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   Chapter 14 This is love story

Un-Till Christmas By Penangel Characters: 5445

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Harry'S POV

"I met Ava back in high school, we were in the same class and I've always loved her since freshman year even though I never had the courage to walk up to her" We were seated on the couch now and I decided to make her feel better by trying to tell her exactly everything about my marriage, I didn't want to keep anything out and all these was just for her to feel better. During my trip to the city, I realized that I actually like June a lot, maybe more than a sister and I don't want it to go beyond that. I don't think I can ever let anyone take the place of my Ava in my heart.

"We knew you both back then, High school sweethearts of the year" she interrupted and I told her to jokingly to shut it till I finish my story.

"So, one day, I was by my locker with some of my friends and I was stealing glances at her since her locker was on the other side. You remember Saul, right?, that one hell of a bully. He was the nightmare of most girls then" she replied with a yes and I continued

"He walked up to her and shoved her out of his way making her trip with all of her books on the floor, everyone of her friends were too scared to help her, so I walked up to her and helped her with the books and walked her to class too. So I got the opportunity to walk her to class everyday so she'll avoid the wrath of big Saul and from there, we started dating. She was so beautiful I could hardly take my eyes off her once"

"She was beautiful" June affirmed almost in a whisper.

"After high school, we both went to The same university, I studied medicine and surgery while she was a creative writing students, s

. Looking back now, he does look a lot like you though. He wears dark shades too all the times. He's really the angry type. I think he's an ancestor of yours"


"Yes, he looks like you and I'm serious about it"

She was laughing and I knew she made that story up too.

"I think you should go through the first door to look for this your bum and tell him I threw you out of my house" I joked

"You're so mean"

"You're meaner, you just compared me to a bum, young lady. That's totally mean" We laughed together after that.

"I need to go home now Harry, but I promise to get you some really nice shaving stick to turn you from a frog to a Prince Charming"

"Whatever" I grumbled

"Goodnight Bum" she was really leaving

"Goodnight June and remember you owe me your story" I reminded her about her promise to tell me about herself and the reason why she came back to town.

"I'll do that once you get back from the hospital, it's a promise" I laughed out loud not because I knew she won't end up telling me the story but because it was nice talking to her

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