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   Chapter 13 In your head

Un-Till Christmas By Penangel Characters: 5121

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Trying to ignore as much as possible Harry's odd behaviour, which he has never exhibited since I started working here, I moved from where he was to the store where his mom was busy attending to the only available customer around, then I realized that I had nothing to do, I didn't have any other choice than to return back into the room.

The atmosphere was so weird with Harry just sitting there and ignoring everything that had managed to come out of my mouth. He was awfully quite which is also unlike him, the way he did his own things by himself was kind of, I had to follow him with my eye every time so as to make sure that he won't fall or maybe get hurt. The whole room was as if, electric barb wires was used to enclosed it, giving me wrong vibes and all, I've decided in my head like three times to go over to his mom and let her know about this new exhibited behavior from Harry but I decided against it because he's old enough to be angry or quiet or just be this new Harry.

"So, how was your trip to the city?" I said trying to break the silent by bringing up a conversation for like the tenth time today and I'm hoping I don't get ignored as always.

"How was your own day off?" he asked and I swear I could see sarcasm flying around the room.

"it was great, I got to visit a old friend of mine" My mind drifted to the events of the other day as I mentioned the word "friend". Even though I still hate myself and haven't recovered from all that happened, still its better I keep the pain to myself

e. My heart crushed at the sight and I couldn't move from where I stood.

"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. You're still here right? I can hear you sniffing even if it's not that loud, I'm not deaf, I'm only blind" he hit his leg against a small chair in the middle of the room and fell. I quickly rushed to his side to help him up and he held my hand tight not giving me the chance to help him up.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to say those words. I get the fact that you invade in my privacy a lot and I'm absolutely right about that. But I shouldn't have made it sound like you were doing a bad thing, I'm sorry" Before I could say Jack, his hand had traced my face up to my forehead and he gave it a light peck and there, I ignited like fire. My whole inside turned upside down and for a few seconds, I couldn't think properly.

"It's actually Ava and Ken Anniversary today" I managed to get my senses back together to be able to ask him.

"Who? who's ken and Ava" I asked and his whole face was laced with surprise.

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