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   Chapter 15 Yellow Cupboard

Un-Till Christmas By Penangel Characters: 5711

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Harry's POV

The moment my mother came into the room and called me by my full name, I knew something big was coming.

"That's not fair mom, that's the cruelest thing you'll ever do to your own biological child. I didn't ask for any of these, I didn't ask to go blind or lose my own family. I didn't even beg to be a burden to everyone this is just not fair on me"

"You are not a burden, Harry. You've never been one and you'll never be one. There are times when I feel bad too for everything that happened to you, but I have to stay positive about it all and now that my prayers have come to pass, I don't have a say here too. My hands are tied ad you know it. If I don't do this, I'll lose this deal and I didn't even know the date will be the same" The international company that she signed a contract with at the start of the year will hold an event and they want her to cater for the feeding and all. Unfortunately the date collides with the same day I was to have the eye surgery next month and I still can't fathom the reason why mom will decide to choose the company over her child and Veronica, a vacation over her own brother.

"Ýou don't care, stop pretending you do" I retorted

"You better watch your mouth there young man. When you decided to stay and practice in the city after you graduated, who supported you? When you lost your eye, your daughter and your wife, who was there for you? When you couldn't practice anymore, who held you down? It was me and Veronica. You decided to leave your mother and sister for a city girl and did we chastise or hate you for that? No, we didn't, because you are more than a son or a brother to us, But because we love you and that you mean the world

en though it was the only option right now, I don't really have a choice.

"What if she says no?" I asked

"Let's stay positive, she might say yes. In case she won't be able to go, then we'll request for a nurse from the hospital. So that should do"

"You planned everything already, right?" I said smiling

"Isn't that why I'm a mother? Your mother too. You should smile more, Harry, it looks good on you" I nodded and she hugged me again.

"I think you should talk to June" she suggested and I asked her why she said that. "She accompanied me to an event the other day and I saw her talking with some girls. The next thing, I saw her walking out of the house into the rain while those girls had this evil smirks on their faces. I don't know what's going on with her since I didn't really know her from the start, I mistook her for her step sister. She's going through a lot and she's good at hiding that fact. If only you had your eyes, Harry. You would know better" even without the eyes, I know she's going through a lot and I plan on finding out and give her a helping hand when she needs one because she deserves the best.

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