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   Chapter 16 SHARE A KIT…. SHARE A KISS

Un-Till Christmas By Penangel Characters: 5294

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June's POV

"Good Morning Sunshine" I turned my head to where the voice was coming from and I realized it was Harry playing cheese and I was awe at the sight. How is that possible?

"Sunshine? That's new and how do you know it's me?"

"Because you always smell like sunshine and because….." he trailed off before he stopped and faced the game back and I decided to ignore what he just said and not push further.

"You know I could beat you at that" I challenged him and he smiled.

"How about I tell you that it's absolutely impossible for you to do that"

I placed the stuff I had brought for him on the table and slow danced to where he was. "Challenge accepted bum"

Twenty minutes into the game, he had managed to beat me blue black at cheese even though I always thought I was the 'Queen of Katwe' and I don't feel good at the moment because I just lost to Harry.

"Don't under estimate me when it comes to cheese, I played with my eyes closed back in school and I won almost all the times. The person who trained me was my father, he used to play with blindfolds on because he believed the game should be played by heart and brain and not just with your eyes, he was the king of cheese before he died and I guess I got a really good part of that" I feel special anytime Harry opens up to me about things that are personal and dear to him. Yeah, we started off on a good ground, he actually made me feel comfortable with him and I think that's why I feel too comfortable right now.

"I guess you did, he'll be really proud of you right now"

"He sure will be, co

utters, June. It's rotten in there. I chastised myself.

"Mom told me about what happened when you accompanied her to the party" he broke the silence with my greatest fear. His mom and not asked me about why I had left the party that day without telling her and this just confirmed my suspicion; she saw what happened.

"I don't want to talk about it" I replied bluntly

"You never want to talk about anything because you just don't trust me enough to open up to me"

"This isn't about trust, Harry. If I should trust anyone right now, it'll be you. I just don't want to talk about it"

He placed his right hand under my chin and I found myself relaxed a little bit and before I could tell him to stop brushing his fingers against my lips, I felt his lips on mine and even though my brain was telling me to push him away, I betrayed myself by kissing him back and savoring the goodness of the moment as different thoughts passed through my head. I pushed them aside and concentrated on the really gorgeous man who had his lips on mine right now.

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