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   Chapter 12 Breakthrough..... No

Un-Till Christmas By Penangel Characters: 5344

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June's Pov

I got back into town later that same day and it was a little past three when I returned home. I got home to realize that my parent had gone on their usual trip, without informing me. Mom works for a fashion company while dad is a medical doctor who works in China too and sometImes, when mom is on a company trip to china, they go together.

I never knew who my father was, I was told that he died when I was three years old, a car crash that killed hIm and left mom in the hospital for months and before I turned six, mom moved on and got married to my stepfather who is also Justine's father. Her mom separated from her dad Immediately she turned two years and didn't want anything to do with her anymore. Justine was a year older than me and was my senior with a grade in school.

I always saw all of us as one family and I wasn't aware about us not being related until I was in high school when mom told us both about this and this dint tear us apart, it actually brought us together even though we were both quite the opposite.

After Justine's death, everything fell apart at home, dad is having an affair and I heard the woman is already pregnant with his child and mom; she's trying to ignore the whole issue by drowning herself with work. I just couldn't stop blaming myself for all this. This is my fault.

Maybe if I didn't kill Justine, maybe things will still be fine. Maybe dad won't have an affair and maybe mom won't keep drowning herself in alcohol every other night.

Grww, Grww, Grww

The ringing of my phone drew me out of my thoughts and when I picked up I

lled useless ugly barbies, I'll walk out of here" I dropped the cake I've been carrying and walked towards the door before I heard one of them calling me a sister killer. I just ignored them and walked out but couldn't ignore the burning sensation in my heart and I swear I felt like dying at that moment.

I walked out of the magnificent gate and I could feel the tears building up again, trying not to cry and scare passersby, I held it in until a heavy rain started and then I knew it was a message from God to cry it all out for the second time that day. I cried even though the rain drenched the tears before they could reach my face and I called out my sister's name in the rain like a mad woman hoping she will hear me and answer my calls that Im sorry for everything.

"In your hearts is embedded the invisible pains.

In your heart are invisible scars

Ones you can never get rid off

But scars aren't signs of weakness, It's a proof that you were stronger than what could have killed you, That you, yes you, are powerful

More than your pain."

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