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   Chapter 11 THE ENGAGEMENT

Un-Till Christmas By Penangel Characters: 5465

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Veronica's Pov

The trip to john Hopkins was full of nerve wreck and I was one hell of a nervous person. I kept on asking myself the 'what if' question and had to hold on to Harry's hand when we got to the door of the hospital. I don't get why I have to lean on the person that's supposed to be leaning on me. Harry is supposed to be scared here and he's not, Im the scared one.

I had to sit at the waiting room and let the doctors do their job as I waited in anticipation of the unknown. Several minutes later, Harry came out of the room with the help of a nurse and I couldn't help the smile forming on my face. He didn't have that sad look on his face and Im glad he was smiling a little even though he looked tired.

"Why are you smiling?" I asked as I help hIm to sit beside me while waiting for the doctor to call us in for the test result.

"I remember something that June said and I couldn't help the smile" he replied honestly and I couldn't help but say an invisible thank you to June for her help so far. Coming into our lives have given us every little hopes about Harry. She's a mixture of rainbow and a little sunshine, she's always lovable.

When June got back to town two years back, she was a total wreck, a shadow of her past self. I remember visiting her twice after the death of Justine and when I saw her, I was sad and angry, angry at myself for not being there for her. She had attempted to take her own life twice and she wasn't successful not because she was lucky but because I know God has a real good purpose for her life. She stayed indoors and never came out; most of the people living in our town d

r way and just took on the fiancée role all of a sudden, I may not be the perfect man for you right now, but you're perfect for me baby. No matter how many tImes I fuck things up, you're always there to make it right. Baby, I don't know if this is too much to ask but please, will you marry me?" I didn't even realize that I was crying until I felt my face wet. This was my dream come true.

"Yes baby, I'll marry you" I replied through tears and once he placed the ring on my finger, he hugged me real tight telling me how much he loves me and June was out there to congratulate me and mom wouldn't stop talking. I looked over at Harry to see hIm sitting on a seat at a corner smiling so hard his face could break.

"We'll be going on a vacation to Bora Bora island for Christmas because I want to spend all the tIme in the world with you" all the excitement in my body died down as I looked over at Harry and realized that I wouldn't be able to fulfill my promise of going with hIm to the city on 20th in preparation for the surgery. I was torn between pleasing my brother or myself.

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