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   Chapter 22 So goodbye..... Don’t cry

Un-Till Christmas By Penangel Characters: 5436

Updated: 2020-01-19 19:44

They say every beginning has an end and every end has a beginning. Every story that has a beginning must surely have an end, and every happily ever after story has a beginning of once upon a time.

The universe is a solid forum or a superstitious dream that forms as a magnet that attracts or repels. Maybe the universe is in charge of every person you meet every single day, maybe for a short while, for a period of few months or forever but whichever way, the universe don't just attract you to anyone without a reason, there's definitely a reason why I met him and like every other beginnings, this is our end. Our once upon a time story has come to an end, one that I can't really say if it's a happy ending or not.

You know why?

It's because I didn't wait to get to the ending.

I'm June Sandler and this is the end of our beginning

June's Pov

There's time for everything, time to stay and time to leave, time to sow and a time to reap, a time to love and a time to hate, time to be just where you wanted to always be.

This is the time where Harry get to be wheeled into the Operation theatre, I knew myself it was time to say goodbye.

He was unconscious while being wheeled away and I was stopped at the door by one of the nurses who reminded me about how I couldn't go beyond that.

Of course, I knew I couldn't go beyond that. All I wanted to do was look at his face and memories every single shape of it and instill that pretty face into my memory that it'll never fade away and I'll never get the chance to forget it.

I sat on a chair placed in the lobby not too far from the O.R to contemplate

side of the world. That gave me the strength to go on, that believe that I'll be able to fix everything from now on. My life and my relationship with my mother.

I remember one of those sayings that I read once

*Have you ever tried moving on

Have you ever tried letting go

Have you ever tried forgiving yourself

When chasing forgiveness is like chasing the last bus of the night*

This time, I'll make sure I catch that last bus of the night and not just catch but also stay happy throughout the journey.

Time to say goodbye and stay happy


Ok! Finally, I've finished the first part of this book. I've been working on the second part which I'll title "A place among the stars".

It's a whole different genre from this one, hot, steamy and so not innocent. I know you'll enjoy it. Because of my regular readers, I'll publish it as a different book so you'll be able to enjoy the first free six chapters.

Do you guys think If I rework this book, I should be able to put it on Amazon??

Your opinion matters.

Thank you my dearest stars.

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