Keith and that earn me a poisonous glare from her. It doesn't affect me though, being born as an Anderson has its perks and also disadvantages that I will never forget. I hug the twins and got inside their convertible. I look behind and sure enough, the range rover is following me. The whole ride was filled with us singing with Paramore and as we park and got out, I headed unto a separate way for we have different homerooms. My bodyguards, Ron and Paul followed me as I walk through the busy hallways.

I don't understand why I need to be protected so much if the media don't even know I existed.

As soon as I open the door, Mrs. Hartley looked up and hugged me. She is the woman whom I considered as my second mother for she cared too much about me developing my talents. She grew me into someone who has a deep passion with arts.

She wiped the tears flowing down her cheeks and handed me my graduation gown. "I'll miss you, promise me you'll visit." I stared at her and just nodded, unable to agree with her about my future visit because I have a very complicated life. After what seem like hours, I dropped my arms at my side and sighed. I walked off, unable to look back for I'm sure she's bawling her eyes out.

I went on the back of our school and sit at the nearby bench. I was having flashbacks when Kathy caught me on a bone-crushing bear hug.

"Kathy---can'-t--breathe---need--air" I stuttered looking at her with half opened ey


"Oh, sorry" she said.

"It's okay" I told her then Keith snapped up and said "Stop that dramatic scene, will you? I've had enough for today, okay?" We laughed at her sarcastic comment and after a minute she joined in. I reached up and hug them both.So, who wants Ice cream?"I asked them both

"Meeee!" they answered in chorus.


We ended up at the park, sprawled out on the mat we've brought. The ice cream I treat them with was long gone. I just stared around; reminiscing the old days I spent my time here. "Yah, Alex"

"Hmm?" I glance at Kathy as she stared at me.

"You remember those times we spent out here during the summer?"

"Of course, I remember pushing you at the pond thinking that it was fun to watch you swim with the ducks." Keith laugh at that but that made Kathy punch her twin on the arm. "Well, at least I wasn't the one who ended up with a tub of paint on her butt!"

"Yah! It wasn't my fault. Dwayne pushed me—" Keith stop talking and look at me with her eyes full of concern. "So sorry, Alex. I—"

"It's alright. It's been a long time. He doesn't even remember to pay me a visit, or call or even message me. I get it that everyone's so busy. He probably is but I wish, he didn't cut all the connections. He shouldn't have made promises at all." I clench my jaw and sigh. "That just makes it worse."

"Anyways, past is past. Who would have thought that sweet little boy will turn up as a jerk?" Kathy laugh at loud and we join her. After a while we stopped laughing and I couldn't help but sigh once again. I hated the fact that they are criticizing him but it is true. He was a jerk.

I push myself up and sat with my legs crossed. Kathy followed before asking another question again. She pointed at my body guards before looking back at me, "So, what's your plan after graduation?" I look at her and she just continued. "When will you have your own life? Are you going to be like this, forever?"

"Not forever. I—"

"I know that you have to follow your parents. I know that you are bound to be their successor but aren't you given any option at all?" She snatched my bag and empty the contents on the mat. My sketchbook, pencils, and watercolors with my brushes lay on the mat as if to prove Kathy right. "What about these? You dreamed about being—"

"Just, shut it." I say through my clench teeth and she shot me a look of hurt. "You don't know anything. I have to grow up. These silly dreams have no place on my life now." I shove all of my things back inside my bag and walk out of there. I chose not to look back at her because I am a bit ashamed of how I acted. I feel bad for what I have done but I do not want them to judge my life like that. I don't want them to rub it in my face that I couldn't do anything with my parents' decision.

I could hear my bodyguards following me out of the park but I didn't pay them any attention at all. I kick the leaves littering the sides of the streets and glared at the people who are looking at me. I finally reach our drive way and I stop as I saw my mom, bursting out of our front door.

She pulled at my arms and we went inside the house. Dad was already sitting on one of the couch, a wine glass on his hand. He look at me and mom before pointing down at the unoccupied seat. I sat down and waited for them to speak.

"Alex, there's something that we have to tell you." My mother look at Dad before she took his hand an

I cross my arms over my chest and said, "What? Am I not your daughter or something?"

"Alex, this is not the time to joke about something so serious. We have negotiated with the Cole-Ford's as to assure the future of our company. That means, you have to marry their son."

"So you're telling me that, I as your only daughter, was being paired up to some random guy who would also take place to his family's business" I look at them with disbelief. "Mom, Dad, do you even know what sh*t you are asking me to do?" they stared at me with wide eyes.

I barely utter swearing words except when I'm very pissed off!

"Do you even think of me as your daughter? Do you consider my happiness, my freedom? Do you know him? Have you already met him? Do you know if he's kind or if I would even like him? Or if he would even take care of me or hurt me?" I got up and look at them in the eye while walking straight to them "Do you? DO YOU?!"

I stopped. I was in front of them now, my eyes blurry with tears. "Mom, Dad I know you love the business as well as me, but from the moment our company grows, I can't feel you. It's like you are just robots coming home for the weekend and after that leaving me to care for myself" I looked up and saw their eyes filled with guilt.

"Mom, " I turn to her and held her hand on mine, "you know that I made a promise to him. I am still in love with him. He will return. I just knew that he would" She crouched down and hugged me. "I know that Alex, '' she sobbed." I know you loved him and I know that he does the same to you too but, he's gone. He's not coming back." I looked at my mom with confusion.

"What do you mean he's not coming back?"

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